Cesar-"So you dare to raid us"

Brian-"To what sir?"

Cesar-"Strike him centurion very roughly!"


Centurion-"Oh and throw him to the floor again sir?"


Centurion-"Throw him to the floor again sir?"

Cesar-"OH yes throw him to the floor please"

Centurion proceeds to throw Brian to the floor  

This is our goal, to strike our opponents very roughly, who dares to raid us. Using an army of soldiers, we shall overrun our opponents.

No combos, infinite combos, or funky wincons needed. Our goal is simple, overrun our enemies with an mob of soldiers, numbers is our goal. Our commanders and captains like Captain of the Watch, Field Marshal, Daru Warchief, and Rick, Steadfast Leader and many others are our bread and butter, they are our source of damage, and buffs and are essential to our victory. While a second goal is to give everyone else protection, and static abilities using other soldiers like Odric, Lunarch Marshal, General's Enforcer, and Rick, Steadfast Leader. Spells are a bonus, our goal is to buff, protect, and get creatures back from the graveyard, as much as possible knowing that board wipes are something that we wish to avoid at all costs.

Now plans don't always go as you want them to, so that is why reinforcements are needed or token soldiers, we shall Assemble the Legion, Call the Coppercoats, and start the March of the Multitudes so that we may be able keep up with our opponents, not with strength but pure numbers alone and if they survive I could buff them with Inspiring Leader, and soldiers like Captain of the Watch of course. This is how we recover, from board wipes or keep up when creatures are not available.

The pros It is how simple it is there is not a lot to think about or to do, play a lot of creatures, attack. Also it is easy to modify, you can change this deck in anyway you see fit, that is the fun of Kenrith, the Returned King, however the current build is pricey this is mainly because of the lands, I was rather lazy in finding good budget lands to add, so I made a somewhat "budget version" that you can check out Your politics bore me(budget kind of).

I believe that this deck is fun too, you don't need to worry about drawing for a certain card, or someone Counterspell you wincon card, all you do is play creatures and have fun messing around with different equipment's, enchantments, and other fun combos, and you can change it up anyway you so feel.

Currently this is still a pricey deck even with the "budget" version I'm pretty sure no one wants to spend 500 dollars, or 5k on a very simple deck, so watch out for that price, I definitely ain't made of money I have been slowly buying the cards for this deck from the budget version.

Too simplistic. Easy to use can also mean easy to counter, a good board wipe and we are basically done, the recovery is long, and difficult and in some of my play test one good board wipe usually means the end for me, I will probably add a good graveyard recovery because I already have enough counterspells that or good protection.


This is motivation for you...that's right you to give suggestion, or an upvote if you so feel. I could always use suggestions, or help on this deck, this is my favorite deck as of now and I wish to perfect it as much as possible.
Thanks for reading I hope you have a good day!

Now this is a pretty expensive deck, mostly because of the lands

This is the "budget" version of this deck Your politics bore me(budget kind of)

I'm new to this css formatting so sorry if this is "visual puke" I'm working on making it more appealing to the eye



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