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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Llanowar Elves Kwende, Pride of Femeref Skirk Prospector Kwende, Pride of Femeref Fire Elemental Firefist Adept Aesthir Glider Syncopate
1 - 2 Juggernaut Fire Elemental Verdant Force Helm of the Host Yawgmoth's Vile Offering Territorial Allosaurus Yavimaya Sapherd Two-Headed Giant
1 - 3 Gruun, the Lonely King Cast Down Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle Arvad the Cursed Gruun, the Lonely King Cast Down Seal Away Hinterland Harbor
1 - 4 Opt Wizard's Lightning Torgaar, Famine Incarnate Call the Cavalry Tragic Poet Triumph of Gerrard Grow from the Ashes Wild Onslaught
1 - 5 Fiery Intervention Blessed Light Stronghold Confessor Call the Cavalry Merfolk Trickster Warcry Phoenix Garna, the Bloodflame Baloth Gorger
1 - 6 Mesa Unicorn Wizard's Retort Llanowar Scout Sergeant-at-Arms Memorial to Glory Urgoros, the Empty One Academy Journeymage Skittering Surveyor
1 - 7 Fiery Intervention Orcish Vandal Sergeant-at-Arms Windgrace Acolyte Academy Journeymage Baloth Gorger Shield of the Realm Aven Sentry
1 - 8 Thallid Omnivore Baloth Gorger Dub D'Avenant Trapper Final Parting Ghitu Lavarunner Deathbloom Thallid Vodalian Arcanist
1 - 9 Sparring Construct Gift of Growth Fungal Infection Serra Disciple Llanowar Scout Run Amok The Flame of Keld Vodalian Arcanist
1 - 10 Dub Deep Freeze Artificer's Assistant Powerstone Shard Caligo Skin-Witch Guardians of Koilos Cabal Paladin Short Sword
1 - 11 Deep Freeze Demonic Vigor Caligo Skin-Witch Excavation Elephant Vodalian Arcanist Charge Powerstone Shard Demonic Vigor
1 - 12 Feral Abomination Caligo Skin-Witch Feral Abomination Bloodtallow Candle Frenzied Rage Corrosive Ooze Keldon Raider Feral Abomination
1 - 13 Keldon Raider Ghitu Journeymage Bloodtallow Candle Rat Colony Divest Bloodtallow Candle Ghitu Journeymage Cold-Water Snapper
1 - 14 Tolarian Scholar Soul Salvage Fervent Strike Drudge Sentinel Divest Keldon Raider Feral Abomination Befuddle
1 - 15 Fervent Strike Rat Colony Cabal Evangel Memorial to War Seismic Shift Ghitu Journeymage Bloodstone Goblin Bloodstone Goblin
2 - 1 Syncopate Dauntless Bodyguard Skirk Prospector Jhoira's Familiar Serra Angel Chainer's Torment History of Benalia Skirk Prospector
2 - 2 The Mirari Conjecture Tragic Poet Siege-Gang Commander Eviscerate Isolated Chapel Elfhame Druid Tragic Poet Sage of Lat-Nam
2 - 3 Adeliz, the Cinder Wind Forest Tempest Djinn Dark Bargain Champion of the Flame Fire Elemental Tragic Poet Saproling Migration
2 - 4 Song of Freyalise Grunn, the Lonely King Saproling Migration Aven Sentry Eviscerate Settle the Score Baloth Gorger Jhoira's Familiar
2 - 5 Merfolk Trickster Grow from the Ashes Sporecrown Thallid Windgrace Acolyte Dauntless Bodyguard Urza’s Tome Time of Ice Vicious Offering
2 - 6 Sorcerer's Wand Academy Drake Garna, the Bloodflame D'Avenant Trapper Yargle, Glutton of Urborg Academy Drake Fight with Fire Saproling Migration
2 - 7 Academy Journeymage The Mirari Conjecture The Mirari Conjecture Drudge Sentinel Grow from the Ashes Jousting Lance Baloth Gorger Wizard's Retort
2 - 8 Saproling Migration Deathbloom Thallid Blessed Light Voltaic Servant Dub Shivan Fire Blink of an Eye Deathbloom Thallid
2 - 9 Blink of an Eye Cloudreader Sphinx Stronghold Confessor Caligo Skin-Witch Cloudreader Sphinx Mesa Unicorn Ghitu Lavarunner Shivan Fire
2 - 10 Thallid Omnivore Oath of Teferi Knight of New Benalia Feral Abomination Short Sword Knight of New Benalia Thallid Soothsayer Mesa Unicorn
2 - 11 Fungal Infection Dark Bargain Artificer's Assistant Benalish Honor Guard Unwind Unwind Dub Dub
2 - 12 Windgrace Acolyte Adventurous Impulse Adamant Will Healing Grace Final Parting Frenzied Rage Pierce the Sky Llanowar Envoy
2 - 13 Deep Freeze Run Amok Broken Bond Charge Cabal Paladin Dark Bargain Unwind Deep Freeze
2 - 14 Broken Bond Navigator's Compass Relic Runner Charge Befuddle Windgrace Acolyte Primordial Wurm Radiating Lightning
2 - 15 Homarid Explorer Befuddle Divest Gaea's Protector Charge Warlord's Fury Drudge Sentinel Cabal Evangel
3 - 1 Juggernaut Blackblade Reforged Forest Shalai, Voice of Plenty Opt Benalish Marshal Llanowar Elves Isolated Chapel
3 - 2 Tragic Poet The Antiquities War The Eldest Reborn Fungal Infection Opt Kwende, Pride of Femeref Jhoira's Familiar Darigaaz Reincarnated
3 - 3 Triumph of Gerrard Lingering Phantom Skittering Surveyor Blessing of Belzenlok Grand Warlord Radha Tatyova, Benthic Druid Baird, Steward of Argive Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive
3 - 4 Stronghold Confessor Time of Ice Urza’s Tome Memorial to Folly Fiery Intervention Knight of Malice Spore Swarm The Antiquities War
3 - 5 Wizard's Lightning Thallid Omnivore Firefist Adept Aven Sentry Rona, Disciple of Gix Rona, Disciple of Gix Tiana, Ship's Caretaker Baloth Gorger
3 - 6 Call the Cavalry Grow from the Ashes Blessing of Belzenlok Sergeant-at-Arms Howling Golem Call the Cavalry Fight with Fire Academy Drake
3 - 7 Valduk, Keeper of the Flame Wizard's Retort Ancient Animus Cabal Paladin Academy Drake Deathbloom Thallid Fungal Infection Baloth Gorger
3 - 8 Invoke the Divine Yavimaya Sapherd Mesa Unicorn Mesa Unicorn Damping Sphere Gift of Growth Jousting Lance Sergeant-at-Arms
3 - 9 Short Sword Mesa Unicorn Invoke the Divine Serra Disciple Fungal Infection Adamant Will Knight of New Benalia Dark Bargain
3 - 10 Ghitu Chronicler Dark Bargain Jousting Lance Bloodtallow Candle Vodalian Arcanist Adventurous Impulse Bloodtallow Candle Ghitu Chronicler
3 - 11 Charge Radiating Lightning Sparring Construct Guardians of Koilos Jousting Lance Deep Freeze Frenzied Rage Charge
3 - 12 Ghitu Journeymage Feral Abomination Demonic Vigor Powerstone Shard Llanowar Scout Vodalian Arcanist Divest Radiating Lightning
3 - 13 Soul Salvage Drudge Sentinel Keldon Raider Rat Colony Deep Freeze Arcane Flight Dub Keldon Raider
3 - 14 Navigator's Compass Homarid Explorer Tolarian Scholar Fervent Strike Relic Runner Frenzied Rage Arbor Armament Powerstone Shard
3 - 15 Healing Grace Seismic Shift Healing Grace Bloodstone Goblin Ghitu Journeymage Rampaging Cyclops Soul Salvage Cabal Evangel