Creature — Human Shaman

Whenever another creature dies (is put into a graveyard from the battlefield), you may gain 1 life.

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Deathgreeter Discussion

time_master on Retro Sorin & The Elderspell | Oathbreaker

10 months ago

Here are some ideas.

Deathgreeter is a good card to utilize. It works really well in a sac-engine type deck.

Another card you could add is Falkenrath Noble. It only says target, but when someone has to sac a creature, the added bonus of losing life is infuriating.

Personally, I would add Scholar of Athreos. It seems a little expensive, but it works so well in a life-gain deck. It might not be exactly what you're looking for, but it would still synergize really well.

KibaAlpha on Teysa & the Aristocrats

10 months ago

Any particular reason for no Vindictive Vampire?

Erebos, God of the Dead and Greed are nice card draw engines on your terms and Erebos stops your opponents from gaining life.

If you want a bit more life gain I suggest Deathgreeter.

Kiran_M on Blight Sisters

11 months ago

I play Sisters in Modern, and while there are some differences I can honestly say that you need some better payoffs. While Blight-Priest can work in the long game, Sisters functions better as an aggro deck, and cards that fill s similar role to Ajani's Pridemate should be included. While I know PM is not Pauper legal, you might consider doing a Scryfall search for some lifegain payoffs that like to smash face. Also, consider Deathgreeter in the sideboard against removal-heavy decks.

rjife on

11 months ago

I wouldn't cling to Cling to Dust. A card like Deathgreeter will probably gain you more life over the course of the game and works well with many of the cards in this deck.

Optimator on Blood Diamonds

11 months ago

Thanks for the advice, ThoAlmighty!! This deck is one of my new decks built almost entirely out of cards on-hand. I bought the Venser's Journal, Gilded Lotus, and kind of bought the Torment of Hailfire and Exsanguinate for it and had the rest of the good (and bad) cards already in my collection in need of a home. As such, plenty of the card choices are not ideal or optimized. In a sense, this is a budget deck not looking for big-time upgrades yet. I'm aware that Deathgreeter and Falkenrath Noble don't synergize with my deck at all but they are just incidental lifegain and as early-game blockers. Definitely filler for now. Deathgreeter might have enough utility (in my meta) for his cost to stick around until I get something great for lifegain, such as Twilight Prophet or Exquisite Blood etc. I was thinking about replacing the noble with Ivory Tower since it's old and janky and one of those "works almost nowhere except this commander" cards. I want to play more games and see how important lifegain ends up being to me. Some decks run a shitload and some run almost none.

I've played five games now and in the three games where I played Ambition's Cost and/or Ancient Craving they have worked out. Ideally they smooth out my mid-game and draw me into more lands, ramp, and answers/removal to get up to Vilis. So far they have done so. I also don't have a ton of free-life-payment cards like Doom Whisperer so they serve as passable refueling for Vilis. More games will surely give me insight but for now I like them.

So far the ramp has worked out all right but I had an eye to add more already. I have twelve pieces (13 if you count Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx... oh to have a Cabal Coffers too!! Just gotta wait for Commander Legends). I usually have 7-10 in my decks so this is still feels like a good, high amount. I used to have Bubbling Muck and Dark Ritual in the ~105-card prototype but they were late cuts, reducing my overall ramp-card count without replacement. Five games isn't a huge sample size, to be sure, so I'm gonna feel it out some more before I make swaps. I would definitely add Thought Vessel as an early upgrade. I was also thinking of swapping the Leaden Myr for a mana rock that doesn't die to all my wraths.

Thanks again for your comments!

ThoAlmighty on Blood Diamonds

11 months ago

To be honest, I'm not much of a fan of Ancient Craving or Ambition's Cost. They're nice to refuel after you play Vilis but otherwise aren't worth the cost imo. Falkenrath Aristocrat and Deathgreeter don't seem to have the support to be very impactful either, and I imagine you could use more rocks. Charcoal Diamond and Jet Medallion seem like good inclusions from your maybeboard. Speaking of, Lord of the Void and Twilight Prophet are also sweet cards that you might want to swap in; if you can get them to stick they're both terrific.

Snips500 on Soul Sisters Machine Gun - Pauper (Update Friday!)

1 year ago

I feel like this is one card away from an infinite combo. Something that says when an opponent loses life you can that much or something. But I don't think a card like that exists at common. But a suggestion for you would be Deathgreeter. The thing that I noticed though is that you have a lot of ways to gain/drain life but no way of making the creatures necessary to do that though. Something to consider would be creatures that when they enter or die makes a token. Something like Doomed Dissenter or cards with afterlife. Although the only playable creature with afterlife is Imperious Oligarch. Other creature that might be good: Doomed Traveler, Lazotep Reaver, Wakedancer, Fourth Bridge Prowler, Fume Spitter, Dusk Legion Zealot.

I would probably cut Epicure of Blood, five mana is just too much, and I would go down to at most 2 Suture Priest. I would even go as far and say cut him because you want more creatures like the ones listed above, this is because you don't really need 12 copies of that effect even if he does a bit more. The main thing this deck wants to do is play out creatures that gain u life which in turn will damage your opponent.

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