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Prosper, Tome-Bound EDH deck where you generate Treasures by casting spells from exile and burn your opponents! Wincons in this deck are to ping and/or drain your opponents with Marionette Master / Mirkwood Bats / Mayhem Devil / Nadier's Nightblade / Reckless Fireweaver / Ingenious Artillerist or hit them with big X spell Crackle with Power / Cut / Ribbons / Exsanguinate or go for an alternative wincon with Hellkite Tyrant / Revel in Riches.

Neat synergies and combos with this deck:

  • Treasure Vault + Revel in Riches = Before your upkeep, create enough Treasures to win the game. Requires at least 20 mana if you don't have already existing Treasures, a lot less if you have already some Treasures.

  • Dream Devourer = Prosper's best friend! Allows you to cast all of your nonland nonforetell spells from exile by giving them the foretell mechanic and makes them 2 mana cheaper.

  • Hoarding Broodlord = Tutors any card from your deck that then stays safe in exile until you decide it is a right moment to cast it. Great to find Crackle with Power or Exsanguinate, hold them safe in exile as long as you need and then cast them when you have enough to pay X to kill everyone. Additionally it gives convoke to all spells you cast from exile while it is on the field.

Comments on the deck and suggestions for better cards are welcome!


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