My favorite TTRPG class in a Commander deck!

Mono blue bounce/flicker ETB Wizards. I irrationally dislike self-mill wincons, so the wincon instead is infinite mana and something like Blue Sun's Zenith, or infinite bounces and Sunscorched Desert. Goal is to go infinite with combos using Ghostly Flicker, Naru Meha, Master Wizard, and Venser, Shaper Savant. With low average CMC and a low-to-the-ground mana curve, this deck can be pretty fast, but folds quickly to combat damage. That said, people should be afraid to attack into your open mana. It tries to accrue value and fly under the radar for a while whilst controlling the board as needed. To avoid getting focused, save your counters and other control options for only scenarios when they'll directly affect you. Let other people get their big pieces on the board (so long as they don't impede your win) and keep a weak looking board until it's time to pop off.

One of my favorite aspects of this deck is how flexibly it can switch between combo and control. I’ve played games where I combo off on turn 5 for a win, and I’ve played games where I manage to land and defend Patron Wizard and Galecaster Colossus while looping Cyclonic Rift to control all other 3 players at the same time.

Naban, Dean of Iteration not only provides insane value with all the wizards in the deck, but also allows for some infinite combos to pop easier. In particular, Naru Meha, Master Wizard and Venser, Shaper Savant combos are much easier to pull off because they get to bounce two things instead of just one. That said, I've not won with either of them yet, mostly because they're so hard to find in the deck. With only one wizard tutor (Vedalken AEthermage), it's pretty difficult to get either of them when you need it. Instead, the classic Peregrine Drake/Palinchron combos with Deadeye Navigator or Archaeomancer/Shipwreck Dowser + Ghostly Flicker are much more reliable. Infinite mill is also available with Overwhelmed Apprentice, a card that nobody expects to kill them. Infinite bounces of Sunscorched Desert pings the table to death, too.

While this deck sits at around $200, it can contend at tables with far more expensive decks. In particular, Naban grinds a lot of value out of otherwise subpar cards. I’ve taken games with this deck from near cEDH level decks thanks to its ability to slide under the radar and remarkable speed. That said, I’ve since built a higher power version that’s leaner and meaner.

We run efficient counters strictly for protecting our board. Let opponents develop their states and do not interfere unless it is absolutely necessary. Patron Wizard is also a notable piece for instant speed counters on the board, although it almost always draws removal as soon as it lands.

Beyond counters, our main source of removal is bounce with Galecaster Colossus, the classic Cyclonic Rift, or any of the wizards that bounce permanents (e.g., AEther Adept). Bounces on wizard ETBs get doubled due to Naban, so they're extra efficient. AEtherize and Evacuation are no-brainer includes here as well, especially since Evacuation usually lets us get a lot more value.

We run a number of 2 mana rocks alongside mono color staples Extraplanar Lens and Caged Sun. These two pieces are quickly going to become big targets, but if they stick they give you a nearly unstoppable amount of mana.

There's a couple tutors here, usually used to grab wincons like Ghostly Flicker, Blue Sun's Zenith, or Cyclonic Rift in desperation. Otherwise, our main draw sources come from flicker/bounce effects on wizards. Ponder and Preordain are included to help smooth out early turns, ensure we hit land drops, and to help dig through the deck.

Infinite mana generators and outlets. Standard mono blue flicker staples here.

I've thought about adding a few more stax pieces (like Narset, Parter of Veils) but have opted to just keep Propaganda to shore up our weakness to combat damage. Reflections of Littjara is an interesting card that I haven't gotten the chance to play yet, but expect it to be as powerful as Caged Sun/Panharmonicon/Extraplanar Lens. Save it for later in a game when everyone else is worried about bigger threats.

Flicker effects galore. Spells like Essence Flux and Displace might not win us the game directly (Ghostly Flicker is indeed stronger), but they can help us get much more value over the course of the game and function as toolbox spells. To get even more bang for your buck, you can also cast them after assigning blockers to nullify combat damage. People should be afraid to attack you.

Conjurer's Closet and Thassa, Deep-Dwelling are passive value engines that also help you dig for wincons.

Might write up a single card discussion here at some point, but the wizards fall into one of three categories: - ETB draw/card advantage effects like Augur of Bolas, Cloudkin Seer, and Spellseeker - ETB control like Sower of Temptation, AEther Adept, Merfolk Trickster, and Aether Channeler - Wincons like Shipwreck Dowser and Archaeomancer - Non-ETB utility like Patron Wizard, Vedalken AEthermage, and Gadwick, the Wizened (although he's also card advantage).

We run Snow-Covered Islands so that Extraplanar Lens doesn't hit other people's lands. Otawara, Soaring City is a no-brainer include. Path of Ancestry lets us scry with every wizard. Mystic Sanctuary, Riptide Laboratory, and Reliquary Tower and standard utility lands for mono blue. Lots of islands means we'll always hit land drops, High Tide works better, and Caged Sun/Extraplanar Lens are more valuable. Finally, Sunscorched Desert can be a win if you get infinite bounces using Ghostly Flicker.


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