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Kykar, Wind's Fury is a great commander who is versatile, is a source of mana, And allows you to easily create an army to take down your opponents. Early turns are dedicated to mana rocks and card draw until kykar himself comes into play. Once you have him in play, typically on curve but sometimes turn 3, he will start to generate a lot of value. Kykar rewards you for casting any non-creature spell, so there are not many creatures in the deck, but because it's so broad you don't have to be restricted past that, so the deck features a lot of different permanent types and plenty of spells. Instead of being massively controlling I chose to instead focus on card draw.


Most of the creatures in the deck serve a specific purpose, and are generally game changing enough to cast even though they won't trigger kykar. Jhoira, Weatherlite Captain is a great commander in her own right, and triggers off of 50% of the deck. locust god thrives off of the deck's card draw engine and helps flood the board with tokens.


Planeswalkers are among the strongest permanent types in the game and will trigger kykar's ability. With kykar on the battlefield each planeswalker will r generate a 1/1 flying spirit to protect themselves, meaning this deck can more easily play them and keep them around. The deck also features a small proliferate suite of cards to get them to their ultimate faster. Jace, Wielder of Mysteries is an alternate win condition. Chandra, Acolyte of Flame can boost a lot of the Planeswalkers in the deck and can allow you to cast key spells from the graveyard. Most of the Planeswalkers on the deck focus on card draw and or disruption.


There are only a few enchantments, but the ones I do run a few that help accelerate the game plan. Possibility Storm I'm not a fan of chaos cards, but this one is amazing. Kykar, Wind's Fury + Possibility Storm allows 2 kykar triggers for each non-creature spell cast, can lead to a lot of positive trades if the spells cast into it are low cmc, and it pretty much shuts down counter spells.


Besides instants and sorceries, artifacts are the most prevalent permanent type in the deck. There are a ton of mana rocks, despite kykar being able to sacrifice spirits for mana the deck still wants to have acceleration to keep up, and wants to be casting multiple spells per turn. Aetherflux Reservoir is an alternative win condition that can take out an opponent at instant speed.

Instants and sorceries

This deck runs a lot of Instants and sorceries, mostly to draw cards, deal with threats, and protect the board.


The deck is adaptable, fast, and can surprise any deck it comes up against. It draws a lot of cards, makes a lot of mana, and fields a lot of creatures very quickly despite having only a few creature cards in the deck.


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