My first self made Deck.

I used a budget decklist for the commander at first and upgraded it over the last Months.

I think its working pretty well now, but the last changes (see below) have not been tested yet.

If you have further Tipps or Ideas please let me know! Greetz


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It's been a while since the first suggestions for upgrades came in. Special Thanks to Crow_Umbra! I decided to buy some new cards and added a few.

I changed some equipments for a better Mana base:

Firstly In: Talisman of Hierarchy, Talisman of Conviction, Talisman of Indulgence Cuts: Seraphic Greatsword, Moonsilver Spear, Hexplate Wallbreaker

Secondly I cut Bitterthorn, Nissa's Animus and Inquisitorial Rosette for a pretty Sol Talisman and a Sol Ring (I noticed I didn't had one in -> whaaat?!). I also bought a Rakdos Signet - delivery pending. (I dont know if i will add it in the end)

Thirdly I changed some Mana-heavy Cards to Cards that will protect my creatures or myself (the longer I survive, the more attack triggers).

In: Reconnaissance, Dolmen Gate and Curse of Opulence Out: Eldrazi Conscription, It That Betrays, Drakuseth, Maw of Flames

Lastly I cut Raiyuu, Storm's Edge and Chaos Warp and included Hall of the Bandit Lord for more Haste and Path to Exile

Another equipment will be delivered soon, and I am planning to include it: Lightning Greaves, not sure yet, but i considered to exclude the Sol Talisman or Sword of the Animist.

(EDIT: Its still the same Day. The Delivery arrived. I decided to cut Sol Talisman for Lightning Greaves, I will keep an eye on it.)

If you have any recommendations for me feel free to tell me, I would be happy! I am not sure about my changes and I was not able to test the deck yet (this will happen on this Sunday), but I look forward to test the upgrade.



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