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Please make sure you understand the Guidelines to Trading

rockleemyhero's Binder


*Currently selling cards, almost everything you see here is for sale. Please ask if you are interested, I will sell at 10% under TCG low!

*highest priority are revised dual lands and chalice of the void!


I have plenty of swamp, plains, and forest ZEN full art lands if you are interested!

My standard trade rules of thumb:

  • I will not undertrade anything that's $25+; If you want a modern or legacy staple, I will ask for one of similar value in return

  • Reserved cards will only be traded for other reserved cards

  • Please do not offer a trade for a fetch or shock land that does not include one on your side

  • For non restricted list cards, I'm always happy to trade for value lands and what not if you dont have anything on my wants list.

Special shout out to TheAnnihilator and his awesome work he did on my Rafiq of the Many! I highly recommend his alters- a true artist who works the fine details of his craft. So many thanks to him!

jecder is a fantastic trader and would highly recommend working with them!

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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-2 Recruiter of the Guard want
-1 Rishadan Port want