Been playing casually on and off for 24 years. With large many year sabaticles. 2 main phases. Around 1999-2001. Started playing in high-school in the golden olden days. Lunch hours, free periods, at friends houses.

Didn't play again for many years due to moving, different friend groups and hobbies. But still had all my cards.

Got back into around 2017-2019 when a coworker brought cards in to work. Started playing lunch time games with a few people. Bought a bunch of new cards,(adult money now) but still mostly second hand. A few specific card purchases for decks.

Then the co-workers transfered. Lost people to play with. Boxed up the cards once again.

Have some newer friends that have got me back into it again recently. I have lots of free time at my new job, so I've been sorting, organizing and pouring over all my old OLD cards and my older cards from a few years ago.

Learning about a lot of cards I didn't really know about. And starting to make some new decks, testing and pushing myself to try things I've never really done.
Trying to get away from my old regular play/decks styles. Having a lot of fun with it so far.

I've never really played proper commander and my friends want to play that. So that's my first focus.

Trying not to get back into spending a bunch of money on piles of new cards. Might end up buying some specific cards for improving decks here and there, but I will be mostly just trying to use stuff from my boxes of old inventory. So anything I do by buy will be rather budget.

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