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Primal Beyond: 5-Color Lands feat. Elementals

Commander / EDH* Casual Combo Control Five Color Loam Scapeshift



Horde of Notions 5 color lands.

Context: I'm used to playing competitive edh, and have access to 100% Dralnu Storm, Tasigur Control and Chain Veil Teferi. However, most of the competitive community has drifted away from my region, so I'm trying to re-learn how to build more casual decks. First was this abject monstrosity which was an exercise in deck-building restrictions: every card had to either produce mana or say the word Wizard. This deck is very, very bad.

Take two. Commander 2018 leaks that it will contain a Jund lands themed deck! So I got a-brewing, preparing for exciting new tools. We all know what happened there. So, with a lands deck brewed up but no strong incentive to stay in Jund, I ended up on this pile.

Horde of Notions was chosen over the more traditional 5 color lands general, Child of Alara, for 2 reasons -- First, because recurrable full board wipes are both antithetical to making friends in more casual playgroups and also means I'm limited in the cool permanents I can play. Second, because Muldrotha and Titania are Elementals. Perhaps a notable exclusion: new Multani, since despite being a land-centered elemental, he's just a boring big fat boy. If you really like him please tell me why.

Otherwise, the plan of this deck is to just Lands at your opponent. Use utility lands instead of spells, get some sick landfalls, dredge Loam off of Bazaar, make Marit Lage, etc.

The part of the plan that is likely the least obvious is Scapeshift. A lot of 5 color lands decks I've seen are running either Maze's End or Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle as Scapeshift payoffs. Maze's End requires 10 lands and for you to untap afterwards to win, but gives you 10 not-super-bad dual lands. Valakut requires Prismatic Omen to be in play to do anything at all, and usually requires Vesuva/Thespian's Stage + tricks to actually kill everyone, but doesn't really require you to run bad cards. However, I have this 100% original, patent pending Bad Techâ„¢ that I tried to make work in Tasigur. It requires running Much Worse lands than Maze's End (Tree of Tales anyone?) but lets you win with just 7 lands in play! Or did, in a deck whose commander won with infinite mana and nothing else. You need another land or two here.

The plan is such: Scapshift for 3 artifact lands, Inventors' Fair, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Cabal Coffers, Deserted Temple, and Arch of Orazca. Sac fair for Rings of Brighthearth, which you can then use to copy Temple's untap targetting Coffers onto itself, generating infinite black mana. Then, use your surplus black mana to produce extra mana in other colors, and to draw your deck with Arch.

At this point, I was stuck for a while, considering adding a boring, win-con-only card like Walking Ballista or Exsanguinate. But then I found the way:

I can play Omnath, Locus of Rage and Greenwarden of Murasa, then evoke Shriekmaw targeting Greenwarden. 2 Elementals die, causing 6 damage to whomever I want from Omnath. Then, I can use Horde to recur Greenwarden to return Shriekmaw to my hand, and from there repeatedly kill my own dude until I win.

I'm looking for advice along several axes:

Are there any sick utility lands or land synergy cards you think I should be running? If you have experience with a deck like this, do any of the cards I am playing look better than they are, or not work out as well as you'd like?

Is there a less convoluted way I can win with infinite mana and all my cards?

And most importantly: If you're a relatively casual player, would this deck be something you'd consider fun to play against? If not, how can I improve?


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