Got the idea for this deck when I saw it’s commanders abilities. The deck wins through discarding lands:

Playing lands:

Even opponents lands are used against them with:

Extra damage when discarding lands:

Also runs 4 Crucible of Worlds type cards to get lands back after discarding and sacking them and ways to return lands from the battlefield to hand so I can keep discarding them to the assault cards or play up to 12 lands per turn for the Geopede effects. Will probably also be testing out Lord Windgrace as commander as well at some point depending on how it runs with Soul of Windgrace as commander. There is one instant win “combo” in here. The Gitrog Monster + Dakmor Salvage + Borborygmos Enraged or any other free land pitcher is infinite damage or as many damage as you choose it to be that is. Another good synergy is Sylvan Library + Abundance. Since abundance is a replacement effect you can search for 3 lands or non-lands every draw step and not take damage from the library.


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