Nebelgast Herald


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Uncommon

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Nebelgast Herald

Creature — Spirit



Whenever Nebelgast Herald or another Spirit enters the battlefield under your control, tap target creature an opponent controls.

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Nebelgast Herald Discussion

RaberSaber on Count Floyd's Spooky Deck

1 month ago

Nebelgast Herald would be good in this deck also Metallic Mimic is wonderful for tribal decks now.

Dorotheus on Flashy little spirits

1 month ago

I'm a bit of a veteran player and deck builder, and basically you've just verified everything I've tested so far.
It seems there are 2 pique ways to build spirits, Jeskai and Bant, clearly because of the UW core being so already in-line with synergies. For a Red build I'm using Eidolon of the Great Revel and Lightning Bolt, some decks just fold to Eidolon already. And at least in my build that Kira, Great Glass-Spinner is likely a better SB card against midrange than MB. And Nebelgast Herald is GREAT! I've had to take it out a lot for control/combo matches but I've locked up Elves and Merfolk decks with it. <3 Definitely a favorite.

Another card I've been trying is Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit 1 has been really good, 2 always locks up my hand, but Eidolon has been my main "power" 2-cmc so maybe you could use her for the 2 drop you mentioned.
That's funny you mention not to play Geist, I've been having trouble getting it though (my other buddy that also has built my list, Tempo Ghosts (Tribal Spirits), went up to 3 instead of 2 and it always works for him, I can't understand how). But I'm going to be testing 1 Aven Mimeomancer to get the non-flying spirits I have, to fly.

Last thing: Moorland Haunt vs Mutavault I haven't tested Haunt entirely and Mutavault has been more a blocker than an aggressor like I thought it would be.

ketoglutarato on Flashy little spirits

1 month ago

Dorotheus, thanks for your comment! I've been playing spirits since Eldritch Moon came out, so far i've played virtually every colour combination possible and almost every strategy. I think the deck has a lot to give, it still needs one good 2-CMC spirit to go over the top but it's probably the most promising tribe in modern.I encourage you to play every direction you feel, the core is strong enough to support whatever playstyle you feel more comfortable with (granted you keep a tempo- oriented approach). Maybe yo could start with the Collected Company version, which is the one that has seen the most success so far.I personally found Aether Vial to be a fabulous piece to the consistency of the deck, and this is why i'm playing it over collected Company. The curve doesn't allow for vial and coco to be played together easily (unless you have a lot of card draw), so Lead the stampede is the best option that doesn't hurt the manabase.

Green offers three other powerful spells to the spirits suite: Permeating Mass, Lead the Stampede and Strangleroot Geist. The first one is a very good piece against aggro, burn and other creature matchups, the second is a refill spells that synergizes a lot with aether vial and the third is very good against 1for1 trades (typical of midrange decks).This attempts tries to exploit Aether vial at best while still solving the problem of running out of gas.All in all, i'd suggest you to experiment a lot and have fun with out-of-the-box ideas. I've been linking unassuming cards like Mirror Entity (difficult to make work but powerful) and Nebelgast Herald (you don't realize how much it's strong until you play it). I've been splashing for black in a Lingering Souls build and it felt really strong (it plays out similar to WB tokens with more disruption).The only card i wouldn't recommend you is Geist of Saint Traft: in theory it's the best spirit, but i have never been able to make it work (except for the Tallowisp build). It was very underwhelming for my expectations, and the reason is that the card is strong by itself but doesn't synergize with the rest of the deck.

ActionJackalope on Spirits Wail (in progress)

2 months ago

I love this idea (so much so that I found this deck by googling it to see if anyone else had thought of it). You definitely want Selfless Spirits, and you should keep the Drogskols too. I'm going to use Nebelgast Herald as my main source of targeting, because if I don't get Horobi out it will buy me time. And it triggers on ETB, not casting, so it's much more abusable (especially with Lingering Souls) and also makes Horobi kill something when he comes in. I would play the Herald instead of Guardian of Solitude.

ZorrosRage on Esper Spirits - Modern

3 months ago

I was playing around with a esper build for a min. Couple cards that worked out pretty well for me was Nebelgast Herald and Supernatural Stamina

Would appreciate any suggestions on my Tallowisp Spirit Deck

Shadowdarkraity on Spirits From The Bright Sun to The Dark Ocean

4 months ago



Now that I look at it. I do seem to have a "pillow fort". In the form of Ghostly Prison and Dovin Baan. I assume I should lean to a more aggro side. So unless someone says other wise I will take them out. I think I will replace Cancel and Ghostly Prison with Spell Pierce. At least 2 of them but would more be preferred? Going aggro I would think that two would be fine.

Moorland Haunt is like the best thing ever. I'm so happy you told me about that card. Its like everything I need out of a land.

I really like the Phantasmal Image but how many would I put in. I would think around 2 because it shouldn't be the stable of the deck but you still want to have a good chance to get it by turn three or four. I calculated that if I have around 2 of them, getting them by turn 4 would be around 31%. But like I said, that shouldn't be a huge issue because it shouldn't be the "key"(for lack of a better term) of the deck.

So Dreamcatcher seemed really good at first (mostly for its mana cost) but I think that Mausoleum Wanderer , Rattlechains and Nebelgast Herald would be way better (specifically Mausoleum Wanderer) or would Rattlechains be better? Or all three?

Now Invocation of Saint Traft seems really good. At this point though idk where he would fit. I could see it also helping with creatures (if I add it) Eidolon of Countless Battles. I really like Invocation of Saint Traft but if it isn't reasonable then I won't add it.

Now my favorite card in this deck is Anointed Procession. But is it even reasonable to have all 4 of them in? Having Spectral Procession pop out 24 spirits is nice..really nice (that math is correct right? 32=62=12*2=24?) but having 4 isn't exactly budget and I usually (i don't think ever) dont have had all 4 out at once.

Now the last thing I want is some suggested sideboard budget cards that you think I might need just so I have something to work off of when I buy the deck.

Btw I just want to say thank you so much. When I first was getting into magic it seemed kinda intimidating. But building (at least semi competitive decks) is so much fun and I get to learn so much from doing it. I really enjoy the game and I want to thank you for helping me along the way, you have made my magic experience better and SUPER fun. I even got two of my friends into it so now I have more irl propel to play with and not just at fnm.

CasualCucumber on Spirits From The Bright Sun to The Dark Ocean

4 months ago

It all depends on the competitiveness you are going for. I am not the best helper when it comes to the competitive scene since i am more of a casual player, so i won't be able to help you make it really competitive if that's what you are going for with the build.

If you are a casual player, i would recommend running cards you enjoy and would love to use.

However i will come with my thoughts on the cards :) Depending on your budget i would run 2-3 copies of Geist of Saint Traft (Keep in mind the legend rule when playing). Selfless Spirit i think you are primarily running it for it's sacrifice ability than the body itself.

Eidolon of Countless Battles seems pretty fun as a one of could possibly be a big threat in the late game

Sandsteppe Outcast Seems slow, but i can see the funny and potential combo with Anointed Procession.

For me Daxos of Meletis seems pretty solid to with just the first ability. Think of the combo between Daxos of Meletis and Invocation of Saint Traft or Eidolon of Countless Battles boosting him. Invocation of Saint Traft could be a possible suit for the deck to?

Found some other cards you may like Geist-Honored Monk (just saw you had suggested it, but gonna keep it here xD), Mausoleum Wanderer, Rattlechains and Nebelgast Herald.

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