Diviner Spirit


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) Uncommon
Commander 2013 (C13) Uncommon

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Diviner Spirit

Creature — Spirit

Whenever Diviner Spirit deals combat damage to a player, you and that player each draw that many cards.

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Diviner Spirit Discussion

Yesterday on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

2 years ago

I was updating my inventory and there seem to be an awful lot of cards that are missing their Commander Anthology printings here.

Printings not found: Anger (CMT), Arcane Denial (CMT), Bathe in Light (CMT), Boros Guildmage (CMT), Borrowing 100,000 Arrows (CMT), Cleansing Beam (CMT), Congregate (CMT), Control Magic (CMT), Curse of Inertia (CMT), Curse of Predation (CMT), Curse of the Forsaken (CMT), Darksteel Mutation (CMT), Death by Dragons (CMT), Deceiver Exarch (CMT), Diabolic Tutor (CMT), Diviner Spirit (CMT), Dragon Whelp (CMT), Duergar Hedge-Mage (CMT), Evincar's Justice (CMT), Furnace Whelp (CMT), Gwyllion Hedge-Mage (CMT), Hada Spy Patrol (CMT), Krosan Grip (CMT), Leafdrake Roost (CMT), Leonin Bladetrap (CMT), Lightkeeper of Emeria (CMT), Mortify (CMT), Mother of Runes (CMT), Oni of Wild Places (CMT), Orim's Thunder (CMT), Orzhov Guildmage (CMT), Path to Exile (CMT), Pilgrim's Eye (CMT), Presence of Gond (CMT), Pyrohemia (CMT), Razorjaw Oni (CMT), Restore (CMT), Return to Dust (CMT), Selesnya Charm (CMT), Selesnya Guildmage (CMT), Serra Angel (CMT), Shattered Angel (CMT), Skyward Eye Prophets (CMT), Soul Snare (CMT), Stonecloaker (CMT), Sulfurous Blast (CMT), Swiftfoot Boots (CMT), Sylvan Reclamation (CMT), Syphon Flesh (CMT), Syphon Mind (CMT), Terminate (CMT), Thornwind Faeries (CMT), Thunderstaff (CMT), Vow of Duty (CMT), Vow of Lightning (CMT), Vow of Malice (CMT), Wash Out (CMT), Winged Coatl (CMT), Wonder (CMT), Wrecking Ball (CMT).

RicketyEng on Shifting Into High Gear (Arjun Primer)

2 years ago

I would appreciate any thoughts on 2-3 card combos which I could focus on instead of storm. I recently added a few stormy cards but I'm already not feeling all out storm is the way to go (I recently built Yidris which is all out storm). I would prefer my original vision of using Arjun as a card-drawing engine to dig for combo pieces and trigger lots of card-draw triggers.

The current chopping block:

Cards being considered:

RoboticPlayer on Deck Builder says cards illegal?

2 years ago

I have this deck that I made, but the site says that the cards Diviner Spirit, Forgotten Ancient, and Giant Tortoise are illegal. But according to WotC's list, none of them are banned. Anyone know why they are marked as illegal on this site?

Gamernatic on Sphinx Tribal Finished Product

3 years ago

Diviner Spirit

Hunted Lammasu

Crown of Doom

Mystic Barrier

Shieldmage Advocate

Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer

Spurnmage Advocate



Curse of the Cabal

Contested War Zone

Zur's Weirding

Shared Fate

Vow of Malice

Vow of Duty

Vow of Flight

I wouldn't recommend you run all of these simultaneously, but I would recommend that you acquire all of these as a "sideboard". Variety between games makes an interesting sert of games, especially when it comes to politics!

dreamistt on Oloro edh

3 years ago

(R: remove / A: add / ?: consider)
R: Azorius Herald
R: Diviner Spirit
R: Hooded Horror
R: Marrow Bats

(Extort triggers/lifegain cards)A: Blind Obedience
A: Underworld Coinsmith
A: Kingpin's Pet
A: Tithe Drinker
A: Tainted Sigil
A: Paradise Plume (I love this card <3)
A: Elixir of Immortality (anti-mill, some life gain)
? Souls of the Faultless
? Suture Priest
? Rhox Faithmender
? Voracious Hatchling
? Cliffhaven Vampire
? Noble Purpose (NOT lifelink, meaning it will trigger separately)
? Profane Memento

A: Sphinx Summoner
A: Treasure Mage
? Increasing Ambition
? Diabolic Tutor
? Enduring Ideal (risky, but if you manage to get Sanguine Bond+Exquisite Blood, your commander ends the game in your turn.)
? Lost Auramancers (slow enchantment tutor...)
? Plea for Guidance

(draw engine)
A: Alhammarret's Archive (incredible synergy with Oloro)
? Drogskol Reaver
? Well of Lost Dreams
? Phyrexian Arena

(other stuff)
? Reality Shift
? Psychosis Crawler
? Temporal Extortion
? Wash Out
? Norn's Annex
? Crowd Control
? Graveblade Marauder

No data for this card yet.