Second Sunrise

Second Sunrise


Each player returns to play all artifact, creature, enchantment, and land cards that were put into his or her graveyard from play this turn.

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Limited Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Custom Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Vintage Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

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Second Sunrise Discussion

kpres on I just wanna gain life, dude

3 weeks ago

I built a Trostani deck that focused on making big tokens that I wanted to Populate. This deck instead focuses on his first ability, and you have lots of big creatures that will gain you lots of life. OK, I like that. It makes me want to rethink how I built my deck.

Maybe a few flicker-type cards would help. Stuff like Second Sunrise that protects your big creatures from wraths, but maybe not because it doesn't protect your tokens. I know there's a white spell for 3 mana that gives everything indestructible and has populate.

Trostani can go nuts if you are able to untap him, or if you are able to duplicate the number of tokens you make. Illusionist's Bracers and Doubling Season , etc.

One of the problems with my version, and I think yours might suffer from it too, is that you need about 10-ish low CMC cards that provide decent ramp at the beginning of the game. Consider replacing Mirari's Wake despite how good it is, and Zendikar Resurgent with a little creature that provides mana, or even just lands since you only have 34 lands. Something like Command Tower and Temple of the False God . I count 7 mana rocks and ramp spells with CMC <= 3

MoreSizemore on esper control for nick

1 month ago

Take Out: - Merciless Eviction exiles so that will not trigger our boy, Nev.

  • Bontu the Glorified really doesn't seem that good. You dont have a lot of creatures to sack. Sure you could get a bunch from Nev. Its too many conditions needed for Bontu.

  • Emeria's Call  Flip is not the best when it does not even give the very angels it makes, indestructible

  • Winds of Abandon for the same reasoning as Merciless Eviction

  • Mnemonic Deluge is so much mana and you do not even really have any good targets for it. It wont get you an overloaded rift, it can target a board clear but you dont need to do that multiple times

  • Court of Grace seems slow and you will almost never be the monarch probably.

Possible Includes:

Almondator87 on Rocks, rocks, and more ROCKS!!!

1 month ago

The more I think about it, the more I wanna do Armageddon + (Second Sunrise or Faith's Reward) to take all the lands away then bring them back to get triggers off Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith and nobody would be mad at the table since everything comes back so in a sense, i'm not causing any hate lol

Goblin_Guide on When gardens attack - with red

1 month ago

Some suggestions:

Depending on how long Kamahl is out, you might consider cards like Heartstone and Illusionist's Bracers.

Also, maybe replace some of your ramp with stuff like Market Festival, Wild Growth, etc. This would not only lower your curve a little and speed up your deck, but you could also get some more mileage out of my other suggestions: enchantresses. Argothian Enchantress, Mesa Enchantress, Eidolon of Blossoms, etc. These would allow you to draw a steady stream of cards.

And finally, some protection would be good so that you don't fuck yourself by getting all your lands killed -- Heroic Intervention, Eerie Interlude, and the like. Or, even better, add in my favorite two cards in white -- Faith's Reward and Second Sunrise.

DemonDragonJ on Commander Collection White

1 month ago

White is my favorite color in this game, so I naturally would be very interested in a set such as this one.

Since Worldly Tutor was reprinted in Commander Collection: Green, I believe that it is safe to presume that Enlightened Tutor shall be in the white set. I, myself, would very much like to see Righteous Aura reprinted, because, while it is not terribly expensive, it definitely needs to be reprinted in the new border style. I definitely think that either Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares will be in this set, due to their iconic status, and it would also be nice to have either a mass destruction, such as Planar Cleansing or mass revival spell, such as Second Sunrise.

Unfortunately, it is likely that both Command Tower and Sol Ring shall be in this set, since WotC will likely welcome the opportunity to give them new artwork, but I agree with plakjekaas that Arcane Signet needs to be reprinted, again, to keeps its supply high and price low. While discussing artifacts, Akroma's Memorial, Vedalken Orrery, and Book of Rass all very much needs reprints, as well, in my opinion.

rileyos on I got 99 swords but feast and famine aint one

2 months ago

Oreskos Explorer Helps get some lands into your hand if a couple of your opponents are ramping ahead of you.

Walking Atlas Helps play multiple lands per turn.

All That Glitters Buffs your creatures the more artifacts you have on the field.

Second Sunrise Returns

goldlion on Google Ghave and The Search Engine of Doom

3 months ago

Sig1L, you bet! Opposition Agent is definitely a must include, thanks for reminding me to update this. In the past I'd use Protean Hulk to grab Maralen of the Mornsong and Aven Mindcensor. Now Maralen's new boytoy is most definitely Agent. One that note, your totally right Abzkaban, it puts us one step closer to going Golgari effectively with this.

And thanks for pointing that out about Recruiter. Old me missed that and new me needs to update this!

Winds of Abandon is a wicked include! Nice, Abzkaban. Flicker effects or things like Second Sunrise are effective ways to get the etbs to finish things off. Also, Ghave's built in sac ability has played a strong role in games as well. I'm going to get back to playtesting this as Abzan a little more to see if it's worth keeping the extra color.

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