Disinformation Campaign


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Disinformation Campaign


When Disinformation Campaign enters the battlefield, you draw a card and each opponent discards a card.

Whenever you surveil, return Disinformation Campaign to its owner's hand.

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Disinformation Campaign Discussion

Unamused_Pupper on Budget Dimir Tempo

19 hours ago

I ended up revamping the deck a lot, replaced Dream Eater with Thief of Sanity then adding better removal though cards like Duress and Dead Weight.

Dropped a Curious Obsession for a fourth copy of Siren Stormtamer, and just made the deck more streamlined by getting rid of Disinformation Campaign. It's a cool card, but a 3 mana draw 1 is way too slow when compared to Notion Rain, Discovery / Dispersal and Curious Obsession

thenomdeguerre on Sultai Control

23 hours ago

I really like The Eldest Reborn. An earlier draft of this did have one (and I think 1 is the correct number), but I ended up cutting it. What would you suggest cutting for it?

I also like that it deals with opposing Carnage Tyrants and the discard chapter synergizes with the Disinformation Campaign discard plan.

Regarding the Disinformation Campaign plan, I need to preserve a certain critical mass of surveil cards, which limits the number of cards I can cut.

Sideboard maybe?

Occultist on All Hail Surveil

1 day ago

Would you please elaborate on specific sideboard plans esp. Disinformation Campaign?

btw, Those 1-of creatures seem they could use more copies in this deck...

And no Unmoored Ego for the combo matchups?!

What about Isareth the Awakener against Control?

BrandonNass on UB - Surveil

1 day ago

After playing this deck a bit, I learned a few things. Dimir Spybug is fantastic, cheap, gets big quickly, and is hard to block. Thoughtbound Phantasm is also good. A 2/2 for U is already good, and it gets big and loses defender quickly. Nightveil Sprite is the repeatable surveil trigger that makes them both shine.

Price of Fame is okay even without a legendary target, but only due to the surveil. Thought Erasure is well-costed, effective, and a great surveil card. Sinister Sabotage and Unexplained Disappearance are both good. Creeping Chill is okay, but only really if you cast it from the graveyard for free. Notion Rain is great, and has amazing artwork IMO. Not much to say about Sinister Sabotage, it is Cancel with surveil attached. Disinformation Campaign is disappointing without surveil in it, and Enhanced Surveillance is best limited to 2 per deck.

xhuggels on Dimir surveil(discard theme)

2 days ago

This deck is in its senior year, it still needs to go through college before i can send it into the real world ☺

Its not ready yet. My current thought process is in terms of sorcery speed surveil compared to instant speed surveil. Holding vounter-spells up are awesome, but if you dont need them having that mana go to waste is a shame. Also if you bounce Disinformation Campaign and play it in the same turn, you need to have around 5 mana, which means that if you wanted to hold up another cpunterspell you cant do it till turn 8-10, which isnt ideal.

Ive found that if i play Sinister Sabotage, my next 2 turns tend to go really really well. I believe it to be because of the instant speed nature of the surveil there.

xhuggels on Abusive Surveillance, Volume One

2 days ago

At least the midrangy one is, which is what everyone is pkaying. Surveil is strong, it gives you the right option, but it costs you mana to get there. As long as your opponent has options too they can get ahead. I think that Disinformation Campaign solves those problems. It forces other decks into topdeck mode, and then forces them to play their cards or discard them the next turn. Im not a big fan of paying life for anything in the current aggro infested meta. Especially not in the current standard pool. There are way too many cards that deal direct damage. My personal opinion is that Doom Whisperer and Notion Rain are overrated to some extent. They are amazing cards that are unfortunately in the wrong standard pool. Aggro rules right now, and so decks need to build around the fact that aggro is incredibly strong and really popular right now. 20 lifepoints arent what it used to be.

xhuggels on Dimir surveil(discard theme)

3 days ago

you can also Blink of an Eye the Disinformation Campaign if you desperately need those effects again but you dont have surveil available.

xhuggels on Dimir surveil(discard theme)

3 days ago

i won my first playtest vs aggro!!! hazaaaa! key cards, Golden Demise from the sideboard killed a couple creatures, Blink of an Eye and Etrata, the Silencer won it for me, and Disinformation Campaign made the aggro deck sacrifice a Rekindling Phoenix, which was the only card in hand before they had 4 lands on the field. the turn 1 Pilfering Imp was hit with Shock, but i also had a Thought Erasure turn 2, which took care of a Goblin Chainwhirler. played Disinformation Campaign turn 3, bounced it turn 4 and played it again turn 5. Once the opponent doesnt have cards Disinformation Campaign becomes a pay , draw 1, which is pretty inefficient, but the fact that i can possibly recast it every turn adds a lot of card advantage.

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