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If the denizens of Go Not to the Elves for Counsel embody Lowryn, this tribe of elves is Shadowmoor.

These are still forest elves, but they've adapted to the dark woods they now call home, embracing the shadow and ruthlessly hunting down all intruders. If you find yourself trespassing in their dark forest, you might notice yourself becoming forgetful. Never mind that movement in the shadows, though, they'll only get more prevalent as your sanity slips away and you become more and more disoriented. That's a specialty of this particular tribe, they play havoc on the minds of their prey, and either let them drive themselves to insanity, or overwhelm them with numbers when the time is right.


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I just realized I had something like 16 four-drops and it was slowing them down in a bad way. Got more mana dorks in, but the elves still need removal pretty badly, as well as draw power and something big to do that doesn't focus on discard.


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