Blessed Respite

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Blessed Respite


Target player shuffles their graveyard into their library. Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

Delphen7 on How to Handle Quality Changes …

1 month ago

Say Player A casts Moonlace on some nonpermanent spell, such as Lightning Bolt (that is controlled by Player B).

Moonlace has these rulings: "Moonlace’s effect doesn’t wear off." and "If Moonlace is cast on a spell that becomes a permanent, the permanent will enter the battlefield colorless and will remain colorless until it leaves the battlefield (or until another effect changes its color) ". Since Lightning Bolt is not a permanent, it will ostensibly be colorless in the graveyard.

Say Player B casts another Lightning Bolt. There is now a colored Bolt, and a colorless Bolt in the graveyard. If any player casts a shuffle effect, such as Blessed Respite, there is now no way to differentiate the two bolts from each other.

Since it could matter which bolt is which (For an effect like Ceremonious Rejection), how does the game handle differentiating each one?

wallisface on the modern deck that will make you lose friends

2 months ago

Ok, all goods. I’d be keen to see your competitive build and provide feedback when its made - feel free to tag me in it when it’s up if you want me to have a look :)

Replying to your other comments:

  • Yeah Ensnaring Bridge isn’t cheap so could defo break this decks budget - i saw Saga and made some assumptions on your price-limit, but my bad. Normally in Lantern lists though you wouldn’t have to worry about Bridge being destroyed, because by the time you’ve cast it you’re already choosing what your opponent draws, and have de-handed them of any threats.

  • I’m not sure where the Leyline of Sanctity convo came from (I’d suggested running hand-disruption, not protecting from it), but in any case I don’t think Leyline is worth it. Burn spells and Thoughtseize both kindof play to Lanterns advantage, so don’t particularly need to be worried about. Your deck has much bigger threats to worry about - for example if your opponent has an Eidolon of the Great Revel in their opening hand, you just lose. Likewise if they have Teferi, Time Raveler you’re in big trouble… there are a lot of single-card threats that could win on-the-spot. You not having hand disruption or board-disruption will put you in a tough spot in a bunch of matchups.

  • Most opponents versus Lantern will concede once the lock is in place, so your attempts to troll them into playing forever might not work. You’ll only really manage to entrap newer players this way, and tbh that just feels mean. In any case, with 4x Blessed Respite, you’d still be easily able to continually shuffle both decks before they mill-out, theoretically keeping the game going forever, so Elixer is still a largely pointless addition

Doorknobkid on the modern deck that will make you lose friends

2 months ago

wallisface Thank you for the feedback! I want to answer some of your suggestions.

  1. I didn't include Ensnaring Bridge because A: it goes over my budget and B: Ensnaring Bridge is easily prone to artifact destruction. With Fog spells I can avoid that with consistent spells that now can only be countered.

*Note: Thank you for the Ensnaring Bridge suggestion. I will add it to the Maybeboard along with Pyxis of Pandemonium.

  1. I have 2x Leyline of Sanctity for anti Thoughtseize and anti Burn. Yes, I know there is only 2 copies and you're not that likely to get them, but it does help if you get lucky and get them in hand. And you can just use the lantern combo to avoid drawing it later, since there is no white sources in the deck.

  2. I have 4 copies of Elixir of Immortality because it is meant to shuffle your OWN deck. Blessed Respite is meant to be toxic by shuffling your opponent's deck too to make the game last forever.

P.S. I will be releasing an actually competitive version of this deck very soon. It's definitely not budget, but it's really good and consistent.



wallisface on the modern deck that will make you lose friends

2 months ago

Some thoughts:

  • It feels like Elixir of Immortality isn’t really needed when Blessed Respite can already shuffle your grave. Maybe 1-2 copies is still viable, but 4 feels like overkill.

  • Why use all these fogs when you could just Ensnaring Bridge?

  • A big part of Lantern Control is taking important pieces from your opponents hand early, to make sure they can’t just win with what they start with. I’m worried without hand disruption your opponent will be able to cause too much havoc to your attempts to lock the game up

TogbusPrime on Selvala hasn't the foggiest idea

4 months ago

So you missed some stuff you should definitely fit in: Blessed Respite, Encircling Fissure, Knight-Captain of Eos, and Slaughter the Strong. Similarly, Blunt the Assault seems like a must given your lack of life gain and your wincon requiring a large life total. I'd also look into more life gain in general.

Clinging Mists, Druid's Deliverance, Frontline Strategist (especially to increase the Eos synergy), Inspire Awe, Obscuring Haze, Pause for Reflection, Spike Weaver, and Spore Flower are also worth considering.

nbarry223 on Bringing Turbo Fog to the …

5 months ago

I've always liked fog effects that can be put on Isochron Scepter and give you more than just damage prevention.

Pollen Lullaby can potentially buy 2 turns and is basically a double sided scry for you and your opponent (could be beneficial or detrimental depending on the deck).

Dawn Charm lets you prevent targeted burn damage or curses etc. in addition to the Fog effect if needed.

Blessed Respite just helps to give some recursion, or gravehate if needed.

You can also throw in cantrips like Manamorphose which turn Isochron Scepter into tap to draw a card and manafix.

legendofa on Bringing Turbo Fog to the …

10 months ago

TL;DR: I want to make Turbo Fog better, but I'm not sure how.

I like the philosophy of Turbo Fog, and I've had some success with it in FNMs and casual tournaments. I'm trying to push it up into at least low-tier competitive, but I think it's gotten left pretty far behind. It hasn't really gotten any new toys recently to get it above casual tables.

Basically, Turbo Fog is a control deck that tries to avoid taking any damage by neutralizing the opponent's attacking creatures and avoiding or removing harmful spells. It's a similar line of thought to Lantern Control or prison decks.

Starting with the Fog part, there are a few ways to go. Spore Frog and Kami of False Hope are cheap creatures that are easily searched and recycled, but there aren't many other creature options. The old-school method is instants like Darkness and Ethereal Haze, but while they have more options, they don't have as many ways to search or recur them, with Isochron Scepter and Snapcaster Mage probably being the best. Finally, there are the enchantments and artifacts. Leyline of Sanctity takes care of a lot of the non-damaging effects, Ghostly Prison is good but offers a workaround, and Ensnaring Bridge needs a little too much dedicated support, in my experience. Turbo Fog isn't big on emptying its hand.

Next up is the Turbo. The traditional draw engines are Howling Mine and Phyrexian Arena, and Stormfist Crusader is a mixture of those two. The Royal Scions and Jace Beleren provide some Planeswalker support. Teferi, Hero of Dominaria does pretty much everything a Turbo Fog deck wants.

For removal, I generally look at all-purpose stuff, like Abrupt Decay, Assassin's Trophy, and Counterspell. The Fog effects provide pseudo-removal against attackers, so it's the utility creatures and other effects that pose problems. All the same, a good Supreme Verdict is always welcome. Engineered Explosives and Nevinyrral's Disk are other mass removal options.

Finally, and most importantly, the win condition. The three main approaches I've seen and/or tried are draw damage, semi-passive mill, and simply attacking with a big creature. For the draw damage, there's cards like Fevered Visions, Runeflare Trap, Fate Unraveler, basically anything that might see use in a Wheels EDH deck. Semi-passive mill comes from symmetrical drawing, while recycling cards through Blessed Respite or Elixir of Immortality. For big creatures, my headliners are Kefnet the Mindful and Sigarda, Host of Herons--5 power, evasive, and hard to kill. Honorable mention goes to Nexus of Fate, just to completely lock out the opponent.

I've poked through a lot of cards and tried a lot of variations, but I'm still not sure I'm not overlooking something. It's very color-heavy, but every color offers a unique option that's hard to replace in at least one category. I'm currently leaning toward or . Of course, it may just be unable to compete at a higher level with the tools it has now. What does Turbo Fog need to get into the competitive boards?

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