This is a traditional Boros aggro deck. It is built to play at the highest power level that isn't cEDH. This deck aims to win through combat.

The early game of this deck consists of either getting value (preferrably through combat) or slowing down opponents (through hatebears). Once you get to 4+ mana the deck starts to cast serious threats. The smaller creatures scale to the late game using either equipment or anthems/double damage/extra combats. Aurelia, the Warleader comes down when she can double whatever engine/threat you already have going on.

A lot of the ramp in this deck comes through red sources like treasure generators ( Magda, Brazen Outlaw , Captain Lannery Storm , Dockside Extortionist ) or ritual effects ( Jeska's Will , Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion ). We also play lands ( Ancient Tomb , Myriad Landscape ) and mana rocks that help. The most important piece of card draw in the deck is Mask of Memory (and Sword of Fire and Ice as a secondary source) as the only card draw we can tutor in this deck are the equipment. Otherwise, we play impulsive draw ( Light Up the Stage , Tectonic Giant ) and wheels ( Wheel of Fortune , Wheel of Misfortune ).

One source of card draw I've been experimenting with is abusing Land Tax with effects like Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion . It's not reliable since Land Tax is the only real way to accumulate a substantial amount of lands, but when it happens, the payoff is large. Another thing I've been experimenting with lately is recursion in the deck. New cards like Hofri Ghostforge , Venerable Warsinger , and Lukka, Wayward Bonder paired with old cards like Sun Titan and Luminous Broodmoth make the beginnings of a recursion subtheme in the deck. I'm currently testing to see how far I should lean into this.

This deck can be very resilient to the typical weaknesses of aggro (removal, board-wipes) so long as you don't overextend yourself. You also have to be very disciplined with your mulligans as this deck isn't forgiving when you keep a bad hand.

Please feel free to ask questions about performance, piloting, and card choices. Please give feedback if you have experience with decks like this.

Currently Testing: Adriana, Captain of the Guard

Currently not impressed with:

Currently looking at: Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer Trove Warden


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