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Tariel, Haunter of Graves

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This deck was originally based on the Heavenly Inferno deck that my friends got me for my birthday 5 years ago, since then I've just been tweaking and editing it with whatever I've acquired (or bought in a few situations). Any suggestions?

I find this deck plays really well in all game types (1 on 1 EDH, against 60 card decks, planechase and in big multi-player games). I changed my commander to Tariel, Reckoner of Souls originally because the deck was too fast against my mate and this was fairer but I actually found that by loosing Kaalia of the Vast from the command zone I could change the flavour of the deck into something much more fun and a deck which actually plays much much better :)

The deck has evolved now so that it doesn't always need Tariel, Reckoner of Souls in play to be a strong force. In my meta, it usually has answers to most things.

Usually at least one thing becomes indestructible which always becomes a threat. I find the balance is quite nice at the moment. Although it can be a little slow at times, late game this deck powers through and becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Also just found out there is an infinite lifegain combo involving Boros Reckoner, Darksteel Plate/Avacyn, Angel of Hope and any form of life gain (Victory's Herald or True Conviction etc). Completely accidental but cool :P

Any new flavours people could recommend could be great to try out :)


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I went to gatecrash pre-release and traded in some cards i was either not using or didnt want at the Magic Madhouse stall, the highlights being 3 Falkenrath Aristocrat and a Deathrite Shaman (bit silly i know but i honestly have little or no use for them as they dont fit my meta and i play edh :P So, got some new cards, 10 in fact :)

Angel of Serenity - I really like this card, not only does it allow me to remove my opponents threats but it gives me some more needed graveyard recursion whilst still fitting the theme of the deck. Plus its a mythic rare, 7 mana angel... Kinda made to go in this deck really :P

Iona, Shield of Emeria - Proxied it in a mates deck that he was playing and id forgotten just how good she was, replaced Razia, Boros Archangel who i seldom ever used

Sword of War and Peace - OMG i didnt realise just how good this card actually was! Has won me a few games so far and has caused some major problems for my opponents, really loving this card so far :)

Obzedat, Ghost Council - Absolute nightmare at pre release but managed to trade for one. It fills the 5 mana spot in my deck really nicely (as there wast much there before :P) plus in my meta (heavily focussed on board wipe as we have a guy who plays Child of Alara which has triggered everyone else wanting to blow the board up more) really hard to get rid of due to the semi phasing nature of it. Plus i love how the life drain can be so small. In a 3 player game, drain each opponent one after the other, they dont care too much co theyve lost 2 but i've gained 6 (which has saved me before!)

Sword of Feast and Famine - A much needed addition to this deck. Sometimes felt like i had Curse of Exhaustion on me during late games. Great stuff to play, but only enough for one each turn, this has allowed me to drop Rakdos, Lord of Riots, swing, untap and play about 4 creatures

Beacon of Unrest - Always been a card ive liked and the fact its recursion that cycles back into the deck (plus it can target my own stuff to) is just great

Luminate Primordial - Once again more removal but in creature form (seems t be the focus of this update a little :P) been really good in play so far, a solid addition to the deck. Plus the vigilance fits really well in a sub theme i have and he does love to have a sword or some armor...

Grave Betrayal - it was a hard choice between this or Debtors' Knell, in the end i didnt have enough money plus this can get multiple things if the board is wiped and i ave avacyn in play. Havent had a chance to play yet (well, i did but it was destroyed instantly by Bolas....)

Treasury Thrull - My main reason for chosing Orzhov at one pre release was purely to get this card. The extort tigger is nice for a little extra life and the ability for recursion is great, works really nicely wiht Angel of Serenity i find :)

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite - need i say more? (also it replaced Archangel of Strife because that card has resulted in me getting killed a few times so this is a much much better card. Same cost but good for me, bad for them. It also completes my set of praetors in this deck and in my collection :))

Decks power level has raised drastically since putting the update in, mana base still seems to work (replaced 2 mountains for the last 2 guilldgates) and plays brilliatly now


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