Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) None
Odyssey (ODY) Uncommon

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Choose a card name, then target player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard. If that card has the chosen name, you draw two cards. Otherwise, you draw a card.

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Predict Discussion

AlwaysSleepy on The EDH Doomsday Primer

3 days ago


If you really want to make Aminatou work then you can throw in multiple draw 2 spells. Take your pick of Gush/Night's Whisper/Frantic Search, etc. and play more than just the 1 in the stock pile.

If you are playing Doomsday, however, you really do need to play Gush. Skipping it makes Doomsday not worth playing. It gives Doomsday some speed and lets you win without a lot of mana investment. Gush is "fine" on its own, not great but on a High Tide mana-base like most DD lists play, it's passable. The other options are not as good for piling. Frantic Search and Night's Whisper require extra resources.

The ultimate recommendation sadly, is don't build piles around Aminatou, since she makes your life harder and not easier. However, if you really want to, build them like normal with some extra power from multiple draws. The Predict pile also does work.

An example pile is:

  1. Predict
  2. Gitaxian Probe
  3. Lion's Eye Diamond
  4. Yawgmoth's Will
  5. Laboratory Maniac

It plays out like this:

A. Open with Aminatou to draw Predict and put something on top

B. Predict the card you put on top, draw Gitaxian Probe and Lion's Eye Diamond

C. Cast Lion's Eye Diamond, then Gitaxian Probe/Lion's Eye Diamond for

D. Draw and cast Yawgmoth's Will

E. Cast Lion's Eye Diamond from the yard for

F. Gitaxian Probe from yard to draw and cast Laboratory Maniac

G. Cast Predict from the yard naming anything, draw to win

But that pile requires to win. You need the first to cast the Predict initially, but you can float leftover from the second Lion's Eye Diamond and use colorless mana to cast the Laboratory Maniac.

It's not that the piles here don't work, it's just that they are very inefficient. Unlike with Sensei's Divining Top, Aminatou doesn't let you draw again once you redraw, while SDT does. That's pretty important. While you can just jam any number of draw 2s, or Predict in the list to get there, it's just not where you want to be with DD builds.

My advice is don't skip Gush and the other good piles if you really want to play Aminatou, and I'd avoid relying on her to make your piles better.

t3hdarkness on Aminatou, The Swiss Army Knife

1 week ago

If you're looking for cards to cut and replace, Vindicate is probably worse than Anguished Unmaking unless you see a lot of problematic lands like Homeward Path in your meta. Instants are less important than permanents in a flicker deck Esper Charm and Predict especially seem a little underwhelming. I don't think Dictate of Erebos is very good without a sac outlet either. I also don't think you'll have enough white mana sources early on to use Knight of the White Orchid. Maybe replace it with a colorless tutor like Pilgrim's Eye or Thaumatic Compass  Flip.

With Aminatou's -1, you can probably get a lot of work out of Aligned Hedron Network Especially if you can use it to get more triggers off of Sepulchral Primordial and Torrential Gearhulk than just flickering them individually. Even better, if you want to add Conjurer's Closet or Rings of Brighthearth (or just use Oath of Teferi you already have) you can have Aligned Hedron Network lock all the big guys and Lavinia of the Tenth detain all the smaller ones every turn.

AlwaysSleepy on The EDH Doomsday Primer

1 month ago


It is possible, though a little weaker. The piles you want to look into are piles which use Predict and Unearth as the way to use Laboratory Maniac to win.

I agree, sadly LED has just become a very hard to obtain card, and unfortunately is one of the key pieces which makes Doomsday competitive thanks to the ability to produce 3 mana of any color. However, it's very doable to play without, and generally you lean on Unearth. This also helps trim Yawgmoth's Will, and while neither should be cut, both are sadly expensive, and this is I think the best alternative.

rockleemyhero on BigGameHunter12

2 months ago

Here’s my real wants list copy pasted from my binder: 1x Abrade

1x Abrupt Decay

1x Azra Oddsmaker

1x Bountiful Promenade

1x Chaos Warp

1x Counterbalance

1x Diabolic Intent

1x Dismember

1x Engineered Explosives

1x Forest

1x Gemstone Mine

1x Greater Good

1x Huatli, Radiant Champion 1x Imperial Recruiter 4x Island 1x Krav, the Unredeemed 1x Lurking Predators 2x Mind's Eye 1x Mindblade Render 1x Monastery Mentor 1x Mycosynth Lattice 1x Mystic Confluence 1x Pathbreaker Ibex 1x Pir's Whim 1x Plains 3x Portent 2x Predict 1x Red Elemental Blast 1x Relic of Progenitus 3x Scalding Tarn 1x Sea of Clouds 1x Search for Azcanta  Flip 1x Seedborn Muse 1x Selvala's Stampede 1x Skyshroud Claim 1x Slayers' Stronghold 1x Snapcaster Mage 1x Sower of Temptation

1x Stolen Strategy 1x Surgical Extraction 3x Terminus 1x Vesuva 1x Volcanic Island 1x Walking Ballista Entreat the Angels

Sorry for the terrible formatting. Biggest wants are volcanic island, snapcaster mage, search for azcanta, walking ballista, engineered explosives, vesuva, and imperial recruiter. Rest of the stuff is 2nd tier wants. Let me know if you have any :)

MordMetal on WW2 Gravetide Propaganda

2 months ago

Could you explain what you do for the second doomsday line of play? Predict, Laboratory Maniac, Lion's Eye Diamond, Unearth, Street Wraith.

cdkime on Custom Set Based on Nordic ...

4 months ago

I'm going to go into a lot of detail, and ramble about card design and Nordic mythology and history. I apologize in advance.

Valkyries: As it stands, your creations are far too close to Angels, just with different flavour. Angels are a primarily White tribe, with touches of Black and Red. To differentiate from Angels, you should make Valkyries a primarily Black and Red tribe (given their association with death and battle), with a touch of White.

Pegasus's Wing is the wrong mythology. You should make an enchantment related to Sleipnir instead.

Consider adding some enchantments based on the magical staves (Icelandic magical symbols). You can find a list here:

You should add some of the new Saga enchantments. The sagas are, after all, works of Icelandic literature. I would suggest naming and designing them after some of the more famous of the Sagas (Njals Saga, Egils Saga, etc.).

You need more nonlegendary creatures. Here are some ideas:

  • Lawspeaker - Human Advisor. The Lawspeakers (Sorry cannot use the original word--this website does not display the letter eth) were individuals tasked with memorizing the extremely detailed code of laws which governed Icelandic society, and were to recite the law at the annual Thing (again, can't type the letter thorn on this site).

  • Lesser Outlaw / Full Outlaw - Human Rogues. Outlawry was the Nordic punishment for crimes - a type of banishment pursuant to very explicit laws. Lesser Outlawry was a usually 3 years; full outlawry for life. If an individual broke outlawry and returned home, they were to be engaged in combat and killed.

  • Ravens, wolves, goats, cats, falcons are all good mundane creatures that show up in various parts of Nordic mythology.

  • Zombies (you'd have the Old Norse draugr in the name), trolls, and giants are all good supernatural creatures to add.

Here is a set of critiques of your first few cards. I think this should give you a decent start on learning how to improve other cards you design:

- I concur with shadow63--this effect belongs in Blue. Red sorcery recursion exists, and the discard effect does make it a tad more "Red." Still, I would say it is a Blue spell.- It is far too highly costed for what it does. Compare to the three mana Eternal Witness--it returns any card you want, gives you a body, and does not require a discard.
- Frankly, I think the discard a sorcery requirement makes Edra's unplayable--far, far too situational. - If you want to cost this card, I would make it two mana and "discard an instant or sorcery."
- The word instant should not be capitalized.
Here is some improved writing:

Equipped creature does not untap during its controllers upkeep, can't attack or block, and its activated abilities can't be activated.

Equipped creature has "Skip your draw step. At the beginning of your draw step, reveal the top two cards of your library and place them in your hand. Then, if a creature was revealed this way, discard a card."

You need to add an equip cost.

You need to make this a targeted ability--it creates too many issues otherwise, as Equipment do not have the same rules as auras regarding non-targeted equipping.

, , sacrifice Nibelung's Treasure: Search your library for a card named Nibelung's Ring, then place it on the battlefield equipped to target creature you don't control.

Anyway, I really dislike hyper-limited tutors.

A bit too situational to ever be a great card. For writing purposes, it is merely "Equipped creature" not "the equipped creature".

The last line should read "When equipped creature blocks a dragon, destroy that creature." This will trigger before damage is dealt.

- Any keyword after the first is not capitalized.- You need to say "At the beginning of your upkeep" to specify exactly when the ability triggers.- You need a creature subtype. - It is merely "library, then" as opposed to "library, and then".

You should use "At the beginning of your upkeep".

To fix the issue, make it blue and use the top of their library (see Predict. You'll have to clean up the wording some ("Target opponent reveals the top card of his library. If it is the named card, exile it. Otherwise, return it to the top of its owner's library.").

- "Beginning of your upkeep"- Do not need to capitalize "creature" et al.- "If that player reveals a card of the chosen type"- "puts it in their hand"

Let me know if there are any further specific cards you would like me to look at.

Anyway, that's just some meandering thoughts as I went through your cards. Overall, there are defiantly some good ideas in there. Keep at it, and let me know if you add more or make any substantial changes!

OpenFire_V2 on

7 months ago

I would strongly recommend fast mana and a better sort of Doomsday Pile. Predict, Laboratory Maniac, Gitaxian Probe, Unearth, Gush is a classic one and cheap. Dark Ritual, Lotus Petal, and Cabal Ritual are all required because they let you win so much quicker. Also strongly consider Ponder. To cut I would say 3 of your lab maniacs (only need 1) and a lot of your instants because they don't really serve a purpose. You have no infinite mana combo for Blue Sun's or Pull. Also you have far more lands than you need, go down to probably 18.

AlwaysSleepy on The EDH Doomsday Primer

9 months ago


Not having blue will definitely hurt. You lose out on Laboratory Maniac, which is the best win-condition so far for DD. There are piles you can do using black card draw and Second Sunrise. The pile is going to be a little rough since you don't get blue. Also, this one specifically requires you to open the pile a draw 2. So like, Faithless Looting. Here's the pile:

  1. Night's Whisper
  2. Lion's Eye Diamond
  3. Conjurer's Bauble
  4. Grapeshot
  5. Second Sunrise

This pile works like this:

Bear in mind, you need a way to draw Night's Whisper. Black has a decent amount of card draw to get this done. Red loot spells might also get you there.

  1. Cast your draw 2 (Faithless Looting for ) into Night's Whisper and Lion's Eye Diamond; if you are looting, you'll need 2 extra cards, you have to keep the two you draw
  2. Cast Night's Whisper for to draw Grapeshot and Conjurer's Bauble
  3. Play Lion's Eye Diamond and cast Conjurer's Bauble for
  4. Crack Lion's Eye Diamond for , discarding Grapeshot
  5. Crack Conjurer's Bauble, do not put anything into your library, and draw Second Sunrise
  6. Cast Second Sunrise, bringing back Lion's Eye Diamond and Conjurer's Bauble
  7. Crack Lion's Eye Diamond again for
  8. Crack Conjurer's Bauble, put Second Sunrise on the bottom (top) of your library, and draw it
  9. Recast Second Sunrise
  10. Repeat steps 6 through 9 for infinite storm count via the Second Sunrise loop
  11. When you are done, crack your Lion's Eye Diamond for
  12. Use Conjurer's Bauble targeting Grapeshot in place of Second Sunrise to put it on top of your library, and then draw Grapeshot
  13. Grapeshot the table to win

This pile has a number of ways to work. It's best with Predict, but we don't have blue. The pile I listed costs total. You can play around with draw spells to get the pile moving, as a number of different things work. But bear in mind it's an awkward pile, as 4 slots are taken up in Grapeshot, Lion's Eye Diamond, Conjurer's Bauble, and Second Sunrise. If you can only draw one, you might need one of the draw 3/4 spells. Many of red's or black's draw spells hit 2 cards though, so at least the density is there.

There are other things you can do also without blue. Namely, piling a combo and winning with the combo. Worldgorger Dragon piles with Animate Dead and Faithless Looting plus some outlet are fairly common, so feel free to use George with any outlet you prefer. Even silly things Shivan Gorge work with George. Other combos which can be piled are Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker piles and winning with some Twin combo.

I haven't spent too much time exploring blueless though, to be honest. So there is likely a lot more space to tap into. Unfortunately though, losing Maniac really hurts, and it begins to make winning off DD more work than a convenience.

Hopefully this helps a bit.

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