Blood Reckoning

Blood Reckoning


Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, that creature's controller loses 1 life.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Blood Reckoning Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on breena the demagogue deck suggestions

1 month ago

Ok, a forced combat deck in WB? Awesome!

There are three cards with Goad you can include: Bloodthirsty Blade , Martial Impetus , Parasitic Impetus

Then, there are multiple useful Propaganda -like effects:

Ghostly Prison , Sphere of Safety

Marchesa's Decree , Revenge of Ravens , Hissing Miasma , Blood Reckoning , Search the Premises ,

These are cards that give bonuses for attacking one player in particular: Curse of the Forsaken , Curse of Shallow Graves

Orzhov Advokist is similar to Breena.

Finally, Crown of Doom is pretty cool for a little game of hot potatoe.

TheVectornaut on Black Green (?)

7 months ago

It looks like your main goal is to stick a creature and then buff it as much as possible with +1/+1 counters. To improve the strength and consistency of the deck, I recommend cutting anything that isn't working towards that end (unless it's very efficient.) I'd identify those cards as Druid's Deliverance, Sundering Growth, Bountiful Harvest, Bump in the Night, Lair Delve, Blood Reckoning, Tablet of the Guilds, Primal Clay, Trestle Troll, and maybe Phylactery Lich (depending on how many artifacts you end up running in the end.) I'd also suggest swapping out Intimidation to stay modern legal, possibly with something like Bellowing Tanglewurm if you really really want the evasion. Your strongest cards that I'd want additional copies of are Abrupt Decay (budget permitting), Ring of Xathrid, Undying Evil, Slitherhead, and Death's Presence (assuming your meta is slow enough to run it.) It also looks like Tormented Soul is a critical piece that benefits the most from growing big, so having redundancy for it seems like a good idea. Changeling Outcast, Gingerbrute, and Silhana Ledgewalker could all be fine targets. For +1/+1 synergy, you have scavenge staples like Varolz, the Scar-Striped, Corpsejack Menace, and Lotleth Troll along with more general options like Polukranos, Unchained, Winding Constrictor, Hardened Scales, Hydra's Growth, Rishkar, Peema Renegade, Scavenging Ooze (which is particularly good in a sideboard), Drana, Liberator of Malakir, Hunger of the Howlpack, Forced Adaptation, and Llanowar Reborn. Finally, some cards I've had success with in graveyard-focused decks include Tragic Slip, Satyr Wayfinder, Grisly Salvage, Splinterfright, and Fauna Shaman. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck with your build!

AjanisLastDan on Ayara’s Rats

9 months ago

Its seems you want to swarm as fast as possible, and do that quickly, so I would cut Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth for the reasons Peoni mentioned above.

Add in some useful mana rocks to speed things up, that aren't too outrageously expensive:

Jet Medallion and Charcoal Diamond are excellent cost reducers,Arcane Signet, Darksteel Ingot, and Prismatic Lens would speed things up more than you know.

Thought Vessel if you've got a few extra doll-hairs sitting around.

I'd also cut Tendrils of Corruption and Corrupt(no more synergy with the Tomb), Revenge of Ravens or Blood Reckoning(is one life really that much when you've got so many other of these effects?), Mindcrank(this card is so much more fun when Duskmantle Guildmage is around, and I don't know about you, but my playgroup loves to have good stuff in the grave, so they can CHEAT it out for cheap, so unless Mill is something you really want to strive for, it just seems clunky to me, especially when more ramp is needed). And maybe cut Ambition's Cost-?? It just seems really expensive, Mana-wise, for more drawback than usual.

Funky_bunch any more useful tips?

ilovemydoghisnameistuna on Mono-Black Discard Control

1 year ago

Hehe I bet: continuous, unstoppable lifegain all game ... taking people's resources away ... and them hurting them for it ... You might consider some pillowforts like Marchesa's Decree, Blood Reckoning, or Revenge of Ravens to deter people from coming after you. Of course, this only works in a meta that uses creatures to kill a hated player, if you are in a meta that uses other ways to hurt you I don't really know ... You have Painful Quandary, which is helpful in a spellslinger meta, that artifact that makes spells cost more during other peoples' turns would also be good in that case.

Boerschti on Kambal - First Approach to Commander

1 year ago

That're quite good recommendations. I need some help and if you have a deck, i sure will look into it. nothing wrong with some 'advertising' :P I will add some cards into my board, to see what is good. It makes sense to put some strong creatures with high cost in it as finishers. Erebos's Intervention is something I do consider, given the removal + life gain as well as the removal from a graveyard. Karlov of the Ghost Council is indeed a good card. But I dont know anyone who actually has it and it doesnt look that cheap. Maybe there will be a reprint?!crossing fingers

I would maybe add Blood Reckoning, instead of Consecrate / Consume, as it is a nice combo with Revenge of Ravens.

Thank you for your help and critisism. I now have a more clear view on what my deck is lacking.

DarkHero on punishment for tapping / untapping

1 year ago

Subordinate- "Lower in rank or position"... I am personally offended.

I really can't think of much that would punish tapping and untapping. Most of it is going to be geared towards opponents tapping their land like Mana Web . But I'll give you War's Toll , Price of Glory , Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger .

The other thing to consider is what exactly are you trying to punish? Because tapping can be using activated abilities, attack, or blocking for creatures/artifacts. You could go Treasure Nabber or you could go Immolation Shaman or Harsh Mentor or Blood Reckoning . All are technically punishing you opponent for "tapping".

itsmekidney on Thantis, Do not enter

1 year ago

First off, I like this deck! It's always really fun to see Thantis decks, and your comment on mine inspired me to check this one out.

I think I agree with you that the four cards you're looking to take out are weaker than you would want; fortunately, there are several great new options that came out in the last few months (as of writing this).

  • Tahngarth, First Mate is a 5/5 with a minor assault suit on, which is definitely more interesting than some of the cards you presented.
  • Revenge of Ravens is sort of a better Blood Reckoning , adding a life gain component which can help keep you alive just a bit longer. It's not legal according to Tappedout but of course it is.
  • Archetype of Finality gives every creature you control deathtouch, which helps protect you in a lot of ways.
  • Stuffy Doll doesn't get around the attack requirement, but its ability is a great political tool; attack someone else, and let them block with their biggest creature!
  • Rowan Kenrith can deal 3 damage to all tapped creatures, and is simply delightful (even if a bit costly)

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

Hatsuko, Creator of Spirits

Legendary Creature - God

Hatsuko, Creator of Spirits can't attack or block unless you control a Spirit of each color.

Spirits you control have Soulshift X, where is X is their CMC minus 1.

When Hatsuko, Creator of Spirits enters the battlefield, search for a monocolored Spirit of each color, and put them into your hand.


Make a card like Norn's Annex , Ghostly Prison , Sphere of Safety , propoganda, for not

Not Marchesa's Decree , Blood Reckoning type effects, which are punishing triggers, not prevent attack abilities.

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