Unified Strike

Unified Strike


Remove target attacking creature from the game if its power is less than or equal to the number of Soldiers in play.

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Unified Strike Discussion

Polaris on When is Power & Toughness …

6 months ago

Veteran's Armaments is a triggered ability that happens when the equipped creature blocks (or attacks). Once the ability resolves, the number is locked in. Increasing or decreasing the number of attackers won't change the equipped creature's size.

Once the trigger has resolved, another round of priority will happen. You can use your Unified Strike then without losing the bonus.

vic on When is Power & Toughness …

6 months ago

I have a Cenn's Tactician in play with a +1/+1 counter and equipped with a Veteran's Armaments .

My opponent attacks with 3 creatures. I declare that I will block 2 of them with my CT. I also want to cast a Unified Strike to exile the 3rd attacker (it's small enough), but I don't want to lower my CT's power & toughness for combat by making one less attacker.

Is there a way to pull this off? If so, what is the timing of events?

DarkKnightCuron on White Soldier Deck for Commander, …

7 months ago

Good Afternoon, Hope everyone is doing well.

I've amassed the following cards for specifically a soldier-themed deck, but I'm having trouble narrowing down the list for an appropriate deck, so I'd like to request advice and assistance. The general idea was to summon a bunch of soldier tokens, buff them, defeat opponents, but I keep stumbling into cards that would be 'cool' or 'awesome' with the theme. Here are the cards I am looking at:

Legendary Cards (Potential Commanders) Akroma, Vision of Ixidor (Synergy with Odric) Baird, Steward of Argive (Good delay) Brimaz, King of Oreskos (Cheap commander that produces soldiers) Darien, King of Kjeldor (decent way of making soldiers, expensive) Keleth, Sunmane Familiar (only for partner) Lena, Selfless Champion Mikaeus, the Lunarch Nahiri, the Lithomancer Odric, Lunarch Marshal Odric, Master Tactician Prava of the Steel Legion Thalia, Heretic Cathar Trynn, Champion of Freedom

Normal Cards Abzan Falconer (synergy with Mikaeus) Adaptive Automaton (buffs soldiers) Ainok Bond-Kin (synergy with Mikaeus) Ancestral Blade (2 for a 2/2 creature seems good, especially if I can re-assign it to Auriok Steelshaper) Angel's Feather (Life gain) Angel's Grace (emergency + synergy with Darien)(Isochron Scepter) Anointed Procession (Double tokens, yes) Anointer Priest (life gain for tokens, seems good) Auriok Steelshaper (seems like good synergy with the equipment in the deck, if they're included. Otherwise, might toss this out) Aven Brigadier (Might toss this) Aysen Crusader (P/T based on soldiers? Yes please) Ballyrush Banneret (cheaper soldier spells) Basri Ket (Synergy with Abzan Falconer and Ainok Bond-Kin)(Produces Soldier Tokens) Benalish Commander (Roundabout way of producing soldiers) Bounty Agent (Neat way of dealing with certain cards) Call the Coppercoats (Produces soldiers) Captain of the Watch (Produces soldiers, buffs soldiers) Captain's Call (Produces soldiers) Catapult Master (Neat way of exiling enemy creatures) Cenn's Enlistment (produces soldiers, retrace) Commanding Presence (roundabout way of producing soldiers) Conclave Phalanx (can easily be a free creature + free life gain) Congregate (good life gain) Conqueror's Pledge (produces soldiers) Coordinated Barrage (meshes with soldiers well. Isochron Scepter) Crusader of Odric (can get really tough and powerful, might be worth cutting though) Daru Stinger (Could be really potent) Daru Warchief (cheaper spells, buffs soldiers, seems good) Dawn of Hope (good synergy with life gains, produces soldiers with lifelink) Daysquad Marshal (produces 1 soldier token, only really good with other buffs/cost reductions) Decree of Justice (mostly just to cycle it) Deploy to the Front (Great way of expanding ranks of soldiers) Devout Invocation (This is basically a win condition) Door of Destinies (buffs soldiers) Elspeth Tirel (makes soldiers, gain life, emergency nuke) Elspeth, Knight-Errant (makes soldiers, indestructable emblem) Elspeth, Sun's Champion (produces soldiers, cool emblem) Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis (makes soldiers or gain life, neat concept) Enlistment Officer (Good way of thinning the deck) Entrapment Maneuver (produces soldiers while protecting yourself, smidge situational) Erase (cheap removal. Isochron Scepter) Evangel of Heliod (produces soldiers, potential for lots of soldiers) Even the Odds (Nice way of getting emergency troops) Fairgrounds Warden (cool removal) Field Marshal (buffs soldiers) Fiend Binder (cool removal) Finale of Glory (basically a win condition) First Response (Nice way of benefitting from small attackers, I think) Garrison Cat (produces 1 soldier token, effectively replacing itself, might be worth cutting) Gideon, Ally of Zendikar (only really here for the emblem and possibly getting buffed on attacks) Gift of Estates (Land is always a problem for me, good deck thinning) Glorious Anthem (buff) God-Favored General (produces soldiers, albeit a bit expensive) Haazda Marshal (neat soldier producer, makes lifelink soldiers) Hero of Bladehold (battlecry + soldier producer, great with Haazda Marshal) Holy Day (defensive spell, Isochron Scepter) Honor of the Pure (buff) Hunted Witness (replaces itself with a soldier, cheap, might cut though) Intangible Virtue (buffs tokens) Intrepid Hero (Great removal, lots of great memories, nostalgic for me, etc) Isochron Scepter (Keep using certain Instants as needed) Join the Ranks (a bit expensive but makes soldiers) Journey to Nowhere (removal) Keeper of the Accord (really cool card, definitely helps with soldiers and lands) Knight-Captain of Eos (basically a holy day by sacrificing a soldier, seems really good) Land Tax (Land is always a problem) Launch the Fleet (produces soldiers, great with Odric, Haazda Marshal, Hero of Bladehold, Brimaz, etc) Leyline of the Meek (Neat little buff) Lieutenants of the Guard (neat mechanic, might cut) Loxodon Partisan (battlecry, might cut) Loyal Sentry (neat concept, cheap) Makeshift Battalion (diet battlecry) Marble Diamond (might be good) Marshal's Anthem (neat card, might be beneficial in a pinch) Martial Coup (great removal + producing soldiers) Mentor of the Meek (card draw from soldiers) Militia Bugler (decent deck-thinning, might cut since its only top four) Militia's Pride (produces soldiers, lots of good synergy) Mobilization (decent buff, built-in soldier producer, tad expensive) Mother of Runes (utility, might cut) Murder Investigation (neat little way of producing soldiers, depends) Ninth Bridge Patrol (neat way of benefitting from tokens getting destroyed) Nomads' Assembly (huge potential) Oath of Lieges (Land is always a problem) Oathsworn Giant (expensive, but decent buff) Oblivion Ring (Removal) Omen of the Sun (produces soldiers, little life gain, scry later, flash, generally good) Palace Guard (cool card) Paragon of New Dawns (buffs soldiers) Path to Exile (Removal) Patrol Signaler (roundabout way of producing soldiers, might cut) Pay No Heed (cheap defense, Isochron Scepter) Pearl Medallion (cheaper spells is always better) Pennon Blade (make something huge, kinda expensive though, might cut) Phantom General (buffs tokens) Precinct Captain (cheap, produces soldiers for attacking, decent synergy) Preeminent Captain (free cast, depending upon circumstances, decent synergy) Proper Burial (decent life gain) Raise the Alarm (cheap soldiers, Isochron Scepter) Ranger of Eos (only useful if I have a lot of cheap creatures) Reborn Hero (neat concept, can bring it back) Rebuff the Wicked (neat counter) Recruit the Worthy (cheap soldiers, Isochron Scepter) Recruiter of the Guard (decent search) Remember the Fallen (might cut, decent card) Resurrection (decent way of bringing back an expensive creature) Return to the Ranks (potentially free method of bringing cards back) Reverent Hoplite (potentially lots of soldiers) Rhox Pikemaster (Decent buff) Righteous Cause (Decent buff, tad expensive) Riot Control (neat life gain, defense) Rootborn Defenses (defense, makes a soldier, neat) Safe Passage (defense) Selfless Squire (interesting utility, might cut) Sergeant-at-Arms (can create soldiers, seems expensive though) Shielded Passage (neat little defense, Isochron Scepter) Sol Ring (obvious reasons) Soul Parry (decent defense, Isochron Scepter) Soul Snare (neat way to keep up devotion + have something on hand to deal with a creature) Soulmender (cheap creature, life gain, might cut) Standing Troops (decent card, might cut) Stormfront Riders (expensive way of producing soldiers, flying, might cut) Strata Scythe (make something huge, might cut) Strength of Arms (decent way of making soldiers, Isochron Scepter) Sword of the Meek (decent way of bringing it back from graveyard, might cut though) Sworn Companions (lifelink soldiers) Terminus (nice clutch card) Thraben Standard Bearer (cheap soldier, can be good for creating defenders in a pinch) Timely Reinforcements (neat for emergencies) True Conviction (huge buff) Unified Strike (exile based on number of soldiers, isochron scepter) Unruly Mob (might cut) Valor (easy way to get first strike) Veteran Armorer (buff, might cut) Veteran Armorsmith (buff, might cut) Veteran Swordsmith (buff, might cut) Veteran's Armaments (decent synergy, might cut) War Report (good life gain) Wing Shards (neat card, might cut) Worship (synergizes with Darien)

Lands Drifting Meadow (cycling) Emeria, The Sky Ruin (awesome card if I can get 7 plains) Karoo (neat little card, not sure if worth it) 28x Plains New Benalia (neat card, not sure if worth it) Nykthos, Shrine of Nyx (white deck, probably a good call) Secluded Steppe (cycling)

Thank you for your time and attention.

eyes2sky on Meow Mix: CMC 1.30

3 years ago

naxxGlad you like, thanks for the+1. Good idea on Unified Strike, will put on side-board for now.

KingMathoro on

4 years ago

Hey if you don't mind I have some questions and suggestions for you. I love soldiers and have a deck of them as well! So I think this deck would see a lot of help from both Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Elspeth, Sun's Champion. Gideon can ult immediately and Elspeth makes a bunch of tokens. Other cards that would work here are spot removal cards like Journey to Nowhere and Disenchant, Path to Exile,Oblivion Ring, Unified Strike I think they do more than Argentum Armor because it takes so long to get use out of it. And maybe a Wrath of God or the like as well. Some other creatures that would work well if interested are Elite Vanguard, Preeminent Captain, Precinct Captain, Mentor of the Meek, Veteran Swordsmith, and Veteran Armorsmith I do think that since you only have five equipments as well that Auriok Steelshaper seems underwhelming here. Anointed Procession and Mobilization are also great here as well. The main questions I have are, is budget an issue at all and what is your meta like and also how is the deck performing? Because knowing that could change the above quite drastically. What do you think?

sonnet666 on Which has more support in …

4 years ago

Friendly reminder that you don't need to pick one over the other.

The best anthems in the format either aren't creature specific: Crescendo of War, Cathars' Crusade, Archangel of Strife, Archangel of Thune, Eldrazi Monument, Jazal Goldmane, and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, or don't mention one type over another: Coat of Arms, so there's no reason all your tokens need to be of the same type. (Before anyone says it, it does not matter that some of those buff your opponents' creatures. The fact that you are going to have so many more creatures than them will negate any advantage they might stand to receive.)

If you're planning on going wide, Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer is without a doubt the best choice as commander, although Adriana, Captain of the Guard can be solid if you don't want to build into artfacts and usually play with 4 or more people.

As far as Soldiers or Warriors as a tribe, building tribal decks is much less an issue of how many good creatures there are of that tribe, and more about how many cards give you bonuses for sticking to that tribe and including a lot of creatures of that type. In this respect it's much more useful to search though all the cards that mention that type in their text box, rather than looking though all the creatures that are that type.

Soldiers: Gather Search (106 cards, 96 in Boros colors)

Warriors: Gather Search (90 cards, 39 in Boros colors)

Just looking at those numbers, it's easy to see that Soldiers are more supported than Warriors, and especially so in red and white. To break it down further, lets check how many of those cards have effects that are relevant is commander (i.e. generate card advantage, scale well in multiplayer, are cost efficient, and/or allow you to cast spells more efficiently.) Specifically, I'm looking for effects that reward you for playing Soldiers or Warriors, rather than cards that just make them like Assemble the Legion, which can go in any deck.


Here we have, 2 cost reducers, 4 anthem effects, 1 cheater, 2 removal spells, and a sword. Kind of mediocre actually, the anthem effects are outclassed by what I listed above, and only Catapult Master, Preeminent Captain, and Unified Strike really require you to build heavily into their tribe.



Here we have, 1 sac outlet / life drainer, 2 evasion effects (probably better options for this, Cover of Darkness for example), 1 cost reducer, 1 (meh) haste granter, and 3 anthem effects. Clearly, Warriors are the less supported tribe here.

To sum up: Soldiers have more support than Warriors, especially in Boros; there's no reason to stick to one over the other; don't go nuts trying to force a theme if there's no reward for it.

AceDallenbach on Odric's Soldiers

4 years ago

Update Okay guys so I have been slowly been making improvements to the deck over the last couple of weeks and I have made some changes to the deck that are noteworthy. I am going to go over them in detail of why I made the changes that I did since it is actually a lot of improvements. I think it's important to note that some of these changes are not all necessarily budget changes so do keep that in mind if you are planning on building this deck and you are on a budget.

I rotated out Phalanx Leader for Thalia's Lieutenant. While I really like Phalanx Leader, the deck currently only has 9 cards that can trigger it's heroic. It once was more consistent in the deck when I was running more aura enchantments however over time I have found myself leaning towards equipment as a more effective means of powering up creatures because of their re-usability.

I replaced Open the Armory for Enlightened Tutor. While Open the Armory is still a fantastic card in this deck especially if you are on a budget it still costs when Enlightened Tutor is only one and has the added bonus of being instant speed. All around it is a superior card, but it does come with a higher price tag.

I replaced Dictate of Heliod for Obelisk of Urd. I am still play-testing this change but the thought behind it should be pretty obvious while Dictate of Heliod's effect is very powerful in this deck, not to mention it has synergy with Ethereal Armor, Obelisk of Urd seems like it can be played for much cheaper and faster.

Favored Hoplite for Selfless Squire. Just like with Phalanx Leader, the deck simply is lacking the means to trigger heroic. More often then naught there was little benefit to having him in the deck besides him being cheap to play and the added bonus of being another solider. Selfless Squire is fresh out of the new Commander 2016 block and while it's much more expensive than the hoplite it "in theroy" provides the deck with a means to prevent damage and net us a powerful creature all at instant speed. I am currently still play testing this card but I think its safe to assume that it will remain in the deck. Currently the card isn't expensive at all price so if this card appeals to you it shouldn't cost you more a couple dollars.

Timely Reinforcements for Entrapment Maneuver

I replaced Basilisk Collar for Konda's Banner. These cards fill completely different roles in this deck but my reasoning is simple. Konda's Banner is an anthem effect that needs to target a legendary creature and while that isn't necessarily hard to do in this deck it still limits its use somewhat and there are plenty of other anthem effects already in the deck that don't require equipping for the anthem to take effect. In the end the card felt a little redundant and Basilisk Collar can give the deck so much more power and much needed life gain especially if the Marshall is in play.

Finally Unified Strike for Land Tax. Again these cards fill different roles, Unified Strike is great for flavor and there are times where it will provide useful spot removal, however when compared to the power of Land Tax there really is no question which is the better choice. This card makes sure we never miss a land drop again and eventually gives us the added bonus of helping us filter out the land out of our deck preventing us from getting dead draws in the later turns. This is another pricey option but if you can afford it I highly recommend this is one of the first cards to start with.

AShadyZebra on EDH Soldiers

5 years ago

Here are some cards you might want to consider adding to your deck:

Captain of the Watch, Daru Warchief, Field Marshal, Abzan Battle Priest, Abzan Falconer, Door of Destinies, Obelisk of Urd, Ainok Bond-Kin, and Intangible Virtue. These cards will turn your 1/1 weenies into beefy meatsticks with first strike, vigilance, and lifelink

Some cards that add utility to your deck while still being soldiers are: Ballyrush Banneret, Gideon's Lawkeeper, Goldmeadow Harrier, Elite Scaleguard, Catapult Master, Mentor of the Meek, Court Street Denizen, Unified Strike, and Eldrazi Monument (The last two may not be soldiers, but they're useful either way).

Finally, some cards that give you soldier tokens for you to play with are: Raise the Alarm , Captain's Call, Timely Reinforcements, Launch the Fleet, Benalish Commander, Deploy to the Front, Murder Investigation, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Conqueror's Pledge, and Forbidding Watchtower (There are some others, but I don't remember them). Launch the Fleet and Deploy to the Front are particularly strong in EDH due to how long the game lasts.

Good luck building your deck, I wish you success.

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