If the tribe in Go Not Into Dark Woods embodies Shadormoor, then this group of elves is Lorwyn.

Forest elves are known as adaptive, keen hunters, as well as friendly traders. Travellers beware though, for they do not tolerate crimes in their sunlit forest homes. You may not even know you've angered them at first- they are accustomed to luring strong prey into a false sense of security. Their strike is swift and sudden. Elvish warriors are trained to hide among trees until mobilized. Their druids are powerful enough to vaporize or banish any threat. They excel in guerilla tactics, and can command even the most savage of untamed beasts. Unless you know what you're getting into, go not to the elves for counsel.

(I built this to run either Selvala, Explorer Returned or Rhys the Redeemed at the helm.)


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These edits were done over a long time in which I haven't updated the deck. As always, suggestions are welcome!


Concordant Crossroads

Noxious Revival

Argothian Elder

Copperhorn Scout

Crib Swap

Drove of Elves

Silklash Spider

Elvish Guidance

Elvish Soultiller

Dauntless Escort

Nissa Revane

and others.


Nissa, Genesis Mage: Does much more work than Nissa Revane.

Hornet Queen: Takes care of fliers, AND works with tokens.

Martial Coup: Overcomes dangerous board states while still benefiting you.

Selfless Spirit: Cheaper than Dauntless Escort and can fly.

Thousand-Year Elixir: No haste, but it is much more useful than the double-edged sword that is Concordant Crossroads.

Carpet of Flowers: Still testing this one, but statistically, it's likely you'll have islands in your game, making this an additional Sol Ring, a color fix, and a scaling ramp that works in whatever stage of the game you play it in.

Sylvan Library: Green's amazing card draw.

Abundance: Combos with Sylvan Library to guarantee Selvala hits, and to filter whatever you need at the time.

Vitalize: An untap with any mana elf is devastating.

Wilt-Leaf Liege: More anthems! Also if I have to discard, it just bounces to the field.

Anointed Procession: White Parallel Lives.

Cathars' Crusade: Rewards you with beefier tokens, to an extreme degree.

Congregation at Dawn: Good in Rhys, busted wide open with Selvala

Orochi Leafcaller: Tiny 1 drop mana fixing snek

Mirror Entity: More ways to combo and hit big mana

Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip: IKEA's cradle. The elves have been practicing their rituals.

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