Solemn Recruit


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Rare

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Solemn Recruit

Creature — Dwarf Warrior

Double strike

Revolt — At the beginning of your end step, if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn, put a +1/+1 counter on Solemn Recruit.

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Solemn Recruit Discussion

shagg on Mono White Revolt

3 days ago

Maybe I'm missing something .... but the description says Sram draw engine. The only card I see that will trigger Sram's card draw ability is Conviction (x4).

20 Lands seems low for a deck with no alternative mana sources.

I'd include a 3rd Odric, Lunarch Marshal, you can't really count on drawing into one with only 2 in the deck and being light on the card draw. And without him, you're army will end up on the weak side.

Solemn Recruit pairs well with Odric, but on its own it will likely fall victim to removal before it can build into a threat, the same can be said for Call for Unity, although enchantment removal is less common, in round 1 at least (almost everyone sideboards artifact/enchantment removal). It's still a 5 cmc though, which will make it tough to cast with only 20 lands and no additional mana sources. You won't be playing a land every turn most games, and it needs time to build after you cast it. I'd probably cut it. I'd also include some instant speed hexproof to give you at least a little shielding against removal. I feel like if I could pick off 1 or 2 key creatures, the rest would be significantly weakened and easy to roll over, and there's a lot of removal in standard right now.

Take all this with a grain of salt, I'm no expert on white/standard, and I've never even attempted a straight white build. Just bringing up what I think the issues you'll have to deal with will be. Good luck!

Emphaze on Orzhov Aether Revolution!

4 days ago

Solemn Recruit mmhmm double strike

Aftertherevolution on Gonti Revolt

4 days ago

cheap decks + stealing cards = good!

I'm no expert by any means, and I've only just started experimenting with this mechanic, but it seems encouraged with the new 'revolt' mechanic in aether revolt. The key to it is that the card comes back to the battlefield as if it was an entirely different card like you had just cast it (but isn't considered casting :)

here's a link about flickering and it's rules:

It seems like it's primarily used in scenarios like:

  • blocking an opponent who will obviously kill your creature, but then once blocked, remove it and bring it back. (it's a 'new' card, and isn't involved in combat any longer).
  • avoiding the effects of a removal spell cast on the creature (flicker them off the field, the attacking spell fizzles and then back on)
  • also useful to remove unwanted enchantments, counters etc. (on your own cards, or opponents)
  • note: if you flicker a token, it won't come back as it disappears once it leaves the battlefield.

My interests in this deck though are:

  • triggering the 'revolt' affect on cards without sending others to the graveyard, and
  • triggering the 'when enters the battlefield' effects.

For example:

Another little example:

  • say my opponent has Desolation Twin on the field and it's 10/10 token.
  • if I use Identity Thief on the token, it will be that creature for the attack, but also the opponents token won't come back from exile as it no longer exists.

Mokan on revolt for life

1 week ago

Aethergeode Miner is annoying as all hell to play against and it's amazing at activating revolt so I suggest playing a whole playset of them. On the other hand I'm not sold on the Restoration Specialist all that much; yeah, you can do fancy stuff with Implements and Renegade Rallier but I still think it's too weak. Solemn Recruit seems amazing in this deck so I suggest a playset there as well. I don't really know how useful Renegade Rallier will be, but Vengeful Rebel seems really good. i really don't think you need Decommission in the main, consider moving it to the sideboard. As for implements Ferocity is imo the best one out of the bunch so I would suggest a playset of those on behalf of Implement of Malice - it really seems too slow. I don't really know if Unbridled Growth and Conviction are worth it. I think you could experiment with Winding Constrictor - it works well with Aethergeode Miner, Solemn Recruit, Narnam Renegade and Implement of Ferocity. I hope this was helpful :)

Wyrmweird on Winless mono white sad panda

1 week ago

Tonight when I get to the LGS I plan to swap out the Fairgrounds Warden and 1x Aerial Responder for Authority of the Consuls and 3-4 Solemn Recruit

joshuaizac on Is Revolt a failed mechanic ...

2 weeks ago

WotC is absolutely renowned for making mechanics that are fantastic in theory...then printing them on cards that are underpowered, overcosted or otherwise just total crap. The Revolt mechanic is just another in a long, long, long line of such things....

Fatal Push is an obvious all-star, I think Solemn Recruit, Renegade Rallier and Aid from the Cowl could do some cool things in the right decks but mostly the cards they printed weren't great outside of usual.

Adrekan on STT 002 (BW Modular Mimic)

2 weeks ago

With 3 Hidden Stockpile, why are you not running 4 Evolving Wilds?

This deck wants more unconditional removal, maybe replace Grasp of Darkness with more Declaration in Stone?

I don't like the Aethergeode Miner or Solemn Recruit, you'd be better served by Stasis Snare and Thalia, Heretic Cathar.

Jonnyradd on Legendary Monkey

2 weeks ago

johnny0dunn, I haven't ever been able to even have the chance to pull the combo off but it looks like you are correct. I may play it this weekend and ask some judges. Thanks for pointing that rule out. Generally I win from dropping a Rampage on a double strike creature. Recently I put two on a Solemn Recruit to win the game on turn four.

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