Retribution of the Ancients

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Retribution of the Ancients


, Remove X +1/+1 counters from among creatures you control: Target creature gets -X/-X until end of turn.

Yogei on Vampire Deatheaters

2 weeks ago

lhetrick13 & kamarupa - Vampire Deatheathers have been updated (22-07-19). In short:

  • I liked the suggestion of Retribution of the Ancients and I've playtested with two copies, which feel like enough.

  • Two copies of Sign in Blood work great.

  • I choose Stensia Masquerade over Rakish Heir and other first strike instant spells since Stensia Masquerade fills both roles well enough, leaving me with space for other cards.

  • Even though Sanguine Bond has a higher CMC I personally like it better since enchantments are more protected. But I see them as almost equal and a choice based on personal preference more than anything.

Next in line for tweaking is Immortal Knights followed by my dragon deck.

On a sidenote, does tappedout have a chat option? Could be nice to discuss decks over DMs rather than comments :p

Crazyjala on Elenda, Blood Bomb

1 month ago

If someone's card is being sticky and annoying. It's not part of the engine but it's potentially useful with your commander. Retribution of the Ancients

Yogei on Vampire Deatheaters

1 month ago

lhetrick13 - I’m glad you like the deck! After my Dragons this is probably my strongest deck (at least locally).

I chose Sanguine Bond over Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose in the past due to budget reasons. When he released he got expensive fairly quickly, and then I forgot about him. Looking at him now he seems to have dropped somewhat in price and I might reconsider. Sanguine Bond’s CMC is high and that’s why I’m only playing two copies and using it as a secondary win condition. I wont bore you with my budget philosophy, but me and my friends have decided to play on a smaller budget than most.

Artifact/enchantment removal is one of the deck’s weaknesses as you say, but I haven’t found a card to fill that role yet. Protection and breaching strong defences are two others points where the deck stumbles.

I can honestly say that I’ve misread the text on Stolen Vitality xD I agree, Vampiric Fury is better.

Retribution of the Ancients is an interesting card, one that I haven’t seen before. I like that if I kill a creature, part of the counters spent could be repaid too. Like is said in another comment, this deck needs a few tweaks in my opinion and I’ll keep Retribution of the Ancients in mind as I experiment in future. Other card on my mind are Rakish Heir vs Stensia Masquerade and Gravitic Punch as an alternative to trample.

I hope your plans for a vampire deck of your own goes well! Drop me a line when you’ve made it :D

lhetrick13 on Vampire Deatheaters

1 month ago

Yogei - I like the deck man! Vampires are one of the tribes I really want to get into as there are so many to choose from and they tend to have some pretty nasty abilities associated with them.

About the only thing that stands out to me is I am surprised you are running Sanguine Bond over Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose. I know creatures are much more prone to removal than enchantments but 5 CMC is expensive for something that is exactly the same as the ability of a 3 CMC creature. The fact that he can also provide mass lifelink as well provides a game winning combo. Maybe the other weakness is the lack of artifact/enchantment removal. Nothing worse that an opponent playing Ensnaring Bridge or Ghostly Prison to royally ruin a good time.

I am also surprised you like Stolen Vitality over Vampiric Fury. Both cost the same and with but Stolen Vitality hits one creature while Fury swings wider hitting all your vamps. You lose the ability to give trample but I think the wider swing is worth it.

With your +1/+1 counter synergy, ever consider adding in Retribution of the Ancients for your main removal card? It could replace Urge to Feed and the nice thing is, it allows you to hit many creatures. I experimented with that card in my +1/+1 counter deck (I'll Raise you +1/+1...) and it can do work.

I got two decks to play test this month but this deck may be the motivation I need to sit down and make a vampire deck!

Wabbajacke on Undying Burn

2 months ago

In my oppinion Retribution of the Ancients is one of the best ways to remove +1/+1 counters from youre creatures, since it also provides some sort of removal

lhetrick13 on I'll Raise you +1/+1...

3 months ago

Drestlin - Ya, with at my fingertips, the sky is the limit for removal!

I played a pretty epic game against a buddy of mine whose cleric lifegain deck had been killing me (was previously only 1 for 6 against it). Retribution of the Ancients was my saving grace! I was able to remove his Soul Wardens and Soul's Attendants as they came in, keeping the health gain triggered abilities off the table and was able to remove his bigger threat pieces as well. I bet I removed 10+ creatures with it in like 3 turns since they most had so little toughness.

The games where I can get Retribution of the Ancients on the field, it usually does do some work. I am almost considering switching to and and actually dropping to see what that feels like.

lhetrick13 on I'll Raise you +1/+1...

3 months ago

Drestlin - I do like how Baffling End comes from one of my favorite sets! Otherwise, I feel like it is similar to a lot of the other low cost removal from out there in terms of having a condition to meet to be effective, having a negative side effect, or losing those at the expense of cost such as Fatal Push, Infernal Grasp, Bloodchief's Thirst, Assassin's Trophy, Maelstrom Pulse, Vindicate...

The cheaper removal stuff from also has limiting conditions conditions or negative side effects like Smite, Swallow Whole, Reciprocate, Condemn, etc...which was one of my problems to begin with, not being able to always removal the creatures I needed consistently with Swallow Whole. Not saying that my idea to use Retribution of the Ancients for removal is not without its faults as you have to have +1/+1 counters to lose but at least it does not give the opponent a boost in land or creatures or take a 10th of my health (which the high number or fetch, shock, or pain lands already do that and more!).

Playtesting Retribution of the Ancients so far has had mixed reviews. I have either lost playing against decks like Living End where creatures are not really a thing until they are a thing and its to late or I have gotten it out and it does work effectively to help clear the board of essential pieces or just enough so I can get unblocked creatures for the win.

lhetrick13 on I'll Raise you +1/+1...

3 months ago

NoopyNolife - I will let you know, I try to stick to a strict monthly budget and bent that a bit by actually putting in my monthly order today rather than waiting for May. So I just picked up 4 copies of Retribution of the Ancients to add into my deck top test drive it so pretty excited to try it out over the next few weeks!

Your fear of giving up the added bulk of our creatures to remove the opponents creatures is warranted for sure. The thought is, if I can remove his creatures by lessening the bulk of mine but still have my creatures out due to his being removed, I came out on top right? Like I mentioned, Swallow Whole had its moments but lacked the ability to removal creatures that would not tap. The deck does have ways to get to those types of creatures but the primary removal could not making them difficult to deal with. The introduction of into the deck does give me access to a lot of nice removal cards but many of them have conditions that must be met or are just more expensive that tapping a single swamp and removing some +1/+1 counters.

At the moment, this is all theoretical but check back in a week or two and I will likely have some notes under the playtesting section or will have already adjusted the deck based on how it felt. You will either see it still there or some removal spells added...

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