Treasure Hunt


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake Common
Promo set for Gatherer Rare
Promo Set Common

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Treasure Hunt


Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a nonland card, then put all cards revealed this way into your hand.

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Treasure Hunt Discussion

Jerkoid on Seismic Swans

1 week ago

A version of this with 42 lands, Treasure Hunt, and a bunch of random fun-ofs won a regional modern tournament recently.


Jumpnshootman on Over 100 Damage on Turn 2 using Snow?!

1 week ago

musicman3310, In Playtesting, I found that there are actually a few problems with the deck. For one, this is a $300 version of a $20 gimmick deck. Game Wise, you could wiff on the mulligans when trying to start the game with a Treasure Hunt, and I believe you'll only have a 88% chance of starting the game with one if I'm remembering correctly. What you mentioned is correct. Not having large Treasure Hunts hurt us significantly, but in actuality, this is less of an issue for us than the other versions of this deck.

Zombie Infestation needs about 20 lands in hand for you to spawn 10 zombies (you'll most likely still need this many zombies for dealing with blockers, but Contested War Zone gives us lethal damage with only needing 14 lands in hand).

Seismic Assault still has the same ratio of damage per discard (2 per land), and it doesn't need the Mouth of Ronom for Spellskite. The downside is that it is tripple red to cast. this means more lands on the battlefield and an extra turn of us trying to stay alive. It's easier for us to have the extra lands we would have needed to cast this just stay in our hands for lightning storm's redirect ability.

Conflagrate is another option, and gets around counter spell, but requires about double the lands as this due to it's damage per discard ratio being halved.

musicman3310 on Over 100 Damage on Turn 2 using Snow?!

1 week ago

What if you Treasure Hunt and your top card is another Lightning Storm? Is that the only fault to this deck?

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Islands

1 week ago

If you included just a single Treasure Hunt, you would be able to draw your whole deck. A handful of islands. What could ever beat that?

+1 by the way.

lonker on The Most Stupid Deck That Wins Ever

2 weeks ago


If you Treasure Hunt into any of those cards, you'll need 5 mana. This deck needs to be as quick as possible as it has no forms of defence at all. In Psychosis Crawler's case, you even need to be able to not get chump blocked to win.

ConnorThompson on Real Mana

3 weeks ago

Update: this deck is actually awesome. I built it, minus basically all the fancy expensive cards (No man-lands, no Titania, no Valakut, no Wurm, no Omnath), and it still came off really well.

The backbone is outlined above. It's pretty important to have a Treasure Hunt (and an island) in your opening hand, but that is basically the only requirement.

This deck could easily turn into just a "landfall" deck, but that doesn't really have the twist that I'm looking for, and Devastating Summons is super fun when you have 20+ lands on the field.

Without the man-lands, there may be dry periods where you have a bunch of mana, but nothing to play. I anticipate they will make a big difference.

You WILL at some point have enough mana to hardcast Worldspine Wurm. So it should be in the deck. Period. Cause that's awesome.

It really stinks when your opponent does something to counter (Metallic Rebuke), exile (Anguished Unmaking) or make you discard (Ravenous Rats) an important play (Splendid Reclamation) or one of your few doozies (Omnath, Locus of Rage, Titania, Protector of Argoth, etc...) so that's why there are a bunch of different options for standard counter spells (Guttural Response, Negate, Mana Leak, Dispel). It's not a control deck, but it's kinda nice to feel a certain level of security. If they are using blue control, play Guttural Response because that's what it's for. If they have Void Shatter, use one of the others. Usually you need not be worried about countering creature spells, because your creatures will be bigger and/or more plentiful, but just in case, you have Mana Leak. It may be worth exploring other counterspells (Counterspell), because late-game, which is a possibility with this deck, oppontents might be willing to just pay that extra 3 mana. Also, the Abjure, Hatching Plans combo might be worth exploring if you find you want more card draw because Treasure Hunts are too few and far between.

Anyway. It's fun, and competitive. At one point I had 116 Life from 2 Grazing Gladeharts and 15 2/2s from Zendikar's Roil.

I have put it down as a modern deck, and I think it is, except for the Orcish Lumberjack. So if you want a modern-legal deck, just take him out. It's just a bummer because he is a really cool card. Lets you play a Splendid Reclamation on turn 2 or 3 (Soon after wiping your lands with Devastating Summons). (Oop, also Mountain Valley will need to go. That's a cool card too, but it's not great, just flavorful.)

Please, any suggestions are still welcome, and let me know what you think! +1s always appreciated!

Entrei on Screw you, Nekusar

3 weeks ago

yeah Debtors' Knell is not legal unless you are running orzhov. Aside from that, you are missing a couple key cards for nekusar, namely Bloodchief Ascension, Curiosity and Helm of the Ghastlord. you are also a little light on effective removal, for which Pongify, Rapid Hybridization, and to an extent, Reality Shift for creatures, and Smelt, Vandalblast and Rakdos Charm for artifacts. Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge doesnt really work in decks unless she is the commander, and honestly, Sword of War and Peace isnt too great in nekusar either. lastly, Treasure Hunt can kinda go for Brainstorm or even Gitaxian Probe or Serum Visions if you feel like spending some money.

Aside from the problems i know nekusar faces from experience, this is a pretty solid deck, especially seeing as it is budget and just put together.

zephyr_chang on Lands

1 month ago

If this is not a budget build, then replace either 1 Forest or 1 Island with a Breeding Pool? The first time I goldfished it, I started with a Treasure Hunt and a Violent Outburst in my opening hand and I couldn't fetch a land on my first turn that could let me cast both spells.

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