Treasury Thrull

Treasury Thrull

Creature — Thrull

Extort (Whenever you cast a spell, you may pay W/B, if you do, each opponent loses 1 life and you gain that much life.)

Whenever Treasury Thrull attacks, you may return target artifact, creature, or enchantment card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Treasury Thrull Discussion

smash10101 on Tribal Cash (Gwafa or any ...

2 months ago

You need access to black for things like Treasury Thrull and extort stuff, so either play Orzhov or Esper. Also, Gild , Greed , Briber's Purse , King Macar, the Gold-Cursed , Mana Tithe , Land Tax , Rishadan Port , lots of other things depending on how far you want to stretch the metaphor.

Portfolio on Armada Wurm Looka-like-a-dick.

2 months ago

and his choad cousin Treasury Thrull

Burnout715 on Death, Is Only a Theory.

2 months ago

I playtested this deck at my local game store, and I've come to a conclusion. It's f**king broken! The fact they can boardwipe all they want, pay the life, then to have me drop a Soul of Innistrad or Phyrexian Reclamation is just an absolute problem, and if I think the board is getting to hectic, I'll wipe it myself and force the player with the lowest health to choose what I can keep. Often they will take out 2 or 3 creatures of interest, completely forgetting that Treasury Thrull can give me my graveyard back. Also allowing me to recover from boardwipes in 1 or 2 turns is overwhelming. So any suggestions to make this deck even better are welcome! :D

rotem55555 on extort

2 months ago

remove 1-2 liliana and both Servant of Tymaret and maybe Treasury Thrull also you dont have alot of devotion so Gray Merchant of Asphodel isnt going to be very usefull also move Blind Obedience to side and take the damn False Cure out

KevCow on Athreos - Life gain and life drain

3 months ago

i would add some more extort creatures if its gain and drain you want. cards like Tithe Drinker Crypt Ghast Thrull Parasite and Treasury Thrull are some of the better ones. then theres enchantments like Hissing Miasma Blood Reckoning and Righteous Cause that gain/drain when creatures attack. then theres creatures like Blood Artist and Falkenrath Noble that gain/drain when creatures die. just some suggestions

caliburdeath on Your life looks Juicy

3 months ago

Looks like it could be good, with some work..

Remove Eidolon of Countless Battles . You don't have enough enchantments for it to be very good on its own, and as an aura Ethereal Armor is much better.

You will not be getting 6 mana for many of you games. For this reason, Elspeth & Treasury Thrull Should be taken out, even though they are good.

For this deck, Caves of Koilos is a better & cheaper Mana Confluence

Desecration Demon is really good, but he is not suited to this deck.

Your removal is good, add more of it- use 3x Doom Blade , 3x Banishing Light , and put the 3x Bile Blight in the sideboard

In general, you ought to get more focused- put in more of the best stuff instead of other good stuff. And try to keep the mana curve low- that is, have more low-cost cards than high-cost cards.

Minjahamster on The price is ALWAYS right

3 months ago

WARNING: HUGE WALL OF TEXT IMMINENT Try to make the deck more streamlined to increase consistency with 3-4 copies of what you want to see instead of having a little bit of everything. Starting with the creatures: Angelic Skirmisher doesn't fit in with the theme of "weenie rush" that extort generally wants to go through with, so she should come out. Basilica Guards are slow and too expensive in CMC for a 1/4 that won't even be able to swing. Crypt Ghast is too fragile and too useless in a weenie build like this. Deathpact Angel is too slow and too expensive and too prone to removal to ever really be decent. Erebos, God of the Dead is a preference decision, but I personally dislike him, this is a controversial decision, keep him is you wish. Souls of the Faultless is just slow and unneeded. Pontiff of Blight is too expensive for an effect which is redundant as most of the things that you are running already make his ability redundant and useless. Shadow Alley Denizen is just pretty bad with an ability that doesn't really do much. Syndic of Tithes is just a worse Tithe Drinker and not aggressively costed enough to warrant his use. Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts is too expensive and too slow for a deck like this that wants to be aggressive and win early. Treasury Thrull is too slow and his recursion isn't really useful here. Vizkopa Guildmage isn't a good mana sink here and the 2/2 body doesn't justify it's "meh" abilities in this build. For the lands, simply the utility lands aren't needed here and are too costly for such an effect, except for a sole copy of Vault of the Archangel , which is extremely potent because it hits the entire team. The sorceries here are simply just unneeded and in the case of Merciless Eviction possibly detrimental to the point where they should not be run. For the enchantments, most of them are pretty useless to be completely honest, save for Blind Obedience which works to curb opposing aggro, provide an Extort trigger, and trigger Extort, which all work towards the goals of this deck. The instants and artifacts here are just bad in comparison to what could be run in this deck. So, with all of that taken out, it is time to add stuff. Tidehollow Sculler and Serra Ascendant both play in to the overall strategy of weenie rush + tiny cuts + lifegain providing utility on a body and an early beater/win con respectively. Godless Shrine is simply needed in the mana base as shocklands are too good to pass up. Path to Exile is an excellent removal spell that is also cheap to proc a ton of Extort triggers in the mid-late stages of the game, while also being able to be used early. Other than those additions, simply upping the card counts on the remaining cards to either 2 or 4 to strive for consistency brings to deck down to 60 cards. Generally, the bombs/legendaries (Divinity of Pride , Athreos, God of Passage , and Obzedat, Ghost Council ) want to be at 2 because multiple copies early are just bad or the legendary rule makes the redundant legends obsolete. Most of the rest of the weenies want to be at 4 to see them early and be able to make an impact right at the start of the game. Here is what I think the deck should look like The price is ALWAYS right copy but if you want to change anything, go ahead as this is your deck. I hope I helped and have an excellent day :)

Power / Toughness 4/4
Color(s) Black White
Cost 4WB
Converted cost 6
Avg. draft pick 4.3
Avg. cube pick 3.03


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare

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