For the sake of simplicity, I will say Rally to mean the keyword "Rally" and the nonkeyword "Whenever ~ or another Ally enters the battlefield under your control,".

This deck has 3 main plans:

A. Combo

(assuming you don't miss any land drops, have X untapped lands on turn x "Tx" with the correct colors, and using only the combo pieces)

  1. Harabaz Druid
    T2 Harabaz Druid. T3 Jwari Shapeshifter cloning Harabaz Druid. T4 Cloudstone Curio then Chasm Guide, target either Harabaz Druid or Jwari Shapeshifter with Cloudstone Curio, allow Chasm Guide's trigger to resolve first, then in response to Cloudstone Curio's trigger, tap the targeted ally for its casting cost( for Jwari Shapeshifter and for Harabaz Druid), cast the ally you bounced (Jwari Shapeshifter always cloning Harabaz Druid), and repeat, switching between Jwari Shapeshifter and Harabaz Druid, generating each loop. Create infinite and then . Cast General Tazri and tutor for Kalastria Healer or Hagra Diabolist and cast them. Then repeat the mana loop until you kill your opponents.
  2. TurnTimber Ranger
    (option 1)T2 Kalastria Healer. T3 Arcane Adaptation. (option 2)T4 Chasm Guide or Tuktuk Scrapper if they have an artifact. T5 Cast Turntimber Ranger, When Ranger enters the battlefield he will Rally getting a +1/+1 counter and creating a 2/2 wolf, Adaptation will change that wolf into a Wolf Ally and this will trigger Rally on Ranger again infinitely, with Healer out they will also Rally Healer for the win or with Guide out they will all have haste and can attack for the win, with Scrapper choose not to destroy until you have made infinite wolves so that each trigger is lethal.
  3. Deadeye Navigator
    T2 Harabaz Druid. T3 Chasm Guide. T4 Deadeye Navigator and soulbond with Druid. T5 Kalastria Healer or Hagra Diabolist, add 3 with Druid and flicker it soulbonding with Deadeye until you drain your opponents for the win.
  4. Mana Echoes
    T3 Phyrexian Altar. T4 Mana Echoes. T5 Turntimber Ranger When Ranger enters Echoes will give for Ally and for Wolf. T6 General Tazri When Tazri enters Echoes will give 2 for Ally, then Ranger will make a wolf causing Echoes to give 2 for Wolf, then with Tazri tutor up Jwari Shapeshifter and cast it to clone Ranger, this will make 2 wolves and add 3 for Ally and 7 for Wolf. Now sacrifice Tazri to Altar and make , continue to cast and sacrifice Tazri for , tutoring out all of your allies and making infinite and infinite wolves to sacrifice to Altar for infinite colored mana, then determine the best ally to win from there, haste, infinite drain by looping Tazri, or draw your deck for noncreature recursion or interaction to clear the way.
Without Jwari Shapeshifter Combo 1 can still work using Turntimber Ranger to make wolves that bounce Harabaz Druid. Combo 4 can still work but requires Mirrorpool, Arcane Adaptation, Conspiracy, or much more effort.
Without Cloudstone Curio Combo 1 is impossible.
Without Deadeye Navigator Combo 3 is impossible.
Without Mana Echoes Combo 4 is impossible.
Without Phyrexian Altar Combo 4 is impossible.
Without Chasm Guide Combos 1 and 3 are impossible.
Without Harabaz Druid Combos 1 and 3 are impossible.
Without Turntimber Ranger Combos 2 and 4 are impossible.
Note that Conspiracy is a functional copy of Arcane Adaptation as far as this deck is concerned.
Generally Hagra Diabolist and Kalastria Healer are identical win conditions with the exception that Healer doesn't target, sometimes Tuktuk Scrapper is enough, depending on the number of allies you control and the number of targetable artifacts without indestructible that your opponent controls.
With any infinite casting combo Zendikar Resurgent can draw your deck and Aura Shards or Primeval Light can save you from the mandatory draw.
Very rarely the deck will combo by using effects like Flicker to flicker Harabaz Druid, Jwari Shapeshifter, and/or Sea Gate Loremaster along with effects like Mana Echoes, Mirrorpool, Ashnod's Altar, and Phyrexian Altar but will not actually go infinte.

B. Control

Combine any of these Control effects with Deadeye Navigator to be able to control the table at instant speed for .

C. Beatdown


Updates Add

I built the deck shortly after posting this list. put in Murasa Pyromancer, Counterspell, Deadeye Navigator, Path of Ancestry, and Patriarch's Bidding. No longer using Pulse of Llanowar. The mana base could still use some work. Old Description:
Play enchantments (Burgeoning, Mana Echoes, Mirari's Wake, Zendikar Resurgent) and artifacts (Ashnod's Altar, Phyrexian Altar, Urza's Incubator) as soon as possible.Cast and sac General Tazri to Ashnod's/Phyrexian Altar to tutor allies or "allies" with Conspiracy. Dump a bunch of allies onto the field for ETB triggers. Infinite combo with Turntimber Ranger and either Xenograft or Conspiracy (infinite 2/2 Green Wolf "Ally" creature tokens) making a win condition with multiple other allies. With infinite allies and Chasm Guide flicker Harabaz Druid for infinite colored mana. This started off as casual... (update deck list)


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