This deck is a little different than most Horobi decks. I wanted this to have some control that didn’t involve Horobi but enough cards to target enemy creatures when he is around. Another big factor of this deck is staying relatively cheap money and mana cost wise! With any luck, you will gain some additional mana for Horobi to be cast early on. If not, there are plenty of cards in this deck that will keep your enemies on their toes. At turn 5 with the right setup you will be pulling things back from your graveyard, ramping into bigger cost cards, and targeting enemy creatures with destroy effects from Horobi. Enough low cost cards in this deck allow you to stay efficient in early game. Enough higher cost cards to sustain a victory. I think this deck is definitely worth a play test and will definitely piss off your play group whom spends triple the $ you do on cards!

UPDATE: Got to play test this deck against Rakdos, the Showstopper recently. Horobi is horrifying! This deck performed flawlessly and though Horobi was peeled off a few times, I only had to pay the commander tax once with all the graveyard recursion!!!

Note: When I can afford Urborg and Cabal Coffers they are going in the deck


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