Nebelgast Herald


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Uncommon

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Nebelgast Herald

Creature — Spirit



Whenever Nebelgast Herald or another Spirit enters the battlefield under your control, tap target creature an opponent controls.

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Nebelgast Herald Discussion

shadowmage on Bant Spirits

3 months ago

Nebelgast Herald is a super powerful card that many people are looking over. now you have the new lord from m19 to add into here :-)

Happymaster19 on Spirited Away: A Paranormal Primer [U/W Spirits]

3 months ago

Zacomra I have another list copied off this one right now and I’m tweaking different numbers in an Aether Vial build.

I’ll have to experiment more with that build. I worry that it just races and therefor can be more easily metagamed against or hated on. We’ll see.

I have liked Nebelgast Herald, especially in multiples.

Zacomra on Spirited Away: A Paranormal Primer [U/W Spirits]

3 months ago

I have to say after much playtesting, I really, really like the aether vial+ phantasmal image package. Image plus a vial on 2 let's you copy a drogskol captain at instant speed on turn 3,which against many decks is just game over for them. Vial also let's you play a larger volume of spirits more quickly. A card I've been surprisingly impressed with is Nebelgast Herald which, while still needs more playtesting to be sure that it deserves a slot, can really make the difference in a race. I'm not wholly convinced that we want snapcaster plus criptic, as I feel like that's so much mana for our fairly aggressive deck. If you're worried about bridge and the like, some echoing truths in the side will surfice. I do greatly enjoy a pair of remand though. I have noticed some other lists running thalias with no counters, but Idk how good that actually is. As for removal, I'm testing path. Vs. Vapor snag in a two two split atm, I'm not sure which is better

PlatinumWare on Azorius Spirit Tribal

3 months ago

I have a similar deck. I would say to take Nebelgast Herald and Remorseful Cleric out of main and put them in side, and just have Geist of Saint Traft in main. I say this because both cards are pretty situationally useful whereas Traft is almost always a good play. Unless you're only playing against creature heavy decks or graveyard interactions decks, Tratf seems more useful to me. Also, I feel you're not taking advantage of blue spells enough. I couldn't play this deck in my meta without counterspells and hand sculpting.

RedUndead40 on $160 Spirits Tempo

4 months ago

The main reason that Think Twice goes in over Opt is because the latter doesn't actually give you any card advantage, it's just a cantrip. I did end up taking Think Twice out of my list in favor of Curious Obsession and I've been happy with the change.

If you aren't playing some counterspells I wouldn't really call this deck "tempo". You only have a handful of cards that reliably slow down your opponent's game plan (Path to Exile and Spell Queller, situationally a Mausoleum Wanderer) so you're fitting more into the aggro category by slamming in as many spirits as you can. But either way you can't go wrong with lots of spirits but I personally prefer the reactive tempo approach.

Here is my updated list with M19 if you want to take a look. Hands down my favorite modern deck. I don't run Phantasmal Image but it does seem really good, I may have to consider that in place of Nebelgast Herald.

Modern Spirits

RightyLefty on Bant Tribal Spirits

4 months ago

Nice to see more Spirit decks. You might want to consider a copy of Nebelgast Herald can be insanely valuable since he gives all your spirits the ability to tap down other creatures.

ZorrosRage on Esper Spirits Tribal

5 months ago

Looks like a fun deck. I tested esper for a bit before i went with my Tallowisp build. When I tried it I didn't really like Vial that much, but some people love that card in spirits so that's flavor.

One card I really liked while testing esper was Supernatural Stamina It was unexpected and caught my opponent off guard.

Another card to consider is Kefnet's Monumentwith a high creature count can mess with your opponents board, and lower the cost of most of your stuff.

Nebelgast Heraldis a pretty solid spirit also. I would recommend testing him if you are facing a lot of creature decks

I am not sure about Supreme Verdict you want to be agro and it hits all of your creatures also possible a opportunity to up your push/path count. depending on what you face there is other removal to use.

I also think Ghostly Prison is more of a sideboard card. This is more of an agro deck so don't really see it in the deck, but as all cards its meta dependent. Not sure if you would want to waste turn 3 casting it vs a creature type thing.

Also you have a pretty good anti spell package with your spirits. Maybe drop the Remand to up your push/path count depending on your meta.

if you get a chance please take a look at my Tallowisp Spirits and let me know what you think. Suggestions are appreciated

RightyLefty on Bant Spirits

6 months ago

Good Deck, I run a similar one myself. Not sure why Hibernation is in your side board tho, seems like most matches where it would be good Worship would work just as well. In its place I'd suggest at least one Eidolon of Rhetoric very useful against Storm and Burn and if you are in need of a sweeper then I would use Supreme Verdict its more versatile that Hibernation and Selfless Spirit can make it a one sided boardwipe. I also agree with the previous poster about Kira being a good one of, also Nebelgast Herald.

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