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Neera Wild Mage Copy Deck

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This decks' identity is built around getting major value from Neera, Wild Mage triggers, hopefully from the largest spells and creatures there are various interactions throughout my deck that will hopefully aid in getting semi-consistent hits. If you have any suggestions for combo play, or if you just know the perfect card for the deck, all recommendations are welcome.

-- Card interactions and Purpose --

Card Fixers and Draw

  • Brainstone, Brainstorm, Sensei's Divining Top, Ponder - All of these cards both draw and can aid in rigging my deck for a juicy Neera trigger, popping Brainstorm right before my turn can allow for a 3x top deck set up for Neera, or can even allow me to take a missed large spell from my hand, and rig it to be under my first draw in my library. This enables me to setup for strong creatures, or at least know what could potentially be coming down the pipeline. All of these cards will mainly work for the purpose of setting my library.

  • Mystical Tutor, Rhystic Study, Jori En, Ruin Diver, Gamble - These Cards are more for strictly gaining a draw advantage over my opponents, while Mystical Tutor and Gamble are tutors for any spells I may need access to.

Combo and Synergy Spells

  • Displacer Kitten - Displacer Kittens' purpose is to take advantage of Neera, Wild Mage's ability. This works because when the first noncreature spell is played, both Kitten and Neera trigger. If you trigger Displacer Kitten first, it causes Neera to flicker. When you do this, the original Neera ability will trigger, when you play the spell that was revealed from her original ability, the now flickered Neera will trigger. If you continue to tuck noncreature spells, you can loop this flicker indefinitely. Of course the downside to it is that running into any creatures will prevent more triggers, still though, the potential for hitting a good spell increases significantly, and none of the cards have to be discarded either. More importantly, this strategy can be used to "cast" large amounts of cards to trigger Storm effects.

  • Isochron Scepter - Isochron Scepter is a good cover option for a variety of low cost spells in the deck (Ponder, Brainstorm, Mystical Tutor, Reverberate, Mana Drain). This isn't its' only purpose however, it also can trigger Neeras' ability, and it allows you to "tuck" the spell you played from Isochron Scepter, providing a reliable trigger every turn. (depending on the imprint)

  • Mirror Box, Mirror Gallery - Not too much too say, mirrors allow me to bypass the Legend rule, with some added bonus to Mirror Box giving +1/+1 counters to copied legendaries. Doing this enables me to create copies of large creatures that I put out, or more critically, allow me to create copies of Neera.


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