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Kami of the Rising Tides (FREE Story Inside!)

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Welcome to my Kami of the Crescent moon build! To play this deck you really only need an opening hand with two land in it. After that, it will sort itself out. Seriously though, it's a very fun deck to pilot, and has a lot to offer in the way of decision making. It is somewhat in it's early stages, though the deck itself I've had for some time. It's only somewhat recently that I changed the commander to Kami. With Kami at the helm, I've really been able create the kind of Mono-Blue deck I desired. It's not an oppressive hate drawing deck. It's meant to be played largely defensively, and somewhat politically. I even wrote a little story to get you into the mood.

If you enjoy the build or the story, let me know by voting on the deck. Also, as many other users have said, "If it's good enough for a folder, it's good enough to upvote.". Thank You, and Happy Casting.

You stand at the edge of the ocean. A crescent moon glows brightly in the clear night sky. Gentle waves sparkle under the moonlight. The ocean beckons you, as far away dulcet sirens sing a song that you can't quite hear. You feel compelled to enter the surf, but there is a pit in your stomach. You look away, and see something nearly buried in the wet sand just a few steps away from you. Curious, you walk over and dig your fingers into the sand and pick up the object, then step into the ocean to rinse it off. Before you can dip your discovery into the water you see a sigiled starfish right beside your foot emitting a strange pink glow. Startled, you step back quickly in fear, dropping the object into the ocean. In the clear water, under the bright moonlight you suddenly see what you found. It's the famous lost Sapphire Medallion , and with slight trepidation, you reach into the cold water for it. As you bring it out of the water, the sapphire begins to emit a soft blue light and that pit in your stomach returns. A cold breeze turns into a howling wind as a fog bank rolls in, and you can't dismiss this feeling that you should turn and run. You try and move, but your feet have sunken into the sand, and you cannot pull them out. The more you struggle, the further you sink. The tide begins to rise, and that pit in your stomach turns to fear in your heart. Suddenly a primordial being rises from the ocean, and looking right at you, reaches out a hand in your direction. The medallion in your hand begins to shake and flies out of your hand and into the grasp of this mysterious water being. medallion in hand, the being begins to spin faster and faster until it turns into a column of water and sucks the medallion into the depths. The fog begins to clear and you see a leviathan breach the water. It doesn't so much jump out of the water as it flies across a great distance before crashing violently back into the ocean. The beast crashes into the water so hard, that a great wave forms, heading your way. The wave grows to massive proportions as it heads your way. You struggle to free yourself from the sand, but its of no use. You take the deepest breath you've ever taken in your life as the torrent of water crashes over you, ripping you free from the earth. You tumble end over end, under meters of crashing waves, unable to tell which way is up. There is a brief calm in the roil followed by a sudden pull back into the ocean. As the great wave recedes, it pulls you far out into the ocean. At the surface, treading water, you look about frantically. In the distance you see the faint glimmer of a tall tower. Suddenly, the water begins to rise beneath you and you find yourself on the top of a mountain of water. You dunk your head into the water, and see a monster of the deep coming towards you, it's mouth wide open. You begin to try and swim, but the monster has you in it's mouth, still rising at great speed as it breaks the barrier of sea and wind. It rises higher and higher into the air and then seemingly stops in the heavens for a moment. Time appears to stop for a moment when, from inside the maw of the great monster, you once again hear the distant song of the sirens. However, this time, you can hear their song cleary. Soft, haunting voices sing, "Safety to the west, danger to the east, on land you'll find safety, in the sea hungry beasts". As the siren song ends the giant maw of the beast closes and it dives deep into the depths, bringing you down with it, sealing your fate.
You're madly in love with blue and the element of control.
You like having a third of your library in your hand.
You like combat tricks.
You like to work for your wins.
You want to win with Laboratory Maniac regularly.

You think blue is the worst color in magic.
You prefer a more straight forward play style.
You just want to turn creatures sideways.
You prefer tutoring for combos and shuffling your library over actually playing magic.

Kami of the Crescent Moon is all about card draw and combat tricks. My build does not punish players for having cards in hand. (However, if you wanted to do that, you could easily slot in cards like Psychosis Crawler and Viseling .) This deck requires constant attention to the board state, as you need to be aware of potential combos going off. You don't have so many counters that you can just counter everything that makes you flinch. Usually you want to hold off on countering anything unless it will win someone the game or really messes up your plans. You should have enough tricks up your sleeve, or bodies on the ground to make you a risk to attack. Your presence in the game should be subtle. Let people think they have an edge. Don't cast more than you need to. Hold back cards for after wrath effects. The most important thing is to have a constant flood of cards. If that gets cut off, this deck will almost certainly stall. Don't worry though. It's CHOCK FULL of draw, as well as ways of getting your hand size restriction lifted.
This is the heart of the deck. It's built on the premise that extra cards are coming.
Obviously, Kami
Howling Mine
Dictate of Kruphix
Anvil of Bogardan
Font of Mythos
Well of Ideas
The thing about this deck is that it will continue to draw excess cards throughout the whole game. This build will not leave you drawing 1 card per turn for very long.
Ok, so there's a ton of draw and that's great but you gotta keep them all in hand for this deck to really burn rubber. Here are the tools for that:
Trinket Mage into Expedition Map into Reliquary Tower
Thought Vessel
Anvil of Bogardan
Tolaria West into Reliquary Tower
It doesn't seem like like a lot, but getting the unlimited hand size is usually not even something you will have to think about or try for. It will just happen.
How dare you be so greedy. Isn't having all the cards enough for you? No? Well here are some creatures you can enjoy having on your side as your hand fills.
Aeon Chronicler
Soramaro, First to Dream
They may be only 3, but they are big bodies that will help keep your opponents from swinging at you, and that is the whole point. This is primarily a defensive deck that is masquerading as an offensive deck that just can't get to combat. On a side note, Aeon Chronicler can act as way for you to get extra cards without letting everyone enjoy the benefit.
This is mono blue after all. Here are the counters
Swan Song
You want to be very mindful of what you counter. You should have enough bodies on the field to block with, and combat tricks in hand, to keep an army of creatures from dealing you too much combat damage, but you don't want both halves of gain 'n' drain on the field.
I know you've been salivating for the tricks. I will say this: If you play this deck you will find more tricks than can be listed here.
However, here are the one card tricks:
Cyclonic Rift
Domineering Will
Illusionist's Gambit
Polymorphist's Jest
These are the heart of the tricks. When to use them is up to the caster. Only you can prevent forest fires and lethal combat swings. In this deck also lies the ability to force a player into combat with Bident of Thassa, the ability to force a single creauture to attack a certain player with Dulcet Sirens. Reminder: Polymorphist's Jest can be used to nullify any inherit hexproof or shroud or pseudo shroud (Uril, the Miststalker). You've also got access to Vortex Elemental and Void Stalker which can sit idle as deterrents or be proactively used. (FYI: My playgroup still plays tuck with generals, so in some cases these two creatures won't be as useful to you as they are to me.) Only play testing will really be able to tell you when to do what. My meta is certainly different than yours. Just have fun.
Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar
If you can't see the benefit of sifting through three cards for every 1 card drawn, then this deck is not for you. It's not unusual to draw over 4 cards per turn with this build.
Trench Gorger
The Gorger is there as a way to gut your library of all your land. (Feel free to leave utility lands in there.) This way, when you draw your cards, you're only getting the good stuff. Don't cast this too early because this deck wants a lot of mana, and don't worry about discarding it in the early game if you have too many cards in hand and no Reliquary Tower. It's not essential, but it's damn good. You will usually end up with a massive body
Jushi Apprentice
The apprentice really ignites when it flips into Tomoya the Revealer. It's worth the effort. It will single handedly enable a Laboratory Maniac win, or cause your oppents to mill themselves out if you play it correctly.
Patron of the Moon
The Patron is really there to help you dump all the land you have built up in your hand. This will enable you to make the big plays later on.
Scourge of Fleets
This beast is a great way to clear your opponents field while maintaining your own. It's a simple creature but can be a crucial play at the right time.
Phyrexian Ingester
In blue, and in this build especially there is not a whole lot in the way of actual creature destruction. The Ingester not only gets rid of a creature, but exiles it. Feel free to wait for an opponent to land a Platinum Angel to cast this.
Stormtide Leviathan
This guy ought to be legendary. It will completely alter the game state, and at times will make you feel invincible. Don't cast this too early though. You want your opponents to be able to beat each other up.
Magus of the Jar
This is one tricky little son of a mother. If used correctly, it can give you a way to eliminate your opponents' board. It may be tough to pull off, but this deck wasn't built for easy wins.
For me, the most fun way to win is with Laboratory Maniac. This build is already geared toward depleting the library so this is not the most difficult win to achieve. Tomoya the Revealer will help enormously with this goal. If Laboratory Maniac is in your grave or otherwise unavailable, and you have a big enough hand, Tomoya the Revealer can enable you to mill your opponents quite handily.

Otherwise, you can simply play control and swing conservatively. Play a defensive game until you're down to one or two opponents. Throughout the game you should be landing big sea monsters and flying fatties. Thassa, God of the Sea, Rogue's Passage and Trailblazer's Boots should help you force things through against the remaining threats.


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Shadow12721 says... #1

+1 for intro alone

June 5, 2017 1:33 p.m.

You've got my plus one. I also have a mono-blue group hug deck. Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar is my commander, so the win-con is different because of that. I love your list. Although I might suggest Dreamscape Artist for some ramp. Ramping is important, and discarding cards in this deck doesn't hurt really.

June 21, 2017 10:50 p.m.

clayperce says... #3

What Shadow12721 said.

Brilliant write-up. It makes me want to play the deck, and this is not at all the kind of deck I normally like.

June 23, 2017 7:30 p.m.

maxon says... #4

Thanks! It's my favorite deck to play at the moment.

June 25, 2017 9:52 p.m.

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