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[Primer] Rainforest Shmainforest: Not For Hippies!

Commander / EDH BGW (Abzan, Junk) Birthing Pod Counters Dredge Primer Zoo


Miss Stevens' Nightmare Bug

Run, children, run!

I've tried to build a deck around Rayami, First of the Fallen first, he seemed like fun. The issue was that the deck didn't really pack that big a punch. Totally depending on the Commander being present on the field before it could really get into action. Too many ifs.

Then Kathril, Aspect Warper caught my eye and it was very similar to Rayami, yet didn't have the issues that came with it. When Kathril is cast he immediately comes online because you can put cards, and more importantly tutor cards directly in the Graveyard prior to casting him. Making it much more consistent.

Goal is to fill the Graveyard with a few key creatures that have powerful keywords for Kathril, while still making sure you have enough support so don't depend solely on him. Counters can be moved around to maximise efficiency.

Key cards:

Biggest bang for Buried Alive are:

We need to have a delicate balance of just enough keyword abilities creatures and deck consistency.

The following creatures are aimed at being primarily used for Kathril in the form of multiple keywords and others that offer some other form of utility as well.

Yeah! Fragile my ass! Show

Here we have our card draw, tutors and other enablers. To make sure we're all set up to deal with hippie activists.

Lost in the rainforest? Show

Some all around good-stuff cards.

I'm open to suggestions and ideas to improve the deck. Bonus points if you make a suggestion and mention what you would cut for it and why.

The deck is made so to provide our opponents with as much "enjoyability" as possible. Commander is a fun format for us so no Land destruction or Vorinclex-type shenanigans

Be sure to check out my other decks for even more funzies:

Leave an upvote as a show of respect to the rainforest. :)


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