Fungus Sliver


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Premium Deck Series: Slivers (PDS) Rare
Time Spiral (TSP) Rare

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Fungus Sliver

Creature — Fungus Sliver

All Sliver creatures have "Whenever this creature is dealt damage, put a +1/+1 counter on it." (The damage is dealt before the counter is put on.)

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Fungus Sliver Discussion

LVL_666 on Alien 5

4 months ago

First, i'd like to say that it'd be my pleasure to help you streamline your deck. So what you're seeking is efficiency, cutting the number of slivers that are redundant, or don't contribute as much...okay...i'll make some cases for what you can cut and place them into "must cut" and "maybe cut" depending on your meta and what direction you'd want to take your deck in.

Must Cut

Constricting Sliver: The cost simply isn't worth it. CMC 6 for a 3/3 that can only exile creatures is really underwhelming.

Fungus Sliver: I understand this guy can combo with Thorncaster Sliver, and make your slivers a bit more resilient, but i'd prefer to include Muscle Sliver over this guy. Or nothing at all.

Darkheart Sliver: Only useful against mass removal events. Basically, he's just meant to kind of discourage them. Outside of that, CMC 2 for a 2/2 isn't bad. Doesn't contribute much past that though. You can cut this.

Two-Headed Sliver: Why bother when you have Shifting Sliver AND Galerider Sliver in the deck?

Hunter Sliver: Provoke is interesting, but I don't think this guy belongs given your current general. Sliver Overlord is the control oriented sliver general (Queen is combo, Legion/Hivelord are aggro). Hunter is neat, but he doesn't fit.

Lymph Sliver: No. Just no. On top of being a CMC 5 cost for a paltry 3/3, Absorb is a joke of an ability at best. It's a neat? concept but even Wizards just outright abandoned it after they thought it up. Lymph is literally THE ONLY card in all of magic to have that ability...which is awful.

Sidewinder Sliver: This guy is only any good when there are more than one. Since flanking is a triggered ability it stacks. That means with 4 sidewinders in play all creatures without flanking who are getting blocked by slivers get -4/-4. But with only 1 sidewinder, a measly -1/-1 will hardly stop anything. Especially in EDH.

Thorncaster Sliver:Has neat synergy with Venom Sliver. Outside of that, it seems to be too niche of an ability to make much of an impact. CMC 5 for a 2/2 makes it an auto removal in my opinion. You have better things to spend your mana on.

Maybe cut:

Clot Sliver: Personally, i'd slot in Sedge Sliver over this guy, due to the fact that you do have swamp typed lands, but I can see why you'd keep him given your deck's current configuration.

Root Sliver: Inclusion of this sliver is highly dependent on your meta. If you face counter happy decks on the regular, then definitely a must include. But if are only seeing counterspells once every blue moon (like me) then this card isn't worth the permanent slot. Keep in on the sideboard.

Telekinetic Sliver: A neat sliver, but i'd say it's highly dependent on where you want your deck to go. If you were running something like Mind Over Matter or Paradox Engine I could see this being very interesting...but just putting it in...(giggity) doesn't seem all that worthwhile. But that's just me.

Toxin Sliver: Has a very quirky and weird triggered ability that is NOT deathtouch. My problem with this guy though, is that he's a CMC 4 for a 3/3. Good synergy with Thorncaster Sliver, but not all too useful in a control oriented sliver deck. If you were going aggro? That'd be a different story.

Ward Sliver: I have mixed feelings about this one. CMC 5 for a 2/2 is an automatic no, but protection from a color of your choice can be outright amazing depending on the situation. Use your best judgement on this one, but really take a moment and examine what direction you want your deck to go in.

Hope my thoughts gave you some guidance on where you want to go with your deck. I'll definitely keep watching to see where it goes...keep on slivering my friend. Oh, and +1 for ya!

Arkheid on The True Hive Mind

6 months ago

I'm not a fan of the Fungus Sliver and Dormant Sliver (defender is pretty bad in a aggro deck :/) Metallic Sliver isn't good in a edh, he take a slot for nothing

Leeching Sliver is a lesser version of Thorncaster Sliver, you can keep both of them, but idk if it's worth-it

Ah,Mirror Entity is a great addon to a tribal deck ;D

Delta-117 on The Queen's Egg

9 months ago

I do hope The Professor's prediction comes true, I never was playing magic at the time of Dominara even though I do know a lot of the lore now.

I never got to play with slivers early on. I only discovered slivers about 3 years ago (Started magic at around Journey into Nyx and mainly played with a lot of theros stuff first) when I had a friend who happened to have some m14 slivers and I one day I traded for some such as a Galerider Sliver and 2 much older Russian Sidewinder Slivers who he originally got from someone else I think. I didn't even know at the time that there was more older ones but I found these interesting and wanted the ones he had.

Later on when where I lived actually got a game store that opened and had started to doing Fnms had I found out from two people the format of commander who both owned Sliver Overlord edh decks that there were more slivers. At this point I was practically already playing with a commander deck lol, as my casual magic deck was a deck featuring cards like Prophet of Kruphix, Heroes' Bane, Arcanis the Omnipotent, Horizon Chimera, and a bunch of other things. This became later my first commander deck with Vorel of the Hull Clade (Now it's an Atraxa, Praetors' Voice deck with Vorel still in it btw) and I started to also plan a Sliver Overlord deck.

One of the two I mentioned at my lgs even in time decided to sell his sliver overlord deck because he never got to play it enough, so I traded for some older slivers like Sinew Sliver, Brood Sliver, Fungus Sliver, and a couple others he had. He however wanted to keep Sliver Legion, Sliver Queen, Sliver Overlord and Sliver Hivelord.

I have my own Sliver Overlord, and Sliver Hivelord now but I still need to in time buy the others. Then I got to acquire some of the lands to finish my deck. I regret earlier trades that I have done however, use to have a Wooded Foothills, Windswept Heath,Flooded Strand, Polluted Delta, Steam Vents and Temple Garden but I traded them all away thinking I wouldn't need them, and I sure was very wrong. It was rather silly of me still being new to the game sort of then.

Like I even opened at one point a Windswept Heath expedition not knowing it's entire value but I sleeved it still because they looked nice. I later discovered and sold it for store credit at a store and bought a bunch of cards with it like Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, Omnath, Locus of Mana, Sheoldred, Whispering One, Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, I think you get the point. All these big splashy cards to go into my casual magic decks to use on my friends. Then I later when I started playing magic a bit more seriously it rather sucked to realize I had no use for them in standard or modern or wanted to use them for edh any longer. That store even had Sliver Legion and Sliver Queen but I didn't yet know about slivers :(

Going to now anyways buy them next once I first open a bunch of Amonkhet for standard stuff perhaps. Although it would be nice to see a reprint for the Sliver Legion. The next set after Amonkhet however though has turned out to be one called Ixalan I think it was spelled? This looks to be a mesoamerican inspired plane so there's no hope for slivers in September/January. More likely will get a few merfolk instead is my guess. However maybe the block after in the summer could be dominara? I would live to see slivers as first of all I would enjoy playing them in standard as I never got to do that earlier. Then anything for edh would be awesome. Currently have my Atraxa, Praetors' Voice, Sliver Overlord although the lands are fairly budget, and Athreos, God of Passage for my edh decks. I am trying to upgrade them all slowly over time as I'm as well upgrading my very costly modern infect deck (Need Noble Hierarch playset and 5 more green related fetchlands) and a little before that my b/g delirium deck for standard (rather absurd its more than my Atraxa deck in $ right now thanks to a playset of Grim Flayer, Liliana, the Last Hopes, Blooming Marsh, and what not making it like over $470 I believe, use to be a bit more value but it's falling). As you can see I'm trying to slowly upgrade rather a lot of things even though my standard I'm happy with for now, but I do hope to finish Slivers maybe by the fall is my guess?

Now if you thought you were ranting then that is nothing compared to all of this! This is much worse so I do apologize. (Longest TappedOut comment I have made I think in the little more than a year on here now lol).

TheDuggernaught on

10 months ago

well first off, Crystalline Sliver and Muscle Sliver are not modern legal. So that would be the first place to start :P Luckily, Muscle Sliver can be easily replaced by Sinew Sliver. There is not a super good direct replacement for Crystalline Sliver though. You also have some slivers that are somewhat sub-par. I would look to take out Venom Sliver (or at least reduce the number -- they are pretty meh in multilpes), Fungus Sliver, and probably also both Sliver Legion, and Sliver Hivelord. Chromatic Lantern also does not seem super needed if you have the manabase. Granted a good mana base is not the cheapest thing in the world. Crazy how fetchlands and shocklands can add up!

Slivers I would consider adding in place of the above cards are Blur Sliver (1 or 2 of), Darkheart Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, Diffusion Sliver, Sedge Sliver, Sentinel Sliver (super good as a 1 or 2 of), Frenzy Sliver, Sidewinder Sliver, and Syphon Sliver (1 or 2 of). Support cards I would evaluate are Collected Company, and Aether Vial.

Postmortal_Pop on Custom Set - Belenon

1 year ago

Also, looking at malacol, the art reminds me of the time spiral fungus like Sporoloth Ancient but the ability reminds me of the older fungus ability like Fungus Sliver. Either of these could be a decent mechanic for black/green.

ginko2580 on "Thats one big Hydra" (Suggestions welcome)

1 year ago

stupid question.... I was thinking of your deck while at the poker game... Hydra's AND Sliver's.... look at the Green ones.....??

Mana producer's... Manaweft Sliver Gemhide Sliver... producing much needed "Hydra-Mana"

Buff's... Muscle Sliver, Predatory Sliver, ... Might & Groundshaker's ... etc.

Venom Sliver .....deathtouch..... need I say more?

Or even if you want to keep the Hydra's "Theme" and add +1/+1 counter's...... Fungus Sliver LOL

drop the Sol rings, do you need the 3x Asceticism's? -1x?? maybe the 3x Blessings of Nature's nice card but only if you get it as a Miracle. and the 2x Increasing Savagery's ... that could be 10 cards to play with....?

and if you do want to be competitive more think of a Sliver Mana producing side board? remember that you gotta win 3 games... sideboard in a Garruk, Apex Predator -3 with your own Hydra's, LOL???? Urban Evolution + Oran-Rief Hydra???? I don't know,...Counter Spells with Blue, or Red/Green Gruel Spells? whatever you need... it just might open some options with the Sliver's?

razelfark on Sliver

1 year ago

Please forgive me if this seems harsh, but your deck is using some of the worst sliver options there are. I would recommend that you should just remove the following slivers:

Armor Sliver

Battering Sliver

Battle Sliver

Brood Sliver

Constricting Sliver

Diffusion Sliver

Fungus Sliver

Ghostflame Sliver

Sliver Queen (can keep if you just want the flair)

Suggested cards to replace:

Gemhide Sliver/Manaweft Sliver- makes all slivers able to tap for mana of any color allowing you to rush board faster and even cast your 5 color slivers easier.

Harmonic Sliver- string utility, would be a nice 1-2 of in deck but no more then that

Horned Sliver- much cheaper version of the trample sliver you had earlier

Muscle Sliver- +1/+1 synergy is very good for this deck type

Necrotic Sliver- While it does require you to sacrifice a sliver, this ability allows you to remove any threat from board that can be targeted (and not indestructible). Also can be used to destroy lands on the few times that is important.

Plated Sliver can replace armor sliver although I would use other slivers over this one still.

Predatory Sliver another version of muscle sliver but will only pump your slivers.

Pulmonic Sliver another flying sliver and gives you the option to put slivers that die back on top of deck.

Sidewinder Sliver useful for being aggressive by making it harder for your creatures to be blocked.

Sinew Sliver another version of muscle sliver but white.

Sliver Overlord Allows you to get whichever sliver you need at the time to answer your opponent. The steal ability can be useful answer to some deck types (all creature type cards).

Striking Sliver because first strike can be useful and its a 1 drop.

Ward Sliver one of the best answers to mono color decks and strong cs any deck that leans on one color more then the other.

These are some of the best sliver options I can provide and suggest you make use of the green mana producers with at least 4 of them for the deck because they will make casting anything in general that much easier for you. I also highly suggest using some version of the muscle sliver in the deck if not just using all of them. You can do some really strong combination of slivers but you need to be careful how many of each you use because you don't want your deck getting to large. Try to stay close to 60 cards if you can help it. Also you will want to use some dual color land (cheap example:Blossoming Sands) or even 3 color lands to help your mana base for casting (cheap options: Frontier Bivouac). Lastly I suggest you bring the flying sliver up to 4 if you can afford (if not you can always use Winged Sliver as cheap alternative).

Hope this is useful. Feel free to ask me anything if you need help understanding suggestions or if you want advice on lands or want to learn silly combos (not truly strong combos but silly ones).

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