So I've been wanting to make a squirrel deck for some time now. When Chatterfang, Squirrel General was spoiled, I thought I would make a squirrel deck. But after a while, I didn't want to make an aristocrat style squirrel deck and that's what I felt would lean towards. So, I put it off for a while. Then Bloomburrow was spoiled, and they announced there would be squirrels. Now looking into what was released at the time, they were going to be a tribe. I already knew I didn't want to build that color combo, so I looked at the decks that I had already built and thought to myself what I did I want to build.

was a deck that I've never built before or owned before, but that is too common for tokens and as much fun as populate would be, I think it's just too common.

had gotten some token synergy love, but the issue with that is the . I. Hate. Blue. So, I scrapped that from the get-go.

I could have gone with any tri or even four color decks, but I already have several Naya decks and mana bases for tri and higher decks tend to be pricey. So I scrapped that.

is a color combo I know quite a bit about and it is not common for token decks. But who could be my commander? I already run a Minsc and Boo deck. And most Gruul commanders don't really care about tokens. However, as of building this deck, I have yet to make a partner commander deck. So I looked at that first, but then thought, I have yet to use a background and there just so happens to be a squirrel background. So, that was my answer. I would just have to pick a fun red legendary that lets me pick a background.

At first I thought about running Baeloth Barrityl, Entertainer, but the deck would need to boost his power so to goad stronger creatures. Then I remember that my favorite Baldur's Gate 3 character (and game crush) has a magic card; so entered Karlach, Fury of Avernus.




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CARDS ARE ORDERED! REPEAT! CARDS ARE ORDERED! >.> $367.33 and five packages later.... I did also order five cards for my hydra deck and a better art version of Karlach (I have the old DnD book style and I don't like how she looks in it), so the amount I spent is a bit off. I did not buy the secret lair as the cards in it did not justify the price. Maybe if the deck preforms, I will start to upgrade to cool arts and promos. Till then, Gishath will be my pimped out deck.

Now to wait till they arrive and the sleeve arrive to test this baby out. :D


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