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Playing Doomsday: The Unofficial Guide to Being a Maniac

Welcome to the Doomsday primer! This is a project which has long been in the making. We all hope that this helps players new to EDH who are looking to play Doomsday and will serve as a starting point for becoming familiar with the archetype.

Authors: reversemermaid, AlwaysSleepy

Reviewers: ShaperSavant, Dandelion_PuffballSavant, user:Neunviertel (Sigi) , Skuloth

Introduction: Show

Conceptualizing the Pile: Show

Relevant Cards: Show

Building Our First Pile! Show

Efficiency Piles: Show

Protection Piles: Show

Piling with Top as the Opener: Show

Piling with a Draw Two: Show

Piling with Two of the Following: Gush, Probe Cantrip: Show

How to Win on Turn 1! Show

Unique Piles: Show

Commander Specific Piles: Show

Blue-less Piles: Show

Story Time! Show


Alright! You made it. Can't lie here, that was long. Doomsday is a complex card. We're going to stop our discussion here. The next thing to do is now take what you've learned and dive head first into piling and playing a Doomsday deck. As you play and construct your own piles, you will learn a lot of different ways to approach piling.

Hopefully, this discussion on playing Doomsday (focused on Laboratory Maniac) provided some foundational knowledge that you can take into the format with confidence to start being able to think about what is needed for a Doomsday pile to work. You have all the tools you need, and now it's definitely time to get out there and starting piling.

"Doomsday, pass."

Your turn.

(Don't do that in game, they'll come after me.)


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i know i know its an update in forever

i wrote about doomsday with oracle cause its all different now, here is the supplement

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