The goal with this EDH deck is to make a flavorful and nostalgic brew from one of my favorite blocks. This deck is built as a 5 color good stuff deck set to a mana curve. The card selection tries to make each card have useful utility or high game impact when played. Removal, Draw, and Ramp are almost always useful at any point of the game. Bombs on the other hand are things that can potentially end the game or put you in a position to do so. These cards are things like Mayael's Aria, Maelstrom Nexus, and Vicious Shadows. The tricky part is trying to find the right balance between utility and bombs to make a functional deck.

NOTE: I am having trouble figuring out which cards should be in and which ones should be removed. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to add your input. Specifically cards in the CMD 1-4 is where there are a lot of options competing for those slots.


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