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Queen Marchesa wants to control the board with some of the best removal in the game while her monarch value engine finds Revel in Riches or Approach of the Second Sun to win.

The deck name comes from the song Killer Queen by the legendary rock band Queen, which is the perfect theme song for a royal assassin:

  • You like card advantage in the command zone.
  • Controlling the board makes you happy.
  • You enjoy Mardu colors and the best removal in the game.
  • Being a hidden threat is your preferred play style.
  • You like to win in unconventional ways.
  • You dislike control.
  • You want to win with combat danage or an instant speed combo.
  1. Ramp with cards like Curse of Opulence, Archaeomancer's Map, and talismans.
  2. Pillowfort with cards like Ghostly Prison. Rattlesnake with cards like Comeuppance. Destroy everything with Ruinous Ultimatum.
  3. Play your commander as soon as possible. Don't get stuck on protecting her or monarch.
  4. Control until you win. Sunforger is key to grabbing what you need most until you are the last player standing.

Defend yourself and blow everything up until Approach of the Second Sun or Revel in Riches win. Card draw effects like monarch, Painful Truths, and especially Sensei's Divining Top helps get Approach of the Second Sun back in hand quickly. Protection spells like Rebuff the Wicked, Deflecting Swat, and Lapse of Certainty help keep Revel in Riches around until it can win.

If those are not to your taste, Assemble the Legion, Insurrection, Debt to the Deathless, Exsanguinate, Torment of Hailfire, and Near-Death Experience are alternative win conditions.

Mardu colors have some offbeat card advantage effects. Luckily Queen Marchesa brings some card draw to the table right from the command zone with her monarch ability. Opponents can steal this effect by dealing combat damage so this deck tries to prevent that with a robust protection and removal package.

There are continuous draw sources in Phyrexian Arena and Twilight Prophet, conditional draw in Esper Sentinel and Alms Collector, and some redirect spells like Wild Ricochet and Imp's Mischief which love an opponent's draw spell as a juicy target.

Finally, there is a Sunforger package that can tutor and play an additional instant spell once a turn. Fighter Class shines in fetching Sunforger and then reducing its equip cost. This is a strong late game card advantage engine that doubles as a toolbox of protection spells so monarch stays active too.

  • Blunts aggro and midrange creature decks which make up 75٪ of the field.
  • Plays out as an active control deck that is a great alternative to feel-bad Counterspell decks.
  • Provides sweet sweet vengeance for all of those tribal decks that have ever run over you in the early game.
  • Combo decks. We can remove their key pieces but don't give them too many turns to go off.
  • Graveyard decks. We keep the board clear so graveyards fill up quickly which can speed up their plans. Play graveyard hate, redirect spells, or use politics.


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