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This is my personal Tayam, Luminous Enigma list c:

Ever since Tayam was first spoiled, I knew that it was something special. At face value, it was clear that it was some kind of janky graveyard recursion deck that had a counters subtheme, but as I started building it, it became clear that it could be so so SOOOO much more, and now has become known as "The Doomsday Clock" in my play group, (it doesnt run Doomsday ), because of how resilient the combo is once it gets started. My iteration is still slow-ish, but I'd like help picking up the pace on it. I'm swapping out alot of the land-based ramp in favor of signets and other 2cmc artifact ramp and possibly adding a few more backup combos for extra stability. I even ended up cutting Sol Ring cause I liked too many cards in the deck, but that'll be coming back too.

My decks primary wincon revolves around Tayam, Promise of Bunrei , and Ashnod's Altar to mill every card in the library and find the kill pieces in Squandered Resources and Piranha Marsh . There's redundancyfor both pieces in Phyrexian Altar and Hallowed Spiritkeeper . The deck wins by generating infinite mana and looping the Marsh from the grave infinitely to drain the opponents. I don't run the Devoted Druid combo, because I really want every card to have some sort of impact as soon as its played and the druid can feel really yucky when you can only find it and not the toughness booster to combo off. Whether or not this is the right move, I have no idea c: It could come in with a different iteration at some point, so that's why I'd love some feedback. This is my pet deck, but it's always open to improvements and tuning!

When I ask other people who have seen the deck for the first time what I could do, I often hear " Karador, Ghost Chieftain does it better," and in some ways, he does. He doesn't get more expensive as he dies and he can probably go off faster, but what Tayam lacks in speed, he makes up in raw resilience. With enough incidental creatures and counters, Tayam can win and combo off during combat, in response to spells and abilities, during just about any phase in the game! It's such a glorious and hard to interact with combo that the only "guaranteed" safeguard is a well timed Krosan Grip . I'm not gonna say this deck is T1, or even T2, but it truly is an embodiment of the all-in combo strategy... But not quite.

I built the deck to function just fine without it's combo, masquerading as a counters deck that can lay down the law while the Doomsday Clock ticks by...

If you have any questions about the deck, feel free to ask! I don't post on here often, but I love this deck enough to put it out there and improve on it!


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Just swapped alot of 3 and 4 mana ramp spells to cheaper counterparts to lower the curve and get Tayam out faster! Also added Seedtime and the Fang Of Silverquill to spice things up!


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