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This deck is truly designed for multiplayer games only. It can't really work as intended in 1v1. Also because of its heavy reliance on the attack step to gain advantages, there are some strategies that this deck won't do very well against. However, against the average battlecruiser edh game you might find at your LGS, its a beast and super fun to play.

It functions kind of like a control deck, except it actually isn't really in control of anything for the most part. You mostly get to trick opponents into thinking you are in control with fear. Mostly the fear of losing their board if anyone messes with you. Its designed to "stir the pot" and accelerate the craziness of multiplayer games by encouraging attacks between players using effects like the Goad mechanic and Monarch. Then it plays lots of cards that have an effect on attacks kinda like Fog but much much better. Think cards like Comeuppance or Selfless Squire. You know, complete blowouts. Opponents will forever be afraid to attack into your open mana no matter how vulnerable you look.

Its such a blast to play edh with so much bluffing, blowouts and politics.

This is my 21st paper EDH deck that I currently have assembled, and also being my 3rd 5 color deck, the mana base is about as budget as it gets. The sideboard are just notes for me of which cards are being borrowed from other decks of mine.

Any budget friendly suggestions are much appreciated! Especially when suggestions are accompanied by reasons and ideas of what to swap out! Thanks.

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