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RainbowSliver (Vintersorg Cover, Slivers ov Metal)

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I'm trying my luck with a sliver deck. I don't feel like playing non-sliver creatures (I find stuff like Conspiracy boring in a sliver deck) but I want to make it a bit competitive. A deck I might go to only from time to time since most of my friends dislike slivers. Still, I love slivers and I feel my deck collection to be incomplete without my slivers.

This should be aggro. But with combos. Lots of combos. Infinite slivers are fun (to whoever plays a sliver deck, not to those who face it)! And this is the place to run some retarded shenanigans!

Anyway, so far this is but a prototype. I still need to check which slivers I'm missing (some from M14 and M15 as I'm almost sure I own all of the older ones listed in the deck) and I need to check which fetch and shock lands I own that can be added here.

I still feel that the deck can be improved and ideas (crazy ones, please) are most welcome! :) I want to have fun with my little dudes and it's been ages since I last played a sliver deck. Also, if any of my sliver choices is sub-par, please let me know.

BTW, I should play Negate and the likes, right? What about redundancy? Should I include more than one sliver granting trample/haste/flying/boost? Ok, boost is cumulative while the rest of the abilities aren't...


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