The key to this Narset, Enlightened Master deck is consistently hitting four-spots of spells and not lands, or the one creature. The seemingly greedily-low land count is an effort to avoid hitting lands with Narset's ability if at all possible. A few of the lands have been made up for with rocks like Mox Opal, Mox Diamond, Sol Ring and so on.

To make Narset's ability more consistent I've included Sensei's Divining Top of course, Scroll Rack, which has the added bonus of letting me put powerful cards I unintentionally draw back on top of my library for Narset. Mystic Speculation is one of my favorite pieces of secret tech to set up Narset and also build up storm for Mind's Desire.

The primary win conditions are commander damage from Narset pumped by Jeskai Ascendancy and multiple combats or from ultimating Jace, the Mind Sculptor multiple times in the same turn via Inexorable Tide, Teferi, Temporal Archmage, and The Chain Veil.

The Coolest Combo in the Deck

The most fun synergy in this deck involves playing Pendrell Mists so that everyone has to pay to keep their creatures on their upkeeps and also have War's Toll in play so they have to tap out to keep their creatures, no matter how many they have. This is doubly excellent with Propaganda or Sphere of Safety because then they can't attack you in retaliation either unless they have a ton of artifact mana.

Brief Discussion on Controversial Nature of Narset

I make no apologies for this deck even though so many people hate on Narset. I think she's a fantastic and interesting character, lore-wise, and the deck is really fun to pilot. I eschewed all the extra turn cards because I find it much more challenging, rewarding, and resilient to play this style of deck, where the cards you play actually matter and it's not just hitting cards that give you more time while your opponents sit there. This is essentially a storm deck, and the planeswalkers and Mind's Desire are huge payoffs from multiple combats.


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