Zuran Orb


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Relics Mythic Rare
Masters Edition Uncommon
Ice Age Uncommon

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Zuran Orb


Sacrifice a land: You gain 2 life.

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Zuran Orb Discussion

Rzepkanut on What was the hardest thing ...

6 hours ago

Yes! I agree with Winterblast, Magic computer software is the best way to learn nowadays. When I learned (way back in 1994) we used that insanly complicated rule book that came in starter decks to figure it out. It didn't work very well. My buddy and I had a Revised starter and a bunch of Fallen Empires packs and we tried to learn all on our own. We were 12 or 13 years old and nobody helped us at first. I thought the mana pool grew every turn (like with Upwelling in play) and so our decks had almost no land in it. Later after we had truly learned the game I taught my dad. I remember he couldn't understand why having 2 Zuran Orbs in play didn't give him 4 life per land. Actually that argument led to him quitting the game. Fast forward to today. I got a magic online account less than a year ago (finally) and my understanding of the stack and priority has advanced from it even after having been a magic player for almost the entire existence of the game.

superhuman21 on Untold Suffering

2 days ago

This deck looks good but is on the expensive end with all the dual lands and azusa (although Azusa is worth the $). I'd consider adding Zuran Orb, Explore, Elvish Archdruid,or Maralen of the Mornsong to the sideboard as possible. Depending on how game is looking you can start to sacrifice your own lands with Zuran orb if you can fetch it, and then you get both Landfall benefits 2x (both sac land and the 2nd land) + Titiania's bonus.

Maralan + Ob Unshackled can halt your opponents if you're forcing them to sacrifice lands. Also if you wanted to make the game even more interesting Second Sunrise and http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=136204 would also do this.

MartialArt on I Must Stax You a Question

1 week ago

Good to hear that it helped.

How about Lotus Vale? It's cheap on money and produces a lot of mana. I know you have to sacrifice lands for it but it comes into play untapped and interacts well with static orb.

I would definetely add Peacekeeper since once you can stall the game you win with this deck.

I would not run damage reduction. You already go for risk so why not going full risk? You could add Armageddon since it really interacts well with your punisher cards. Or Zuran Orb and Balance. And there was an enchantment that lets you discard lands to deal damage. This would be interesting here.

For card draw I would suggest looting instead. Faithless Looting and the likes let you skip cards till you get to those you want. The time you buy yourself will be your biggest card draw. All you need are the right cards.

I would still suggest to cut the Arbiter and the Amulet and add more things that interact really good with your strategy like this Peacekeeper.

How about AEther Flash to get rid of most small creatures coming into play. If you add 4 Sol Ring as ramp you can play this turn 2. Anger of the Gods helps keeping the board clean.

Btw.. If you like stax take a look at my mardu stax commander if you want. I can always use some suggestions to make it even nastier: Marchesa Stax - bow before me
If you don't have some I gladly take praise as well. X'D

I hope these ideas help. Greets MA.

Aranan on The Rise of Man's Fall

3 weeks ago

I'm in the process of building my own Titania deck and came across this list. I'm really enjoying the look of it overall.

How do the token doublers (Doubling Season etc) work for you? There's no question that getting more 5/3s is good, but do you feel it's worth the card slot and fairly high casting cost of these enchantments? It seems like you're able to go off with Food Chain, Command Beacon, and Titania pretty well. Another infinite option is Temur Sabertooth, Titania, any land sac outlet (Zuran Orb, Sylvan Safekeeper, etc), and Gaea's Cradle. You're only short the Sabertooth of being able to hit another infinite mana/creatures combo.

What role does Blight Sickle serve in this deck? That's an oddball tech card that I haven't seen around very often.

You've got Song of the Dryads and Thespian's Stage, so don't forget that you can copy anything on the field with that combo! Just enchant someone's bomb with Song of the Dryads, then use your Thespians Stage to copy the "Forest". Your Stage becomes whatever that permanent originally was. This works with Vesuva, too.

Does Avenger of Zendikar pull his weight for you? 7 mana to make 0/1 tokens that are only useful after a few more landfall triggers is quite an investment. Is it mostly just here as a Tooth and Nail target to go with Craterhoof Behemoth?

GoldenDiggle on Titania, Protector of Argoth

1 month ago

It's good to see Zuran Orb in here. I like to imagine it really messes with opponents. I also really like Constant Mists!! It looks fun to use.

I would suggest Crop Sigil and Stoic Builder! Crawling Sensation could be good, but it's hard to tell.

I think that Nissa, Vital Force would find a pleasant home here.

Good luck! +1 for great innovation!

CastleSiege on Deforestation

2 months ago

Kynical, You need to have a fetchland, Crucible of Worlds, Exploration, Concordant Crossroads, Sol Ring, Ancient Tomb, and Sylvan Safekeeper OR Zuran Orb.

Turn 1: Play and crack your fetchland to grab a forest. Tap the forest to play Exploration and then play Ancient Tomb as your second land for turn. Tap Ancient Tomb for two colorless mana and use one of them to cast Sol Ring. Use the one remaining colorless mana and tap Sol Ring to play Crucible of Worlds.

Turn 2: Play the fetchland from your graveyard and crack it for another forest. Tap your two forests, Ancient Tomb, and Sol Ring for a total of six mana and cast Titania, Protector of Argoth. Her ETB effect triggers and brings back your fetchland, crack it for a third forest and to create a 5/3 elemental. Now play it from your graveyard again as your second land for turn to get a 4th forest and a second elemental. You will now have Titania and two elementals in play for a total of 15 power as well as two untapped forests, two tapped forests, and a tapped Ancient Tomb. Tap one of your forests to cast Sylvan Safekeeper (or alternatively, put Zuran Orb into play for free) and use your other forest to cast Concordant Crossroads. Sacrifice your five lands to create five more 5/3 elementals which gives you a final total power of 40. Declare your attackers and smash your opponent in the face for 40 damage.

StopShot on Its Beautiful, I even Cried a bit.

2 months ago

Oh, Zuran Orb also works admirably as well.

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