Skyline Cascade


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Limited Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Common

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Skyline Cascade


Skyline Cascade enters the battlefield tapped.

When Skyline Cascade enters the battlefield, target creature an opponent controls doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.

: Add to your mana pool.

Skyline Cascade Discussion

Goofydat on Gideon's Prison

1 month ago

I would switch out some islands with Skyline Cascade . Authority of the Consuls would be killer in your deck and Seal Away and Nahiri, Storm of Stone might be okay. Bond of Discipline is also cool.

Flooremoji on Gattison

6 months ago

Are you planning on making any more Dork Ritual articles? They were fun!

I liked your last one, but you didn't mention Skyline Cascade , the card that enables sultai land prison in pauper :O.

HalbrechtHalbrecht on Instant Speed Tribal (<$100 BUDGET)

8 months ago

Both this and the upgraded list are so cool! I was actually just thinking last night that it would be fun to build a 100% reactive deck — everything at instant speed. No kidding, exact thought. And then I just happened to see your decks in the "Top" tab on the T/O homepage. :D

Some other budget lands that might be useful:

  • Lonely Sandbar / Secluded Steppe — It's another land when you need it, but card draw when you need that more
  • Halimar Depths — This deck runs a lot of card draw, so this effect might be unnecessary, but maybe worth considering for setting up your draws
  • Skyline Cascade — Just a utility land to slow down a more worrisome opponent when you don't have any bounce available to you
  • Ash Barrens — I actually like this card better than Evolving / Terramorphic , because when you use it's Cycling ability, the net result is the same as the fetches, but you also have the option of playing it as an untapped colorless source if you really just need that one extra mana

HalbrechtHalbrecht on Pauper boi

8 months ago

Tweaks to Lands

The most important thing to change first is the mana base. You might be able to get away with less than 24 lands ultimately, maybe 23 or even 22 if you lower your mana curve, but I'd start with the default of 24 and tweak from there.

In addition to adding lands, switch out the 4x Azorius Guildgate for Tranquil Cove — it's strictly better because of the lifegain.

You might also consider more mana fixing than a single dual playset, such as fetchlands ( Evolving Wilds ) or Ash Barrens . There's also Azorius Chancery . Since you run so many creatures, you might also be able to benefit from Holdout Settlement .

Other than mana-fixing, some people also like cycling lands, as they can help you draw more useful cards when you get mana-flooded (like Lonely Sandbar and Secluded Steppe ). For control decks, Halimar Depths is a useful way to set up your draws. You can opt for incidental lifegain on lands like Kabira Crossroads , but I'd honestly stick with basic Plains, because you don't want too many lands that enter tapped.

I noticed that more than one of your cards had an effect like "target creature an opponent controls doesn’t untap during its controller’s next untap step". If you wanted to focus you deck on that type of strategy, you could consider Skyline Cascade .

Possible Cuts

So what to cut to make room for 8 more lands?

I'd cut most of the creatures that are considered "vanilla" or "French vanilla", i.e. have no abilities or only basic keyword abilities like Flying or Lifelink. You want as many of your creatures as possible to DO something other than just being a warm body. So:

-1 Concordia Pegasus
-1 Coral Commando
-1 Daybreak Chaplain
-1 Humongulus (also, you want 5+ mana spells to have more of an impact than this)
-1 Knight of the Tusk (same deal as with Humongulus)
-1 Mesa Unicorn
-1 Sky Ruin Drake (same deal as with Humongulus)
-1 Talon Trooper

You could also considering cutting Sunspring Expedition , since effects that solely grant lifegain are generally considered not worth running (incidental lifegain, on the other hand, can be great).

I'd also consider cutting Nimbus Wings , since most of your creatures already have flying.

Game Plan

After making some of the above cuts and additions, really what you want to think about is what is your deck trying to DO. You want to have a unified strategy.

For instance, right now you have creatures like Civic Stalwart , Haazda Officer , Pegasus Courser , and Vedalken Mesmerist that want you to be on the offensive. But you also have creatures with low power / high toughness (several of the ones I suggested you cut, actually), Syndicate Messenger (which makes for a great blocker), and Wall of Mist that want your deck to be defensive.

A couple cards can swing both ways — AEther Adept and Chillbringer can either clear the board for your attacks, or they can slow down your opponent defensively.

I think before we can make further suggestions, you'll need to better nail down the direction you want to take the deck — offensive flyers? high-toughness blockers and other stalling techniques to get to your win-con?

zellss on Izzet a burn deck?

11 months ago


Good suggestions, but I had considered most of them. This deck has been turned into a draw value deck rather than a cast instant/sorcery deck.

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius has to be paid into to go off.

Talrand, Sky Summoner is too subject to removal. I had Murmuring Mystic in here, but removed him when I strayed from the casting. I would also not consider Thermo-Alchemist for this reason. I had Firebrand Archer in here, but also took her out for the same reason as Murmuring Mystic.

I will have to see if I have a Lightning Bolt. My instants/sorceries are based off of what I had on hand. This is the same for my land base. I did not think of Halimar Depths, but I don't think reordering the top three once is worth a land that enters tapped. Same with Skyline Cascade being a one time trigger.

I might put more mana rocks in, but I would have to find something to cut.

Gattison on Izzet a burn deck?

1 year ago

Got a few quick and easy suggestions for ya.

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
Talrand, Sky Summoner
Lightning Bolt
Halimar Depths
Skyline Cascade
Scalding Tarn
Firebrand Archer
Izzet Locket
Izzet Cluestone
And finally, you could look into "wheel" effects, such as Wheel of Fortune for even more draw.

A lot of these are obvious upgrades you're probably already aware of, but maybe not. =)

Loreshadow on Best MTG Block/Set in the ...

1 year ago

DTK for Living Lore and Mirror Mockery.

But overall Block would have to go to BFZ for Awaken, Surge, and Landfall all in one. Those three keywords combo well with cards like Skyline Cascade turning Lands into free reuseable spells when you have Slab Hammer in the mix. Locking down a Red Aggro deck with Skyline Cascade and Rush of Ice is pretty hilarious. But, so is 0 mana artifacts and Surge. Overwhelming Denial was a huge help in facing off against Esper decks, of which there were many. Good time for Esper.

The Eldrazi were done very well and had some nice counter spells. Using counterspells to add mana was pretty awesome. So was using countered cards in exile as fuel to return those same counterspells for reuse. It wasn't too bad a time for mono-blue, a lot of interesting interactions.

Using several of them to build in Modern now. Seems like BFZ makes up half of all my Modern deck ideas. Counter spells didn't make the cut though.

Some of the new sets are really pushing things though with cards like Spell Swindle further turning counters into rewarding ramps. Though I wish Surge and Rebound were in a single Block instead of seperated between DTK and BFZ. Both keywords are a little limited but would work so well together. Preferably without having to use 2-3 colours just to access enough cards or favouring Blue/White and Blue/Red respecticely. Would like to see all colours be able to use Rebound to power their Surge spells, particularly in Mono decks.

That would become my favourite Block.

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Skyline Cascade occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%