Invoke Prejudice


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Legends (LEG) Rare

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Invoke Prejudice


Whenever an opponent plays a nonartifact creature spell that doesn't share a color with a creature you control, counter that spell unless its controller pays (X), where X is its converted mana cost.

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Invoke Prejudice Discussion

IDKWhatToBe on Damia, Sage of the Infinite

1 week ago

Rahvin_dom: Thanks for the input however in this deck I will rarely have any creatures on the field since it's the decks mainly built on controlling the field and the players actions. With 0 creatures on my side Invoke Prejudice would counter each creature unless they pay the tax because it checks for colors on the field and not if there's any creatures on my side.

Rahvin_dom on Damia, Sage of the Infinite

2 weeks ago

Any infinite mana combo (including colorless, and I see you have several) with Thrasios, Triton Hero becomes "put all lands in your deck onto the battlefield tapped, then draw all cards in your deck." Follow up with Walking Ballista to infinitely ping everyone to death. Thrasios does amazing work on his own too, acting as a mana sink so you can hold up interaction and then ramp/draw at EOT if you didn't need to use the mana.

I LOVE Invoke Prejudice. I play it in my Talrand, Sky Summoner mono-U deck, and it pulls amazing weight. Rarely does a single card create so much salt. Sultai, the presence of your commander means that Invoke Prejudice does nothing at all for 3/5 (really 3/6, because colorless matters for that card) of the color pie. I'm not sure I like it in decks with three or more colors for that reason.

Nodrog666 on I defy you...

1 month ago

Oh boy do I love control in EDH. Let me recommend some stuff.

  • Aura of Silence Turning your opponents Sol Rings into slightly better Worn Powerstones is really solid tempo control.
  • Kismet/Frozen AEther more solid tempo control.
  • Invoke Prejudice Invoke Racism jokes aside, this card can slow games to a crawl. Shame about the pricetag though.
  • Pendrell Mists My dude, its the Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, but not $1,000.
  • Rule of Law/Arcane Laboratory How about making countering stuff a much easier affair? If you're playing the long game, this rarely hurts you and watching ramp pull their hair out is hilarious.
  • Torpor Orb This card can be a little tricky because it will hurt you too if you're not careful, but people forget how many staples in EDH are ETB creatures. Shutting them all off is a great power to have over your opponents.
  • Ghostly Prison/Propaganda Consider these as some solid protection against aggro. Not perfect, but you do often force them into either tapping out to attack you or tapping out to cast things.
  • Meishin, the Mind Cage Maybe consider if you want something a little more potent than Propaganda?
  • Wrath of God/Evacuation/Oblivion Stone This deck should have a couple of reset buttons.
  • Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir Good. Very good. Cast your Wurmcoil EOT, give yourself protection on your turn. Maybe throw in Grand Abolisher too.
  • Mimic Vat Maybe not something immediately thought of when control comes to mind, but a very versatile toolbox card. You don't always have to be grabbing someones Akroma. In fact, using something like Sakura-Tribe Elder every turn is also really strong.
  • Annul Annul is really good in EDH.

Wow that was way longer of a post than I thought it would be. Sorry! Hope I was helpful!

Mr.Thompson on Baral Draw-Go

1 month ago

Hi! Let me start by saying I have been loving the deck ever since I picked it up, getting to play draw go in multiplayer is immensely satisfying. I don't play in a strictly cEDH environment, its more of a 75% meta. For instance, there are no storm decks, and as such, autoincludes like Flusterstorm and Spell Pierce make little sense in my case (I'm on the fence regarding Mindbreak Trap). I wanted to ask your thoughts on a few cards I've been running/thinking about:

Invoke Prejudice. While this is probably too slow for cEDH, it slows down most midrange decks down to a halt. It has shined for me in other mono U decks, but so far I've only pitched it to Chrome Mox.

Devastation Tide how is this when compared to Coastal Breach?

Have you considered Disdainful Stroke? It has a highly non-trivial number of targets.

I've also been extremely happy with both Elixir of Immortality and Alhammarret's Archive, even though the later is, again, a tad slow. That being said, its absurd with Baral on the table, and I've liked being able to tutor an artifact which actually generates card advantage.

Kozilek vs. Ulamog?

I've also toyed with the idea of including Scrying Sheets, although that's probably too cute.

I look forward to your response!

Profet93 on Did you ask before you played that?

3 months ago


Always great to see another Talrand player. +1 from me!

Oboro, Palace in the Clouds synergizes with Quicksilver Fountain. I'm also curious as to your experience with the fountain. I have a competitive talrand deck but don't run it because it feels slow. Thoughts?

As Foretold - (Read) EACH TURN!!!

back to basics - Who needs friends

Future Sight - A lot of people don't like this card because your opponents will know what you're drawing. Since your deck is basically counter, draw and bounce, it doesn't really matter if they know if they can't stop you. I like this card because it provides CRAZY value

Invoke Prejudice - Who needs friends right?

Land Equilibrium - I watch the show friends since I have no friends once I played this card.

Mystic Remora - MORE TAXING!

Rhystic Study - Surprised you don't already have it in the list

Treachery - Very useful. You don't always want to counter something when you can just steal it later and have lands open for counter magic later. Works well with mana doublers like Caged Sun

I love proteous staff, but you seem to have too many creatures for a talrand deck. If you really wanna play the staff, you should limit yourself to just a few bombs or very useful utility creatures like Snapcaster Mage.

Speaking of wizards, add Riptide Laboratory to save talrand and get extra uses out of snapcaster.

I recommend to take out the following...

Dissipation Field - Allows opponents to abuse ETB effects.

Favorable Winds - Win more. Not needed if you're behind, not too impact if you're ahead.

Curse of the Swine - It's an ok card, meta dependent.

Distant Melody - Replace with nonconditional draw. This card is great if you can pull it off, useless if you can't. You should go with something more traditional.

Temple of the False God - Replace with Ancient Tomb as it is non conditional.

If you have any questions, please let me know. If you want some more ideas, check out my competitive deck Tisk Tisk Talrand

cwalters14 on Instant/Sorcery-based Deck

4 months ago

Flusterstorm, Force of Will, Mana Drain, Capture of Jingzhou, Temporal Manipulation, Time Spiral, Invoke Prejudice, and Land Equilibrium are all cards that I would be unlikely to be able to pick up. It's possible I'll grab a couple of them but only if they're easily available to me or something like that. What would you fill them with?

Profet93 on Day Traders: The official buyout ...

4 months ago

My apologies as I am unfamiliar with the format.

Does anyone know why Invoke Prejudice's price has been fluctuating recently?


soulean on Chain Veil Teferi

4 months ago

Invoke Prejudice seems like a solid card a in mono blue creature light deck. Makes any sweepers your opponents play that much more devastating and your bounce spells that much nicer when targeting creatures. The UUUU cost makes it awkward. Turn 3 seems like the earliest reasonable turn it would hit the table.

Awesome deck by the way - can't wait to throw it together and give it a try.

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