Knight of Malice


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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Knight of Malice

Creature — Human Knight

First Strike

Hexproof from white (This creature can't be the target of white spells or abilities your opponents control.)

Knight of Malice gets +1/+0 as long as any player controls a white permanent.

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Knight of Malice Discussion

djnewellmit on Re-growing Pummeler

1 hour ago

I took the updated deck with Untamed Kavu to my LGS's Standard Showdown last night and bull-dozed my way to a 4-0 victory and 1st place out of 16 competitors. I played against two notionally tier-one decks (mono-red and UW Approach) and two tier-two competitive decks (WB knights and mono-blue Djinn). The newer players were caught completely off-guard when I fired off Pummelers for the win.

First round was against mono-red. Fanatical Firebrand and Goblin Chainwhirler kept my Pummelers from doing anything. In game 1, I had a handful of Sage of Shaila's Claim and drew into two Bristling Hydra, which allowed me to stabilize against his board of 2x Soul-Scar Mage, Earthshaker Khenra, and Hazoret the Fervent. I eventually found Hadana's Climb  Flip and sent one kicked Untamed Kavu over their heads as a 12/12 flying, vigilance, trample. For Games 2 and 3, I sideboarded out 3x Electrostatic Pummeler since he had so many easy answers with burn spells, Fanatical Firebrand, and Goblin Chainwhirler. I brought in 3x Greenbelt Rampager in their place, but did not see an elephant through games 2 and 3. In game 2, the opponent got land screwed and I beat him down with a Cub, Kavu, and Hydra. He was stuck on three lands; he revealed his hand after I killed him to show his Chandra, Torch of Defiance, 2x Verix Bladewing, and 1x Glorybringer.

Second round was against a (newish) player with WB knights. The deck had a full 4x History of Benalia, but I did not see any Lyra Dawnbringer. In Game 1, he got out the combo of Knight of Grace + Knight of Malice , which made blocking very difficult. I played out several Sage of Shaila's Claim, a few other blockers, Hadana's Climb  Flip, and one Electrostatic Pummeler. I managed to survive History of Benalia's third chapter while he had 2x Benalish Marshal, 2x Knight of Grace, 1x Knight of Malice, and the two knight tokens by chump blocking everything I could to leave my Pummeler alive. I was down to 2 life and hit him on the crack back with Electrostatic Pummeler + Larger Than Life for 54 damage, which he did not see coming. Game 2 was another easy win as I matched his knights with chump blockers, and kicked a Kavu into a flipped Hadana's Climb  Flip again.

Round 3 was a good player running a mono-blue Djinn/Throne of the God-Pharaoh deck. He had a lot of 1 power flyers and unblockables, but no answer to my Pummelers. In both Games 1 and 2, I managed to field 2x Electrostatic Pummeler while holding 2x Larger Than Life. I played one Larger Than Life on each robot, then swung in with both to play around a possible Unsummon. I pumped the unblocked Pummeler for lethal.

Round 4 was a typical UW Approach running both Karn, Scion of Urza and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. The deck and player were both very good. I over-played my creatures in Game 1 as I was trying to race him landing his planeswalkers or Lyra Dawnbringer. He Fumigate'd, leaving me holding a couple Blossoming Defense but no creatures. He eventually double-Approached for the win. I sideboarded in 2x Negate to counter Approach, but I did not see Negate or Approach of the Second Sun in Games 2 or 3. In Game 2, I landed a turn 3 Cub, turn 4 Hadana's Climb, and turn 5 Hydra while playing around Censor and Syncopate and was able to kill Teferi when he played him. Flipped Hadana's Climb  Flip, and finished him off with the Cub + Hydra. Game 3 was almost identical, just replace the Cub with a Kavu.

Overall, I was surprised by the first place finish. I would have been happy with 2-2 when I saw my first opponent drop Fanatical Firebrand + Mountain . The mono-red match-up was very unlucky for my opponent, otherwise it could have easily run this deck over. The other three matches felt very fair, and my deck won by being bigger and faster than my opponents. I was drawing a good number of Blossoming Defense through out the night, saving my creatures from several Cast Out and Seal Away. Untamed Kavu worked great in the deck; I was never unhappy to see it. I played it several times on turn 2, and several times kicked. The Kavu works amazing with Hadana's Climb  Flip, especially if the Kavu was kicked. This deck does not go wide very well. The vigilance was critical in a couple games to allow me to send the Kavu to attack with pump spell backup and have it available to block as well.

Hexaflexagon on Orzhov Knights and Angels

1 day ago

Hi GMRexNihilo,

Helm of the Host. You're right, it's very expensive. But the cost is lowered using Danitha Capashen, Paragon for lowering the cost. If I can't get the required mana or don't have enough to spare, I can always Invoke the Divine it for more life.

I have been (mostly) surviving to get my top-heavy curve out. I usually use Knight of Grace, Knight of Malice and Seal Away to deal with the early game threats.

Thanks for the feedback,


xxCopperheadx on B/W Knights

5 days ago

FullmetalWes thank you! I'm glad you like the deck. I have not played this deck in paper yet but it has been doing very well playing in MTG Arena. I plan on giving it a shot in paper hopefully this weekend. The only thing I don't have in the main deck in paper is History of Benalia. I replaced it with Call the Cavalry for now. I feel like most of the time when I lose, it's just because of bad land drops. I checked out your deck and I really like the idea of Shalai, Voice of Plenty in the deck as some extra protection. I've been using it in my U/W Flash deck I've put together and it has been very good. It is a very underrated card in my opinion. I also like the synergy that Kwende, Pride of Femeref has with Knight of Grace and Knight of Malice. I'll have to give that card a try.

Hexaflexagon on Mono W Angels and Knights

1 week ago

Yea, I can see that the green and Danitha wouldn't work out for you. Have you thought about adding black? If you add black, it combos well with Knight of Grace and you can also get a Knight of Malice or 4. I'd try taking out all of your remaining Datinthas and try to put in black. Because 3/2 first strike on T3 (not summoning sick) is pretty effective and could scare your opponent.

Hexaflexagon on Mono W Angels and Knights

1 week ago

You may want to add black to your deck as it has access to more knights such as Aryel, Knight of Windgrace, Knight of Malice and Josu Vess, Lich Knight. Orzhov Knights and Angels.

Korath37 on Order of Dominaria (knights prototype)

1 week ago

Ever think of going Black? There's Aryel, Knight of Windgrace, Josu Vess, Lich Knight, and Knight of Malice

Just a Suggestion, all the Knights are playing them

Kingleil on LICHWATCH

2 weeks ago

nutrun If you have Gideon of the Trials in play, and his emblem ability has been used, and Lich's Mastery leaves play, you do not lose the game at all. The next item on the stack clears then; lets say they kill Gideon of the Trials; but if you're at positive health, you still do not lose the game. The emblem on Gideon of the Trials is permanent once activated; and is in effect as long as he is in play.

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is not the only win condition, and is really just used as a card draw unit, and buyer of time. He's not a victory condition that you want to use all the time; he's simply a spicy card that is very nice, and your entire deck/win-con does not rely on him at all. Approach of the Second Sun is a win condition, and still not the only one, again, as is Gideon of the Trials because he can just punch your opponent to death. You the entire point of this deck is to have multiple ways to win. Teferi is simply ONE way, not THE ONLY way. He's just ONE single path to victory; when there are many, many, paths with this deck. You can even bring in Lyra Dawnbringer or Knight of Malice in from the sideboard to beat your opponent to death as well as options.

Counterspells are nice, but life gain is better. Having some counterspells like Disallow is great as a taste, but Negate, Syncopate, Essence Scatter, Wizard's Retort, and Cancel all mean you do not gain life, and thus do not get the full benefit of Lich's Mastery card drawing power. Besides that, with spells like Vraska's Contempt, Seal Away, Fatal Push, Settle the Wreckage, and Fumigate board control should not be very hard. Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is simply a pet then; and a disposable asset, thus my comments like, "I've killed him and am using him." Because that's what I'm doing: using a poster child of MTG for abusive reasons.

ShadowAura on Restless Knights (DOM Only)

2 weeks ago

The only reason I'm not a fan of Tragic Poet is that it does not really progress you forward like a Knight of Grace or a Danitha Capashen, Paragon would. I say that because it takes you a whole turn to get your enchantment back if the poet survives, which is bad if you are in a dire spot. The fact that your opponent has a turn to respond to it also hurts it.

The only reason I like Knight of Grace with Knight of Malice mainboard is there is quite a bit of good black removal in standard, such as Fatal Push, Cast Down, Vicious Offering, and Eviscerate. Malice is still good because of, at least, cards like Seal Away or Gideon's Reproach.

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