Shield of the Realm

Shield of the Realm

Artifact — Equipment

If a source would deal damage to equipped creature, prevent 2 of that damage.


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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Shield of the Realm Discussion

LadyZ on

5 months ago

Some curses are better than others. I'd cut Curse of Vitality for sure, it won't really influence other people that much. Curse of Shallow Graves is pretty situational as well, and Curse of the Bloody Tome can actually help the opponent.

Navigator's Ruin i'd only run if you really want to mill, and Kaya's Ghostform won't often help as much as you like. I really don't see what Shield of the Realm wants to do here, nor Strider Harness .

I'd cut the guild lockets and replace them with the signets.

For some cards to add, i'd recommend at least looking at Bident of Thassa for card draw, Sigil of the Empty Throne , Etchings of the Chosen , Smothering Tithe , Intangible Virtue , Divine Visitation , Etherium Sculptor , Magus of the Moat , and Sphere of Safety

I can come up with some more suggestions if you like, these are just off the top of my head

OwnedbyCow on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

8 months ago

I used to have Needletooth Raptor in my deck, but I removed him for a reason that I can no longer remember. I was thinking about bringing him back into the deck already. Now that you mentioned it, I might try to put two in somewhere. I've been trying to make heavy changes to the deck as it performs well against longer battles, but aggro decks were just wrecking me. Shield of the Realm seems like the better choice as it is a permanent and could be played before I am even ready to do the combo. I will definitely consider that as an alternative. Only needing two colorless mana is another huge plus.

TheNumbers on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

8 months ago

Something you may find interesting, I have one of my decks Gruul polyraptor -Infinite combo (splinter trios?) built around the idea too but mine contains an infinite combo of the same trigger, this is due to using Shield of the Realm on Forerunner of the Empire to stop him self damaging but allowing polyraptor to still take damage and proc infinitely, one other dino I find particularly useful is Needletooth Raptor as it allows you to kill creatures fast as well as provide both aggro and a blocker, hope you take these possibilities into consideration

buckets_dewitt on Umezawa's Funky Rat Penthouse (Black/Blue)

1 year ago

Good point, since I can simply switch the Negate into the sideboard and main board in Thought Erasure . I was searching around and I saw another card that could be good, in theory, called Shield of the Realm . I'm thinking it could be good as it essentially can protect Rat Colony from Shock or other etb effects so I can turtle a little easier if I have to until I pull my win condition, but that would be more of a sideboard choice in the long run and can be a bit of an investment.

Tundrahawk on

1 year ago

Hi there!

The immediate problem I see is that you're running far too many lands. Normally a deck like this with such low card costs would be running about 22 lands, give or take.

Auras in general are pretty bad in Magic since you're setting yourself up to get 2-for-1'd by removal, and since all of your creatures also work by being equipped, I would slant more the equipment route since at least they're reusable after your creature gets killed. This creates another problem though - there's not many good equipment cards in standard currently. To remain within your low mana curve a couple you could try are Short Sword or Cobbled Wings. Marauder's Axe and Shield of the Realm are also probably usable. I still wouldn't run too many equipment, no more than maybe 4 or 5.

In my own quest to make auras work in standard, I found that On Serra's Wings was always the aura I wanted showing up. You could try a couple of those.

Novice Knight is hit or miss. I found it to be pretty good vs aggro decks but too often it was sitting there doing nothing because I'd either have no auras for it to attack with, or have better creatures to put my auras on. Dauntless Bodyguard is a pretty good replacement for it since it can attack early without an aura and if it's drawn later on it can instead be a shield for one of your other creatures.

wjfelias on Voltronium

1 year ago

Thanks for the suggestions. I think Amulet of Safekeeping and Shield of the Realm can be replaced. As for Enhanced Surveillance, is it worth it (with the amount of surveil in the deck) or do I just cut it?

I mostly play both frequently, Brawl is super popular where I'm at. I do think there's a different dynamic with 1v1 and FFA. Will let you know when I get to test this out.

clickforcookies on American Armaments (Still Living!)

1 year ago

I love this deck it is super cool. Some suggestions that might consider are Unclaimed Territory (You have all humans so this can help fix the mana for only a small price increase) Swashbuckling (let you get the best down on faster) Arcane Flight or One With the Wind (Both create flying treats) and finally the one card that I think would really help your deck out is Shield of the Realm. Forebear's Blade is a good card in this deck but I always worry about putting 6 mana into it without getting any protection. Shield of the realm lets you power something up for 3 mana and gives it a pseudo protection. I am not saying take forbear's blade out however I do think that shield of the realm might help. Thanks for making such an amazing deck!

kysg on The Untouchables

1 year ago

I think Satyr Enchanter needs to be removed. There isn't enough enchantments to take advantage of it's ability.

I think you can go 3x Ixalan's Binding and 3x Seal Away.

I think Shapers' Sanctuary is a better option than Runic Armasaur. If you do add it then it should go in your sideboard. Also consider Thrashing Brontodon

Vivien Reid is a better choice than Huatli

Shalai, Voice of Plenty should go in the main deck and you should carry 2 and at most 3.

The other enchantments like Fall of the Thran and Song of Freyalise I am unsure about, I feel like those will eat removal if they get introduced.

Shield of the Realm can be taken out of sideboard.

For sideboard I would consider adding Reclamation Sage basically a naturalize with a 1/2 body Cleansing Nova sweeper for aggro decks Sorcerous Spyglass

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