This decks intention was never to be competitive, but by Karador's nature it is. Iv'e tried to "water it down" as much as possible meaning making it more casual friendly. Although thats the target, it still has the ability to be completely shunned and scolded in your playgroup. So consult your local physician if you think this deck is right for you! However if you are a horrible person, you can absolutely turn this into a competitive deck with mean land destruction combos, 2 card combo wins, and a complete lockdown on your opponents board. Terastodon, Yosei, the Morning Star, Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger, and Rise of the Dark Realms will surely turn this deck more aggressive. For the 2 card combo, use Triskelion + Mikaeus, the Unhallowed for an immediate win.

Whether you are playing competitive or not, there are key cards that will never be changed and shouldn't be removed from this deck (In my 5 years experience with Karador). They are Altar of Dementia, Karmic Guide, and Disciple of Bolas. The holy trinity if you will.

Anyway I would right more down in the description but my food is ready and Im hungry..

Back from eating. Had enchiladas

Back to the point. Cards like Lotleth Troll is a great addition to the list, what ive noticed on a few occasions, is is difficult to get cards out of your hand, so having the Troll make it more accessible. The nice thing about my ghost ftiend, is the ability to change and rotate cards if it ever feels "stale". Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord, Liliana of the Veil, Viscera Seer, Blood Artist, Survival of the Fittest and gravepact, all have the strength to make the cut in this deck (And many, many more). You just need to remember a few important aspects when playing reanimation.

Fuel: Cards like Grisly Salvage, Jarad's Orders, Altar of Dementia, Hermit Druid and Deadbridge Chant, are the gears behind driving the deck. You need reliable sources to fuel your commander.

Reanimate: Thanks to our chieftain, he is one source of re-casting dead guys, but I think we can do a little better with "cheating" them in. Reanimate, Karmic Guide, Dread Return, Victimize and Unburial rights, are essential to running a smooth and quick board state

BOMBS: Lastly we need cards that are absolutely worth Reanimateing, and this is where your wild and creative side can take over. want total lock down on an opponent? Karador + Yosei, the Morning Star with a sac outlet like Altar of Dementia will be extremely brutal (which is why I dropped it).


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