Intellectual Offering


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare

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Intellectual Offering


Choose an opponent. You and that player each draw three cards.

Choose an opponent. Untap all nonland permanents you control and all nonland permanents that player controls.

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Intellectual Offering Discussion

NayrSlayer on Narset, Friend of planeswalkers

3 weeks ago

A nice start to an interesting deck. I do have a few recommendations to make this deck a bit more powerful.

First off, in Superfriends decks nowadays, you usually want to be running Teferi, Temporal Archmage for instant speed Planeswalker abilities and Deepglow Skate to double your counters.

Next, I would recommend changing Benevolent Offering, Intellectual Offering, Oath of Chandra, and Mizzium Mortars for some more high impact cards. The Offering cards (not including Volcanic) are good for "grouphug" decks, but might be problematic in giving your opponents fuel to get rid of your Planeswalkers. Oath of Chandra is generally underwhelming even if you are casting Planeswalkers every turn and could be replaced by a better card to cast for free. For Mizzium Mortars (and every card with overload or awaken), you unfortunately cannot cast it for its overload if you get it exiled with Narset (check for the rulings, if you want to know why)

For some other cards to put in, there are a few more extra turn spells that you could use like Part the Waterveil and Walk the Aeons (and you can pay the buyback cost as you cast it from Narset). Additionally, cards like World at War can allow you to get more cards off of Narset in a turn. Also, Propaganda might be a good include.

With all of this being said, I absolutely love this deck and hope to try it out with my own little spin on it (especially with Tibalt). Best of luck!

CaptSillva on Edric, Spymaster of Trest

1 month ago

You look like the type of guy who wants to be holding all the cards and always have a trick up their sleeve. Here are a few solid and flavorful options for your deck. Illusionist's Gambit, Reins of Power, Bribery, Acquire, Grip of Phyresis, Intellectual Offering, Sower of Temptation, and Treachery.

poorpinkus on How to Have Fun in EDH - Phelddagrif Surprise

3 months ago

First of all, thanks for the comment!

For a first deck, I'd say you might want to gravitate towards something less political, or at the very least something less... Game changing. Group hug decks are extremely fun, but in moderation; sometimes people like to be able to play their decks as they intended them, and while group hug can make the game crazy and fun, it's good to have some normal games as well. This deck is very fun to play but it's mainly a good second or third deck to have when you are really feeling zany.

In terms of politics, there are a lot of cards that come to mind that you could play that would work perfectly in EDH for somebody who is new to EDH (for example Vow of Duty/any of the other vows, any form of offering like Intellectual Offering). In addition to cards like this, my advice to somebody who is new to EDH is to give your opponents a choice; Will of the Council is a really fun mechanic for EDH, same with cards like Illicit Auction, Pain's Reward or Liar's Pendulum. My main rule for playing politics in EDH is that you either go all-in or you only dabble slightly. If you try any middle-ground people will become pretty suspicious of you. Silly cards like Wild Ricochet and Puppet's Verdict will always gain you some allies though, since the format heavily rewards creativity.

Anyways, sorry for the wall of text! In short, I'd say you might want to save this deck for a second or third slot because going all-in on group hug definitely requires some finesse.

If you want to still play the politics game, try to start off with things that benefit you as well as other people like the Offerings. Targeted/semi-targeted spells ensure that you are able to help the little guy rather than making the big guy more powerful as well. A great example of stuff like this is either of these two decks: Your Best Evil Friend - EDH Tempting Deals and Chaotic Ruhan - Fun Randomness in EDH. They primarily focus on building your own defense/offense powers, but they still help people out just enough to gain their favour through the use of silly card effects and a bit more of a toned-down group hug style.

Hope this helps, and that you have a blast with whatever deck you end up playing! If you want any more suggestions just feel free to ask!

Firebones675 on Phelddagrif, the Support, Who Supports Everyone

3 months ago

In addition to what other people mentioned, it's important to not just make people like you, but encourage people to do things other than attack you. I've been in games where people will thank me, but then turn on me later. If you include cards like Edric, Spymaster of Trest or Orzhov Advokist there's extra incentive to attack someone else.

For me a large part of group hug decks is getting political. By this i mean you help out people in exchange for them helping you and helping take out other player you deem scary. You can go beyond that and directly barter with people too. Telling people you will use your Phyrexian Splicer, Duelist's Heritage, or Power Matrix if they attack someone other than you is always nice.

If however you want to stay truly group hug and ignore the political aspect of it, i'd add more ways to directly give people more options with cards like Wishmonger, Intellectual Offering, Benevolent Offering, Sylvan Offering, Collective Voyage, Tempt with Discovery, Tempt with Reflections, Alliance of Arms.

The advocate creatures are also pretty nice. They have a benifit to you (or an oponnt if you feel generous) and return cards from your opponents graveyard back to their hands: Forcemage Advocate, Nullmage Advocate, Pulsemage Advocate, Shieldmage Advocate and Spurnmage Advocate.

Avacyn, Guardian Angel can also help your opponents or save yourself if needed. (vigilance is also nice cause you can still attack someone if needed)

Forced Fruition is a wierd one (they draw the cards whether they want to or not)

You mentioned in your last comment you said you really enjoy ridiculous decks. While it isnt exactly group hug, Knowledge Pool, Eye of the Storm and Hive Mind fit that description pretty well.

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