If the tribe in Go Not Into Dark Woods embodies Shadormoor, then this group of elves is Lorwyn.

Forest elves are known as adaptive, keen hunters, as well as friendly traders. Travellers beware though, for they do not tolerate crimes in their sunlit forest homes. You may not even know you've angered them at first- they are accustomed to luring strong prey into a false sense of security. Their strike is swift and sudden. Elvish warriors are trained to hide among trees until mobilized. Their druids are powerful enough to vaporize or banish any threat. They excel in guerilla tactics, and can command even the most savage of untamed beasts. Unless you know what you're getting into, go not to the elves for counsel.

(I built this to run either Selvala, Explorer Returned or Rhys the Redeemed at the helm.)


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I replaced Wilt-Leaf Leige with khamal, fist of krosa.

I like the anthem-giving elf a ton, but every time I have her in hand, I feel more inclined to play heavier hitting spells. Maybe the new guy will see play punishing the elves' enemies for sweeping the field.

Now if I can just shoe-horn Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

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