Treasure Hunt


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake Common
Promo set for Gatherer Rare
Promo Set Common

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Treasure Hunt


Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a nonland card, then put all cards revealed this way into your hand.

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Treasure Hunt Discussion

Oloro_Magic on Boros Aggro - Competitive Humans & Tokens

3 days ago

Okay so second round of testing is officially complete and well, it didn't quite go as planned, sometimes it was my fault others it was pure bad luck, and sometimes it was just a bad matchup. Needless to say here is my full report.

  • vs. Affinity 2-1

Game 1 affinity had to mull to 4 and never really did recover from that as affinity is one of those decks that just doesn't mulligan well. Game two an Etched Champion was able to beat down enough that a Blinkmoth Nexus equipped with a Cranial Plating could swing in for lethal. Game 3 was kinda crazy and one of the better games of magic I have probably ever played. I was on the play and dropped Champion of the Parish on turn one, a good start, affinity responded by playing Darksteel Citadel, Ornithopter, Memnite, Mox Opal, and Steel Overseer, with Arcbound Ravager in hand as I learned for turn two (literally an insane hand for affinity). I was ready to concede when I topdecked Card: stony silence turning off all of affinity's field and they were never able to remove the enchantment, I beat down until they were dead as they didn't draw into non-artifacts.

  • vs. U/R Gifts Storm 0-2

Not much to say here, storm is good, in both games I was a turn away from swinging for lethal when storm combo'd off and killed me with Grapeshot, in hindsight I should have probably mulled until I got to removal to deal with Baral, Chief of Compliance, and then delayed them but I don't think it would have made too much of a difference, the deck is certainly fast enough to beat Storm before it combos off I just didn't get that opportunity.

  • vs. U/W Control 0-2

Game one I lost to well timed removal, I played well enough around the counters but the removal was overwhelming and eventually became too much for me to recover. Game two opponent drew every Celestial Colonnade and beat down with those while also seeming to draw into every counter and removal spell (I had Cavern of Souls which helped but that didn't stop the removal), I didn't stand a chance as they just countered Eerie Interlude.

  • vs. Burn 1-2

These games were close, game one we both got each other down pretty low, opponent topdecked a burn spell and was able to also drop Monastery Swiftspear I lost to the prowess. Game two I won thanks to the most unlikely source Blood Moon. I know it's weird, I had sided a couple in to turn off Lightning Helix and Boros Charm late game for my opponent, it ended up with them having only uncastables in hand and I won on Champion of the Parish beats, who would have thought Blood Moon would do so much work. Game three again was close I lost to a Shrine of Burning Rage having not expected to see it which was an oversight on my part.

  • vs. G/R Vengevine 0-2

I was skeptical about the Vengevine deck, I thought maybe it was just a fluke, I was wrong the deck was insanely good, both games they dropped two Vengevine turn 2 and I had no answer, it wasn't close this deck was way too fast as I was always on the defensive and the pure volume of creatures it played meant my removal was useless, I have to test more against this deck with my other decks and yours and try to figure out a consistent way to beat it.

  • vs. 42 Land Swan Hunt 0-2

Swan Hunt had near perfect hands both games, game one they were able to combo off turn 4 (the earliest they can) and won on the spot (I got them to 9 life this game so the deck did well just can't beat the combo once it is assembled). Game 2 was a bit upsetting, I had them at 1 life when they Treasure Hunted into a Swans of Bryn Argoll and combo'd off the next turn. This matchup is easily winnable but opponent just had a great hand and better luck.

Other Comments

The mana base still feels a bit clunky which hurt me in some games, I would cut the filter lands as good as they are as they can't be played turn one really and add some more plains as that would make Blood Moon less painful.

I also found myself mulliganing a lot, I think the deck needs another solid two-drop I'll look around on gatherer and see what I can find and then test it out. Overall the deck itself did fine I just punted a few too many times and got some bad hands.

Rabid_Wombat on Augustin's $t4ks (Primer)

4 days ago

After a 20 minute Treasure Hunt frenzy the Tabernacle was located in an old shoebox - luckily it's been in an Ultra Pro screw down top loader since "back in the day" phew

Tutors like Crop Rotation, Reap and Sow and Expedition Map are all good for finding it whilst playing ;)

Oloro_Magic on H: Verdant Catacombs (MM3) LF: ...

1 week ago

So basically a friend gave me his Verdant Catacombs to trade for him and he wants to start foiling and promo(ing?) his swans deck. This means foil Swans of Bryn Argoll, Treasure Hunt (that printing), Seismic Assault, and Reliquary Tower, and all the other pieces of the deck like Serum Visions. He is not however interested in lands like Steam Vents. I would emphasize the swans and treasure hunt's. I know this one is weird but this is the asking price, any offer's even if it isn't the above cards will be considered if they are part of the side or main of the swans deck. Thanks.

Pieguy396 on Ultimate cruel control

1 week ago

I would recommend Serum Visions instead of Treasure Hunt, some number of Mana Leaks instead of Sphinx of Jwar Isle and Dispels, and more fetchlands instead of Crumbling Necropolis. Awesome deck, though!

Maaagic on 55 lands and other crap

1 week ago

You absolutely want a full playset of Treasure Hunt. I've been playing Zombie Hunt for a while, and it is extremely important.

frusciante7 on How to put as many ...

2 weeks ago

All these suggestions are ok I guess, but most of the time drawing you 3 to 8 cards (if you assume you can cast a huge Rev/BSZ). Howling Mine's good though. Dictate of Kruphix is also a long-term card advantage plan in Blue.

I would find it absolutely amazing if you could make it work with Treasure Hunt and a sh*tload of lands :) then you could get like 15 lands and swing for the kill!

If you don't know Seismic Swans, go check it out before you start brewing ;)

lilgiantrobot on Terror of the Deep

1 month ago

Terrain Generator is worth a look. Retraced Image puts an extra island into play. Dreamscape Artist is a repeatable blue Harrow. I'd also really consider adding more cheap ramping mana rocks. Sky Diamond, Fellwar Stone, and Mind Stone aren't the most exciting plays, but you're running a lot of big guys!

Striped Riverwinder is a new cycling serpent. You're going to almost never be able to satisfy the conditions for Floodtide Serpent so I think its a good switch. The cycling is important here too b/c you're low on raw card draw. Treasure Hunt is an option, since its ocean-themed draw. I'm also a fan of Spreading Seas, since it it basically land destruction that draws when you play it on a Cabal Coffers or other important land.

ACDAMAN on The Reddit Deck

1 month ago

counters all Treasure Hunts well... shit

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