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My take on a Koma deck that's purpose is to make copies of Koma and make lots of Koma's Coils. Kindred Discovery and Elemental Bond are easy ways to draw out your library which is why i've added Laboratory Maniac . I would appreciate any recommendations you guys have to help make this deck stronger and faster.

In an opening hand the things you want are a minimum of 2 lands, at least 1 mana rock either a tutor or card draw then the rest just fairly low cmc spells to keep your opponents down while you wait to cast your commander
The deck is a bit of a glass cannon and heavily relies on having Koma out, without him the deck wont do too much. But once he is out the plan it to make as many Coils as you can and make copies of Koma using cards like Sakashima the Impostor or Helm of the Host . With the Koma's Coils you can use them to tap your opponents lands and valuable cards on the board to slow them down, or you can give them the beats and start swinging with a bunch of 3/3 Serpents. Some ways to help win the combat damage in the deck are Triumph of the Hordes for infect, and Archetype of Imagination and Serpent of Yawning Depths to make it much harder for your opponents to block. With cards like Elemental Bond and Kindred Discovery it is very possible to draw out you library due to all of the serpents we plan on making so i've added Laboratory Maniac as an alt wincon.
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