Ifrit betrayed the rest of the astrals and started the Starscourge, a plague that turns life forms into daemons and gradually eats away daylight from the world. The other astrals devised a plan to purge it, and according to legend, Bahamut chose two mortals who became the first Lucian king and the first Oracle. The Oracle can commune with the astrals and Bahamut is said to have granted her his trident. The Oracle has the power to heal people of the Starscourge and hold it at bay long enough for Bahamut's long-term plan: the True King. The Lucian king was given the Ring of Lucii, which would absorb the soul and power of each Lucian king that dies, accumulating power with each king's death until the final king would be powerful enough to completely purge the Starscourge.

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Welcome to the Deck!

This is my attempt at a competitive EDH deck, going for a streamlined Hermit Druid deck, while still trying to keep my own Dragon flair.


Playing allows me access to every color of Magic. This cuts off any limits I have to building the deck, with the exception of the 100 card EDH limit.

Scion of the Ur-Dragon takes full advantage of the five colors, allowing any color cards to be used. Scion also acts as a back up,in the event that Hermit Druid cannot be used to end the game.

This iteration of Scion of the Ur-Dragon focuses as a combo deck, utilizing Hermit Druid's effect to quickly end the game before other opponents have time to set up.

These next sections will explain what card choices have been made in the deck and why they were chosen. Enjoy the read!

Everyone has their own particular taste. Here are some reasons why this deck might be right for you:


Very fast combo deck

Access to all 5 colors of Magic

You like to play competitively

You enjoy the possibility of ending the game within 4 turns. Uncontested, this deck can win as early as turn 2 or 3. Rarely will this deck need to go past 5 turns in order to win.

Some reasons why you may not enjoy playing this particular deck:

You like longer games of EDH

5 color mana bases can sometimes be finicky

You don't like shuffling your deck a lot. With so many tutors and all the fetches, you will be shuffling A LOT

You don't want to have an immediate target on your back. This is going to happen. People will go for you first simply because of your deck. If you're the type of player that likes to slyly coast through the game until you're ready to win, THIS IS NOT THE DECK FOR YOU

You are a clam/ boring person (credit to VexenX for this one! Haha!)

Card Choices

Every deck starts with a good mana base. Without a good base, any deck with simply fall apart.

Every ABUR Dual/Shockland/Fetchland: In order to maintain speed and efficiency, it helps to have multi-color lands that come into play untapped. I have a firm belief than basic lands are inefficient, thus there are none at all in the deck.

Command Tower/Mana Confluence/Cavern of Souls: Lands that tap for all 5 colors. Cavern has the added bonus of keeping the pesky blue decks off my back.

Ancient Tomb: Being able to tap a land for is beyond helpful, especially setting up mana rocks early. can tap for a Sol Ring and a Mana Vault on turn 1, accelerating your board position much faster than your other competitors.

Volrath's Stronghold: Recursion for Hermit Druid, making it rather difficult for your opponents to get rid of it permanently.

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No matter how good, the most efficient lands in a deck aren't enough. It takes cheap yet effective ramp to help accelerate your board position.

Birds of Paradise/Channeler Initiate/Deathrite Shaman/Devoted Druid/Noble Hierach: Cheap mana dorks that can tap for multiple colors or have some other useful effect.

Elvish Spirit Guide/Simian Spirit Guide: Useful creatures that can be exiled from the hand in order to produce mana.

Exploration//Burgeoning: Ways to pull extra lands into play without allowing my opponents extra land drops.

Mana Crypt/Mox Diamond/Sol Ring/Mana Vault/Lotus Petal/Grim Monolith: Powerful little rocks with no drawback. Helps make powerful starts, even turn 2 wins.

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Throughout the game, your opponents will attempt to stop you from achieving your goals of utilizing your combo pieces to finish the game. You have to be prepared to defend yourself and protect your board.

Counterspell/Dispel/Guttural Response/Muddle the MixtureSwan Song/Turn Aside: Cheap counters that prevent your opponents from stopping your combos. Muddle the Mixture also doubles as a CMC 2 tutor, just in case you need to hunt out Hermit Druid or Lightning Greaves.

Force of Will/Misdirection/Pact of Negation: Free or alternate casting cost counters. Plain, simple, and easy to use.

Cyclonic Rift/Echoing Truth: Sometimes you don't need to get rid of something permanently. Just out of the way long enough so you combo off.

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You might be on the edge of victory, and you need that final push to win the game. Regardless of what happens in game, these cards will carve you a path to victory.

Lightning Greaves: Free equip cost, Haste, and Shroud. Some much win. No drawbacks. An essential combo piece if Hermit Druid is unable to perform.

Enlightened Tutor/Mystical Tutor/Personal Tutor/Vampiric Tutor/Demonic Tutor/Imperial Seal/Sylvan Tutor/ Worldy Tutor : Search for that key card needed to turn the tide in your favor, or if your combo is in hand, find that way to protect yourself in order to claim victory

Muddle the Mixture: Searches out Hermit Druid, Cephalid Illusionist, or Lightning Greaves. Doubles as a counter if searching is unnecessary.

Lim-Dul's Vault: Cheap "tutor", making sure the card you want is the next card you draw. At the cost of a bit of life, of course.

Green Sun's Zenith: Simple, effective way to search out Hermit Druid.

Putrid Imp: Discard engine. Seldom used, effective when needed. Useful when there's a key card in hand that needs to be in the graveyard.

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The power of the deck. Your means to an end. How to set up the win.

Hermit Druid: Your main enabler. Because there is zero basic lands in the deck, this card will instantly put your library into your graveyard. From there, let the shenanigans begin!

Cephalid Illusionist + Lightning Greaves + mana dork: In case Hermit Druid is unable to do it's job, this combo is serve as a back up to getting cards into the graveyard.

Narcomoeba/Bloodghast/Fatestitcher: Once the library is in the graveyard, these creatures will come back from the graveyard to the battlefield to be sacrificed for Dread Return.

Dread Return: One of the few reanimator spells with flashback, and the only one that requires mana to cast. Your main way to bring out the game ending threats.

Necrotic Ooze: With its static effect of having the activated abilities of all creatures in ALL graveyards, this card will be your go-to when it comes to ending the game.

Devoted Druid + Morselhoarder : Necrotic Ooze's adoption to all of these creatures' abilities leads to one coveted effect: Infinite mana.

Channeler Initiate + Devoted Druid : Same as above.

Devoted Druid + Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Necrotic Ooze : Kiki's ability + the ability to untap itself = infinite Necrotic Oozes.

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The endgame. The big finish. Sealing the deal. Sweet victory. Enough said.

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius: If you went with the infinite mana route, dump all that mana into Niv-Mizzet's ability for infinite damage.

Mogg Fanatic : If you went with the infinite Necrotic Ooze copies, sacrifice them all for infinite damage.

Feldon of the Third Path + Yosei, the Morning Star : Kind of a dick move, but who cares? It's EDH, right? These two cards allow for a PseudoStasis lock on one of your opponents. And with Necrotic Ooze adopting the ability and untapping itself as well, just do it infinitely, so no one untaps EVER!!!

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Some cards will provide you with surprising utility, even after you've sent your entire library to the graveyard.

Qasali Pridemage: After making multiple copies of Necrotic Ooze, use the Pridemage's ability to remove any pesky artifacts or enchantments in the way.

Magus of the Will : The surprise hitter of Commander: 2016 (for me anyways), use it's ability after making a copy of Necrotic Ooze and gain access to all of your counter spells even when they're in the graveyard.

enter image description here

This will not always go as planned. Key cards will countered. Major combo pieces will get exiled. In the event of that happening, there's always a plan B.

If Dread Return gets countered/ exiled:

Assuming your library is already in your graveyard, quickly flashback Memory's Journey to avoid losing due to lack of cards in your library. Select Reanimate, Animate Dead, and Dance of the Dead/Necromancy to be shuffled back into your deck. Draw one of the three reanimator spells and bring back Necrotic Ooze as normal.

If Necrotic Ooze gets exiled:

Target Sun Titan with Dread Return instead, Sun Titan brings back Animate Dead, reanimating Worldgorger Dragon. Generate infinite mana and dump it all into Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius.

If Hermit Druid AND Cephalid Illusionist get exiled:

Cast Scion of the Ur-Dragon and proceed to send Worldgorger Dragon to the graveyard. Tutor up Animate Dead or something similar and generate infinite mana. Send Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius to the graveyard and reanimate, dumping your infinite mana. Or, if it's more personal, swing with Scion of the Ur-Dragon. Put its ability on the stack twice and end a players game using the Moltensteel Dragon + Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon combo.

enter image description here


The deck aims to quickly send your entire library to the graveyard, utilizing either Hermit Druid or Cephalid Illusionist. Afterwards, utilize any one of the numerous graveyard strategies to claim victory.

Setting up is essential. Your goals for this phase are simple. Prepare the combo.

Tutor for Hermit Druid, but DO NOT CAST IT RIGHT AWAY! Wait until you have counters in hand/ Lightning Greaves in play in order to protect Hermit Druid/ activate its ability immediately. Once Hermit Druid no longer has summoning sickness and you have the mana to activate its ability, the set up phase is over.

Alternatively, you can use Cephalid Illusionist's ability instead, utilizing Lightning Greaves' free equip cost and a mana dork to send your library to the graveyard.

Hermit Druid is out and without summoning sickness. Time to combo off. Once your library is in your graveyard, that's when the shenanigans start. Protect your combos and sail away to victory using any of the combos listed in the card choices.

Deck Building

Glen Elendra Archmage: Being mid-combo, a rogue counterspell would ruin me. Having this card in grave with infinite Necrotic Oozes ensures I have a way to combat pesky blue mages.

Intuition: Essentially another tutor. Search for Hermit Druid and two reanimation spells. Guarantees you get that Hermit Druid out.

Feldon of the Third Path and Yosei, the Morning Star: As hilarious as this combo is, it does nothing for the deck as is more for when I feel like trolling the rest of the board.

Magus of the Will : As nice as it could be to use this card AFTER using Hermit Druid to get back my counterspells, a much simpler option would be to run Glen Elendra Archmage.

Angel of Glory's Rise: Another graveyard combo that works very well with Hermit Druid, this was not included due to its lack of synergy with Dragon cards.

Azami, Lady of Scrolls: Same as above.

Laboratory Maniac: Same as above.

Unfortunately, the old version of the deck has been having a hard time keeping up with some of the new decks running around. While a lot of decks continue to improve and evolve, the old deck felt like it had Plateau ed. I have, however, rebuilt the deck and can find it here:

Who shall I be when I devour your soul?

Commander / EDH MrAwesomeSocks


Final Thoughts

Thank you for looking! Any suggestions and +1's are greatly appreciated! I read every comment and try to reply back to everyone. I have always considered your feedback. Good luck on all your EDH endeavors!

Click here if you like the deck and want to +1 :)

Master's Unrelenting Fist

Commander / EDH MrAwesomeSocks



Alabaster's Enchanting Light

Commander / EDH MrAwesomeSocks


High Tide Resurgent

Commander / EDH MrAwesomeSocks




When I first made this deck, I never dreamed I'd hit 500 upvotes. Thank you all for all the support over the last couple years! I hope I've inspired a few of you build your own Dragon decks.

That being said, I know a lot of people were unhappy with the recent change from Dragon tribal combo to Hermit Druid combo. I myself have been unhappy with the changes recently, as I've become bored of Hermit Druid.

I also lost sight of something very important when I switched over: Having fun. I was so obsessed with getting that "W" that I lost sight of enjoying myself, which was the entire reason I quit playing Legacy.

I'm not sure whether or not I should take the deck back to it's roots, or just build an entirely new, less foil Dragon combo deck. Let me know what you want to see?

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enpc says... #1

Why are you running Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Mogg Fanatic? They feel clunky and outside of combo, Mogg Fanatic offers almost no value. And while Kiki is ok, his reach is limited. I think you might be better off running Walking Ballista as a backup which frees up a slot and provides redundancy on Niv.

October 13, 2017 1:26 a.m.

dooomsdae says... #2

whoa whoa whoa... what do you mean by "less foil"? haha jk man. Gotta say, I was one of the subs who was a little sad to see you migrate to the hermit druid combo. there's just something to be said for how wonderful scion is as the leader of tribal dragons.

October 13, 2017 12:13 p.m.

rob_shifflett says... #3

I have been following your deck for almost 2 years and I am glad to see you go back to dragon combo. It is hard to be more degenerate or boring than Hermit Druid combo. Congrats on the 500 mark.

October 13, 2017 2:26 p.m.

MrAwesomeSocks says... #4

enpc: Thanks for the comment! It's more or less there for redundancy. Just another combo to use with Necrotic Ooze. I agree that it can feel a bit clunky if I'm not combo-ing off. But it has saved me a couple times in the past.

I do agree with the Walking Ballista though! If I do end up keeping Hermit Druid combo, it'll be time to cough up for a foil one! Haha!

October 15, 2017 11:30 a.m.

MrAwesomeSocks says... #5

dooomsdae & rob_shifflett: Thanks for the comment, both of you!

I'm definitely leaning towards returning to Dragon Tribal combo. Especially since cEDH tournaments are staring to die in my play area. Going back to more casual games and learning how to have fun again haha.

Especially since that C17 The Ur-Dragon deck came out! I've been brewing a few ideas of how to incorporate it into Dragon Tribal, can't wait to post it.

Thank you so much for the support over the years!

October 15, 2017 11:38 a.m.

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