Treasure Hunt


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake Common
Promo set for Gatherer Rare
Promo Set Common

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Treasure Hunt


Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a nonland card, then put all cards revealed this way into your hand.

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Treasure Hunt Discussion

Wonky.wombat. on Lands in Modern

10 hours ago

Welll... if this is a Seismic Assault deck, then you will probably want a playset of Treasure Hunt, and a couple more of Seismic Assault and more lands over your Birds of Paradise, as you aren't really ramping into anything, and then you could also take out Sylvan Scrying, as you do not have many utility lands, so it would just weaken Treasure Hunt, if you add it. Also, if I am misunderstanding what this deck is doing, then sorry :P

SpiritoftheSands on Duck Hunt

3 weeks ago

also, maybe just get rid of Molten Vortex, it just gets in the way off your Treasure Hunt

SpiritoftheSands on Duck Hunt

3 weeks ago

maybe add some Reliquary Tower so you dont have dump all the lands you drew from Treasure Hunt

total_euphoria on Lands matter

1 month ago

I'm a little confused on how you plan on winning? The only win con I see is Scute Mob. And splashing blue for Treasure Hunt is just not worth it i'm afraid. May I ask what your gameplan is here?

ChaosJester on If You Ever Needed A Glass Cannon...

1 month ago

I love this flavor +1. I would just suggest to increase the number of your Treasure Hunt from 2 to 3. Boseiju, Who Shelters All is an amazin card! But also very expensive. I hope one day this price will fall haha.Please check out my other Junky deck and upvote/comment it, if you like it and/or have any suggestions. :)

PickleNutz on

1 month ago

Okay, just a question, and you can totally correct me if I'm wrong here, but why multiple Borborygmos Enraged? Couldn't you effectively add in cards to get him into play faster with the extra slots the multiples take up and essentially drop the CMC of the deck? This deck has ramp, so you could be playing multiple creatures instead of working towards paying for one, and still have one in the deck that could be either tutored out or something else along those lines. That way you're not just relying on drawing him too. Also, with that much mama ramp, there's no way you need 30 lands. You already have Shadow of the Grave and Treasure Hunt to help Bor and his win condition. Just a thought, but maybe go down 5 lands and add some utility or direct damage spells. Lightning Bolts would definitely help.

escesare on Make Swans Great Again (41 land Swans)

1 month ago

Oh good points.

BTW, I completely agree that Serum Visions and Faithless Looting are mediocre at best. With so few nonlands, scrying a couple of cards can still whiff. Treasure Hunt, Trade Routes, and Mystic Speculation have more potential. Now I think of it, Speculation and Routes are almost identical. Both are and cost 3 mana to cycle 3 cards. Routes costs an extra upfront and can't be cast for in desperation, but makes up for it by letting you pay any increment. Also true cycling lets you replace worse lands with better ones, and can be a turn faster. However Routes can only cycle lands, synergizes with Life from the Loam, but worse for you. Routes is also susceptible to removal, Pithing Needle, and Harsh Mentor.

For lands, I just want to point out that a couple utility and even taplands won't disrupt your curve at all. Let's say you put 10 in; even with a 31 land deck, you'd still have 93% chance to hit 4 lands on turn 4. Putting this into perspective, competitive W/R Prison which absolutely must hit its 4-drops plays only 24 lands. (To be fair, my list probably does have too many utility lands haha.) Competitively speaking, it's almost certainly best to choose either utility lands or Blood Moon; otherwise you're not taking advantage of your excessive lands.

I can totally understand if it's more fun to ensure your combo. I'm just listing the competitive options since it seemed you were also interested in that.

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