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rockleemyhero's Binder


*Currently selling cards, almost everything you see here is for sale. Please ask if you are interested, I will generally offer you a better deal than any online site (channelfireball, SCG, TCG player, etc).

current priorities in order:Timetwister, Intuition, Loyal Retainers


Also looking to foil out my prized rafiq deck. (although I will not trade staples for lower value foils)

My standard trade rules of thumb:

  • I will not undertrade anything that's $25+
  • I have mostly EDH wants. That being said, please do not offer me your EDH cards for my moder. /legacy staples.
  • Reserved cards will only be traded for other reserved cards
  • Please do not offer a trade for a fetch or shock land that does not include one on your side

Other notes:-Wanderwine Prophets is in russian and NM

Special shout out to TheAnnihilator and his awesome work he did on my Rafiq of the Many! I highly recommend his alters- a true artist who works the fine details of his craft. So many thanks to him!

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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